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Code 406 is a phone code located in Montana.

The majority of phone numbers in the numbering plan belong to US and Canada and a small portion assigned to some caribbean countries

Cities located in phone number code 406 are as follows: Billings, Bozeman, Butte, Great Falls, Helena, Missoula

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Report for 1-4065451790 - 2020-01-18
Just got a call from this number...didn't answer but did call back and it says it's voice activated call activated by me and then another man with Indian accent answered...he said hello?..What? I hung up.

Report for 1-4065451790 - 2019-12-30
just got the same call

Report for 1-4062017012 - 2019-11-02
Got a call from the 303 number today, answered and no one was there.

Report for 1-4065592478 - 2019-10-15
They just call about legal procedures. When I call back it is always busy

Report for 1-4068279684 - 2019-07-16
Got a call from a number not in service, which led me to search the site.. They had my name and SS#, and wanted to verify they were talking to the person, so they could do a signature on "official notice," which they said would include legal documentation of my having a claim filed against me in her "legal department"..... I said "I'm not the person you are looking for, so tell me what this is in regards to"....they hung up. LOL I called back, and the person on the other line said "I called your number for you" I said "I had called your number to get your phone number off of my file!" then she said, "oh yes, this is the same people, and I have been instructed to serve you with papers to appear in court. We called you so we can verify location" and then started screaming at me.

Report for 1-4065451790 - 2019-07-08
called no message

Report for 1-4062017012 - 2019-06-11
I received a call at around tenam on a Sunday. The lady sounded like some type of telemarketer or collection agent. Asked me if my name was my name. It was a very, very rude way to ask for me to confirm my name. I asked her again several times to tell me what company she was from. She told me that they can't tell me until she confirms who I am. She told me that was not true. I asked who she was from again. She said she wasn't from a particular company but that she could tell me a specific one before she could tell me the name of the company calling. I asked what it was in regards to and she said I shouldn't even tell them that. I finally told her I would not verify it was me until I verified it was who I was talking to. She told me that was fine and hung up on me. I called the number back just in case. It automatically told me they are busy and hung up again. I have been getting lots of calls like this lately from different numbers. This is a scam.

Report for 1-4062017012 - 2019-06-08
They have called every hour on this number for the past 3 or 4 days now. I don't answer because I know this is "NCH Radio".

Report for 1-4065451790 - 2019-02-11
I just received this message today. I have reported it to the attorney general's office and also contacted my local news station. Please do the same!

Report for 1-4061007010 - 2019-01-29
Scam call. Robocaller is blocking your access to federal student loan accounts.

Report for 1-4061007010 - 2019-01-01
called cell....when answer just hangs up...

Report for 1-4065592478 - 2018-11-26
I get calls from this nimber everyday. I do not answer.

Report for 1-4065592478 - 2018-11-01
They called me, too. It was a recorded woman speaking in Spanish. When I asked where they were located, there was an immediate disconnect.

Report for 1-4068279684 - 2018-10-08
Received spam text from same number to verify a business listing in my area. Gave a list of different friends and do not have any business listings.

Report for 1-4065592478 - 2018-09-23
This number just called me 5 times. Then called my work, and left messages! Scam!

Report for 1-4068279684 - 2018-08-17
This is a fake number.

Report for 1-4062017012 - 2018-08-17
This was a call about my windows 10 computer that has been hacked, said his name was Brian Smith, sounded more like Frank Smith. Then the number had a message that I needed to contact him to solve the problem before it became infected with malware.

Report for 1-4062017012 - 2018-08-14
I have been getting lots of spam calls. this came in on my home number, which the caller is apparently spoofing. The first couple of digits were "800" after the outgoing number. I didn't answer and they didn't leave a message.

Report for 1-4062017012 - 2018-08-11
I had exactly the same call on my answering machine with the same recording. Did not call the number that was given since most all of these are spammers and the F.B.I. seems to take to the phone companies as a form of revenge. Call blocker is the way to go.

Report for 1-4062017012 - 2018-06-16
Just calls. No voice mail. Blocked!

Report for 1-4065451790 - 2018-05-09
Just got one from

Report for 1-4065451790 - 2018-04-07
Same message I got.

Report for 1-4068279684 - 2017-12-12
These calls started after I applied for a payday loan. I applied, and was approved for $300. Since then, they have called 2-4 times a day - when I picked up they would hang up. After getting tired of it, I finally blocked the number. They just called again and my husband answered and said "this is my phone I'm calling you" and then the person started stammering and was totally stuttering and he said, "oh sorry I have the wrong number, I didn't know I had called the wrong phone number!" After a few seconds of silence, then a beep like it hung up, the person said, "sorry I don't have the right number." They have called 3-4 times a day for the past week or two.

Report for 1-4062017012 - 2017-10-25
i received a call from them today. They called my work phone... I am trying to call back, only to get voicemail saying there is no message for this number. I am glad to know the web has this feature. How do we report them?

Report for 1-4068279684 - 2017-09-26
These people are calling my son and daughter in law and my in laws asking for me. The guy says he is going to press charges because I refuse to take the call. I told him to serve me. He says I need to call the 877 number. My son called the number and I talked to an Indian guy and I said this is a scam they need to stop calling my family and they need to stop harassing me. I called a friend of mine and left my name and number. When my wife asked for the number they gave me she said they have already called me two times today and that I was crazy and some big fat [***] and she was going to call the police. I am about to call the state attorney general and see what they can do. I feel something really needs to be done about this. I do not even know if this is true or a hoax but this is ridiculous. It's really scary.