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Eleven Callers is a user-created resource of unethical callers. What are those numbers? They include telemarketers, bill collectors, phone scammers, stalkers, .

When you get a call from a suspicious number, don't hesitate to share the phone number with the Eleven Callers community to help them avoid the caller and defend themselves

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Report for 1-3375731261 - 2020-04-08 337
Just got a call- answered- no one was there.

Report for 1-7703097516 - 2020-04-08 770
Just received the call from a automated voice with the same message. I called back the number and the Indian accented gentleman wanted to confirm my birthday, social and DOB. I asked several questions and he just wanted my personal information. I then called my local police department and made a report. They were unable to get back in touch with me but did inform me there was no need to change my passwords and bank account information due to this call. I also went to the bank and cancelled all transactions under a card that had been used.

Report for 1-8032733602 - 2020-04-08 803
Called left no message.

Report for 1-9018544433 - 2020-04-08 901
I have been getting calls from this number for a couple weeks. I answered the second call, they asked for me and wanted to save me money on medical treatments. I asked them which company their from and they would not say. Finally when they said American Cancer Fund that I needed to be taken

Report for 1-8632615530 - 2020-04-08 863
Called me about 5 min ago, I didn't answer and they didn't leave any message so it couldn't be important.

Report for 1-3012452364 - 2020-04-08 301
called my cell, left no message

Report for 1-8187724696 - 2020-04-08 818
You're a liar. These jerks have called my cell phone 6 times this morning (and I am on the national do not call registry). They never answer when you try to call them back. This number has been marked scam so beware

Report for 1-2697682910 - 2020-04-08 269

Report for 1-6502156329 - 2020-04-06 650
Received call from this number. They said I should receive $10, 000 with just $250 deposit. I replied "ok" and I was to ask for a code

Report for 1-8036813496 - 2020-04-06 803
Call blocker can be of some help. Also do not pick up on numbers you do not recognize.

Report for 1-4076270437 - 2020-04-06 407
Fake IRS caller... threatening to arrest me if I don't call them back in 24 hours... blah blah... I have received

Report for 1-3192200006 - 2020-04-06 319
Call came in on Land Line - I didn't answer and no VM was left.

Report for 1-8052548004 - 2020-04-06 805
I think this was another scammer call. Caller id showed the name to be San Antonio Tx. I live in TX and I know no one in San Antonio. Blocked and reported

Report for 1-2152014013 - 2020-04-06 215
I got the same message as the others. This is ridiculous. I'm so irritated.

Report for 1-4154133497 - 2020-04-05 415
Called, no message. Now blocked.

Report for 1-3463237872 - 2020-04-05 346
Keeps calling, no message. I don't answer unknown calls.

Report for 1-2023638000 - 2020-04-05 202
Called my cell and left no message, I'm at land line so I picked up. Silence. This is my cell number, which is on do not call list, so I know it's illegal. Called the number back and it's an automated system saying (as I imagine others get calls from) that "your call is very important to us. If u want to be placed on a do not call list for the number that called you, ... press 1."

Report for 1-9072798506 - 2020-04-05 907
This number has been calling every day for the past 3-4 months. The call is from New Jersey. They call 2-3 times per day. I have tried to do the Do Not Call Registry, but the calls continue.

Report for 1-9033892416 - 2020-04-05 903
called, no message. caller id said: private caller

Report for 1-2815303778 - 2020-04-04 281
I keep getting calls from this number also!

Report for 1-6083167980 - 2020-04-04 608
They called asking to speak to the homeowner. If this is a telemarketer I don't want a home insurance call. I am a senior and these people keep calling my phone.

Report for 1-8430612100 - 2020-04-04 843
Called me today, left no message, caller ID said "Unknown".

Report for 1-9099821525 - 2020-04-04 909
Got a phone call from this number telling me that my social security has been compromised due to some suspicious activity.

Report for 1-2012988999 - 2020-04-02 201
This number called me twice in one day, and no message was left either. It is now blocked.

Report for 1-6093854528 - 2020-04-02 609
The ID of "Bryce" shows who calls numerous time a day. I block the number, but they find another way to call. No voice message left. I have already answered one of their calls. No company name given, but it's the same story as above. No voice message left. I didn't waste my time to try to find out who these people are.

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