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Code 201 is a phone code located in New Jersey.

The majority of phone numbers in the numbering plan belong to US and Canada and a small portion assigned to some caribbean countries

Cities located in phone number code 201 are as follows: Bayonne, Bergenfield, Cliffside Park, Englewood, Fair Lawn, Fort Lee, Hackensack, Hoboken, Jersey City, Kearny, North Bergen, Paramus, Ridgewood, Teaneck, Union City, West New York

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Report for 1-2012223937 - 2020-01-08
I received a call from this number on April 25 at 5:28 PM. The caller left no voice message. My caller ID simply said, "Out of area."

Report for 1-2012156891 - 2020-01-08
I received a call from this number with information that matched what was said in the other posts. I just hung up. I have already contacted Bank of America and have requested an immediate audit and will do more to prevent this fraud from occurring.

Report for 1-2019422870 - 2020-01-01
Left a voicemail saying they could reduce my student loans which I have none of and left another phone number to call back. I will not call them back because it would be the same thing they did to me a few months ago and I have no clue who gave them the phone number to call or what they wanted or who it was I blocked that number last time and they called with a different one this time. When you call the number just gets a busy tone and then hangs up.I tried to block it again but they came through. I wonder if that is the same thing they are doing a few months later?

Report for 1-2013670069 - 2019-12-31
Caller left no message but from previous notes are now blocked.

Report for 1-2014904319 - 2019-12-18
Did not know the number so did not answer. They left message which says, "Hi, this is Karen D. with Student Loan Advisory..." ...

Report for 1-2017628992 - 2019-12-01
Same here. Calls several times every day. Leaves a voicemail, says call 866.857.1718 with an account #. I just delete it. It's irritating and frustrating to have to stop what I'm doing and listen to this nonsense.

Report for 1-2012106010 - 2019-11-17
Called cell phone just now but did not answer as I don't know anyone or any thing in St. Charles. Called number and got a recording about a website to enter a contest.

Report for 1-2014904319 - 2019-11-12
Fake IRS scam

Report for 1-2017718380 - 2019-11-12
Multiple daily calls with no messages. I don't answer them, but it's getting really annoying

Report for 1-2012156891 - 2019-11-03
This is a fake name they are calling from. They are actually located in India and spoofing the US number.

Report for 1-2019425759 - 2019-10-16
I called the number back. They are claiming that if you want to avoid an immediate arrest warrant being issued for what they claim is fraud, to pay a small fine. They refuse to give further identification as to who they are or where they are located. They continue to say they will keep calling until you pay. I am an attorney and know it is illegal, but I can no longer take these kind of calls seriously. They are harassing and not very intelligent in the voice mail messages they leave.

Report for 1-2019422870 - 2019-10-14

Report for 1-2012223937 - 2019-10-11
This company has been calling me for over a year...they started calling a lot on my cell and now calling my place of employment. They claim to have papers that have been sent to my employers office and they are going to serve me today at work. We have all the information as to why and how they can call but to no avail. They refuse to send any documents proving that they had anything to do with it. They refuse to even send anything in the mail. They refuse to give them to our employer because they stated they were sent to our workplace. Do not give these people any information. They are fake and these people are just trying to get money from you...

Report for 1-2014904319 - 2019-10-04
no message. Blocked

Report for 1-2019425759 - 2019-10-02
Called and left no message.

Report for 1-2012156891 - 2019-09-14
They called my brother looking for me saying they had a pkg to deliver. He called me and they hung up so I called back they said they were the local processing center and that there was a dispute because of a bill I owed and wanted my info. I said no..i already reported them to the federal trade commission and the local dnc complaint center. She was actually pretty professional at this point. I hope this helps you all.

Report for 1-2017718380 - 2019-09-02
This person keeps calling saying they are from IRS investigating a tax fraud

Report for 1-2019422870 - 2019-08-14
Scam scam scam scam

Report for 1-2012040450 - 2019-08-09

Report for 1-2012223937 - 2019-07-27
Called left no message blocked

Report for 1-2017628992 - 2019-07-18
Just called my cell phone, at 9am, left no message. Called back, was a recording that indicated they had called several times with nobody picking up and to leave a message if not the operator would try again later.

Report for 1-2012574036 - 2019-07-02
Cardinal Health care. SCAM

Report for 1-2012574036 - 2019-06-20
They said they are from IRS and that there is a problem with my taxes.

Report for 1-2013030606 - 2019-06-15
Just received a voice message from someone telling me they were from the IRS and I need to call them back. Total

Report for 1-2012574036 - 2019-06-11
Keep getting calls from this number, no message...if they want to leave a message, I'll give the message away.

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