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Code 347 is a phone code located in New York.

The majority of phone numbers in the numbering plan belong to US and Canada and a small portion assigned to some caribbean countries

Cities located in phone number code 347 are as follows: The Bronx, Brooklyn, New York City, Borough of Queens, Staten Island

347 / comments

Report for 1-3474412391 - 2020-11-06
Got it a few days ago. No name, and no one there. When I called back, I got the number that they called from is no good and the mailbox that I called is full. I tried 4 more times. I'm getting sick and tired of scammers.

Report for 1-3474412391 - 2020-10-25
I received a call from them last week, they never left a message and I did not answer because it sounded like a scam to me. I tried to call them back, but there was no answer.

Report for 1-3472692359 - 2020-10-12
Called back, and I said nothing, and they hung up.

Report for 1-3476752439 - 2020-10-07
Calls every day. When you answer they hang up before you can find out who they are.

Report for 1-3476752439 - 2020-10-02
Got a call from this number, which is an automated system. The recording says to enter your phone number to be removed from the calling list. I hung up.

Report for 1-3472653019 - 2020-09-22
i got a call today from these a** holes a robo call about SSN number. I called back after hours and a guy with a very strong accent said that there were legal allegations against me from the SS office, i said what? He then said to call back on this number and give them my SSN. I said f*ck you and hang up.I googled SS and saw many people reporting this number for the SSN scam that got me all upset at first. What if someone has your SSN?

Report for 1-3474184395 - 2020-09-12
The guy named Ray said he could help me get a better interest rate on my credit card. He asked me some basic questions that he was able to verify all of that information without me giving any information which I have in my phone file all of my credit card information. He never told me who I got the card from nor how much I owe him any money. If I owed anyone money I would know about it and I think Ray is the one in serious trouble with his credibility. I would never do business with someone who would not give me their name and even if a credit card company gave me one. He said if I wanted the lower interest rate on my credit card to give him a call at the number listed on the back of the card it is 1-800-276-9982. Not likely. I am blocking his number. I have a feeling Ray is one crazy little man.

Report for 1-3473539316 - 2020-09-12
The caller id says "FEDERAL" not sure what that is....

Report for 1-3474093445 - 2020-09-03
Have been called numerous times, but do not answer as they leave no message. They do not leave a message! I just don't answer the phone anymore, after reading how other have commented on this number.

Report for 1-3472794673 - 2020-08-30
Receiver a call saying they were from a law firm and there was a pending case with my name and social, wanted my lawyer's and my address....

Report for 1-3472600224 - 2020-08-28
My father received this phone call on my cell number with an automated message stating that they are investigating a fraud and that I needed to contact them right away. I returned the call and got a voicemail stating that I owe money on a payday loan and if I don't respond that I will be investigated. The guy said he was calling from the office of Steve Davis and that I owed $450 from an online payday loan place called Cash Advance LLC. I asked him several times where he was located and didn't like the response. He gave me a street address that I haven't lived at in over 5 years so I did some research to get a correct address. And

Report for 1-3473688585 - 2020-08-21
I never answer calls from numbers I don't recognize. I looked up this number and saw it was a scam caller that had multiple reports of robocalls on multiple different numbers. I just blocked it on my phone.

Report for 1-3472692359 - 2020-08-19
I got this message at 7:46 AM on a Monday morning, and at 8:00 am the next morning. Very strange, especially because it had a caller ID of "Toll Free," but that's what I get for answering calls with ID's I don't know. I'm blocking the caller.

Report for 1-3473688585 - 2020-08-06
Robocall saying the IRS will bring your property under federal investigation if you don't respond

Report for 1-3476752439 - 2020-08-03
caller id says customer srv. i let the machine pick up. no message was left.

Report for 1-3474080455 - 2020-07-30
Got call from this number, left me voice mail with no message. My number has no relation to my address on credit applications. So how did they get my number?

Report for 1-3479722644 - 2020-07-25
caller id says "New Day"

Report for 1-3472794673 - 2020-07-24
Robo caller left a message saying they were from some company trying to locate someone. They said to press 9 for more information. Obviously a scam, I'm not the person they are looking for.

Report for 1-3476656978 - 2020-07-10
I received a call from this number as well.

Report for 1-3472739233 - 2020-06-29
i get this number on my phone every night around 1030pm. my voicemail box is full so it always rang, no voicemail is ever left but the calls persist. i just want them to disappear please

Report for 1-3474342547 - 2020-06-25
I just got a call from this number the same as you!

Report for 1-3474342547 - 2020-06-22
We have received 3 calls from them on Jan 2, 2010, 8:16,11:52 & 1:36,11:47. When they leave a message it's saying "Goodbye". I called the number back just the last few days and it's simply answering as I call the extension is not available...This is a spam caller and harrassment I hope someone does something about it! The do not call list means nothing!

Report for 1-3474756904 - 2020-06-16
Received a call from this number at 11:55 am PST. No message. Like others, I'm a Verizon FiO customer.I called the number and the automated message says it is for Verizon's Health Council.

Report for 1-3478093504 - 2020-06-16
This scammer calls multiple times a day from every area code and exchange. I have blocked so many now. I guess it is best just to delete all of the numbers they use.

Report for 1-3472236163 - 2020-06-11
They have been calling me everyday twice a day for a couple weeks. They hang up when I answer. I did call back once and the woman said they were trying to collect on a bill from 2009 and that they had tried to reach me 3 times and that they wanted to collect the money....I have no business dealings with National Grid. She said she would take my phone number off of their list because I told her I had told them 3 times to STOP CALLING

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