Us code virginia 434

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Code 434 is a phone code located in Virginia.

The majority of phone numbers in the numbering plan belong to US and Canada and a small portion assigned to some caribbean countries

Cities located in phone number code 434 are as follows: Charlottesville, Danville, West Lynchburg

434 / comments

Report for 1-4341042010 - 2020-03-26
They called and didn't leave a message.

Report for 1-4349772764 - 2020-01-04
I called the number back. Its a scam. IRS and court system do not call with threats.

Report for 1-4341042010 - 2019-12-25
Another SCUM SUCKING LIAR, not to mention dishonest, lying, CROOK, who will do anything to scam.

Report for 1-4345895188 - 2019-11-29
Left a voicemail saying they have paper documentation and that I must call back if I want the information. I don't owe anyone and I don't know if this is a scam

Report for 1-4349772764 - 2019-10-26
I received a call at my cell this evening, it was a pre-recorded message saying my credit card had been charged $399 to renew my antivirus software. I followed the prompts and they told me I had a refund of 299.00 from my antivirus software company. I pressed 3 to cancel this charge and they hung up as I was taking it out of my checking account. It was some type of scam as they said it was a company I contacted just over a year ago and never heard of. This is a new scam, as the old one where they charge you 299 or some such amount on your CC and try to get your bank card number to pay them money. I wouldn't have known about this charge if not for my antivirus free antivirus software. That said, these scams

Report for 1-4345895188 - 2019-10-17
Have been receiving phone calls every day for the last 2 months stating it's regarding a fax they just have to verify my address, etc for delivery to my house. I am a senior and

Report for 1-4344714014 - 2019-10-07
Call received at 10:15 a.m. on a Saturday. I usually answer calls I don't recognize and I just hang up on them. They didn't even say anything after i hung up before anyone could reply.

Report for 1-4344714014 - 2019-09-21
Left a VM on my private and government cell phone of the "Finalizing Investigation Department..." If the IRS were about to file a lawsuit against me, there would be a lot of paperwork on that. Bunch of BS!

Report for 1-4345895188 - 2019-08-16
Calls every day, at least 3 times a day. No message!

Report for 1-4341042010 - 2019-08-07
Got a voice mail and when I called back they had my personal info like ss,address and last 4 of SS #. Asked me to leave them a message that they could talk to me

Report for 1-4344714014 - 2018-12-17
I got a call from these people and I knew it was a scam because they had not called me before today. He had said his name was Jack Brown and was not a woman. He had read my address,address and he needed to ask me if it was "my correct address". I told him if he had been calling from the IRS he would know that info. He also told me not to get scared when the police show up at my door. That is the most ignorant thing I have heard in my life. The IRS doesn't call you. If you have a problem they mail you.

Report for 1-4345895188 - 2018-12-16
Scammers claiming to give grant

Report for 1-4344714014 - 2018-11-25
It's from a site called car insurance quote website.

Report for 1-4349772764 - 2018-06-16
Robo call regarding health insurance. Said could get my current premium if I called.

Report for 1-4344714014 - 2018-06-12
Got this call a few minutes ago. They hung up when my answering machine picked up. I'm in Vancouver WA

Report for 1-4341042010 - 2018-05-19
I didn't answer. They left no message. My Caller ID says "Unknown Caller".

Report for 1-4344714014 - 2018-03-29
Same thing, left VM. Didn't tell who the called or where the call was from.

Report for 1-4345895188 - 2018-02-13
They call everyday, never leave a message. We don't answer.

Report for 1-4341042010 - 2018-01-23
The caller hangs up when I answer. This is a landline and the caller is calling my business. I am in NC too.

Report for 1-4341042010 - 2018-01-16
IRS scam call. Left voicemail saying if I don't respond I'm in danger of owing the IRS money.

Report for 1-4341042010 - 2017-12-21
Caller ID stated Unknown Caller. Rang 3 times, they hung up as I answered, then let it ring 6 times with no message. I Googled the number and see it's a scam. I never answer unknown callers.

Report for 1-4341042010 - 2017-10-24
Called twice in a row, a call at 3 in the morning. No messages left.

Report for 1-4345895188 - 2017-09-08
Got a call from this number on my cell phone a little bit ago. I don't have a clue who it is or how they got my number in the first place.

Report for 1-4344714014 - 2017-08-25
The caller did not leave a message

Report for 1-4345895188 - 2017-08-08
Called and left no message.