Us code arizona 480

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Code 480 is a phone code located in Arizona.

The majority of phone numbers in the numbering plan belong to US and Canada and a small portion assigned to some caribbean countries

Cities located in phone number code 480 are as follows: Apache Junction, Chandler, Fountain Hills, Gilbert, Mesa, Scottsdale, Tempe

480 / comments

Report for 1-4803050715 - 2020-02-12
Just called me at work. Glad that i have phone blocking.

Report for 1-4806527487 - 2020-01-26
Just got the same message, so it's obviously a scam

Report for 1-4801011020 - 2020-01-18
Called me twice yesterday, once so far today, I didn't answer either time. They did not leave a message either time.

Report for 1-4805300015 - 2019-12-31
They call asking for my brother, that I have no contact with. They also called my cell phone (I have a new phone #) I answered and they said hello... I didn't say anything & they hung up on me.

Report for 1-4803050715 - 2019-12-28
I got a call from 877-228-2114, I asked who was calling and a lady in a very thick middle eastern accent said her name was mrs gregle and her ID was 8772282034. She had my home address and cell phone number already and said she was calling from the law office of john deere. She said that there is a warrant for my arrest for some payday loan I didn't pay. She had an old address (my new address) and a previous work place where I work. She said I would be arrested and my bank accounts frozen and if I had any type of past due accounts, they would freeze them. She also said that I would lose all my rights and would be in legal trouble. She gave me a fake badge number and said I would be arrested and that I would be sued for 3k. She was very rude. She asked for my address to send the info to me. I then found this website and thought I would report this scam. I also took the time to let her know that the police department here and the national guard will be watching, alerting and tracking her and these people. She never called back. I will do the same with other complaints if they keep calling me. She should be in jail.

Report for 1-4801011020 - 2019-12-04
Called my DNC registered landline. Mr N O n K called. The Do Not Call list is worthless. Scammers use the list so they don't have to abide by DNC.

Report for 1-4803050715 - 2019-11-29
Got a call from this number. no VM message.

Report for 1-4807306050 - 2019-11-26
Just received the same type of call. I told them I knew they were a scam and I was going to report them and they hung up.

Report for 1-4805300015 - 2019-11-19
Called saying a complaint was going to be filed against me. Also gave a file number and said they were representing the county. I called the number back they never answered the phone, then the phone just cut off. No mention of a company name or what the complaint was about. Obviously a scam. Be careful!

Report for 1-4805585382 - 2019-11-16
I have recently had some very sick children as well as my mother who has been battling cancer and now has terminal disease, I am in a lot of pain and it is driving me crazy to see what this company is doing i have talked to them numerous times and they keep coming up with things that do not even apply. They must think we are dumb and believe them when they say that they are going to serve me but yet never do so it is getting very irritating i can no longer just lie to my child because my husband can not take to the house anymore , we are going to find them and make them pay for what they are doing, if we are all lucky and some get sued and alot of get a letter then that would be really special but we all know where to go and who to call. It is so annoying and if not for us we have no idea who this company is is going to work for.

Report for 1-4804779168 - 2019-11-11
I got a call from this number but i ignored it. The person left me a voicemail where they claim to be Government & it was something about a grant but they want me to pay 200 dollars upfront before i get the money. I didn't trust it so I googled the number & here I am.

Report for 1-4805585382 - 2019-10-07
Call went to voice mail but no time to leave message. Don't answer it since many other numbers have this ID.

Report for 1-4805300015 - 2019-09-19
Just got text from "him" and said how he sees me and said he wanted to know everything about me.

Report for 1-4804779168 - 2019-09-15
I received this same type of call and they are looking for me to be arrested for unpaid loan. I've never had a pay day loan in my life. I called the number back, and left a message to take me off their calling list. It was very annoying because they keep calling!!!

Report for 1-4806321573 - 2019-09-14

Report for 1-4807306050 - 2019-09-13
Called to state they are taking legal action against me and would freeze my ss# and seize all bank accounts. Scam!

Report for 1-4806527487 - 2019-08-24
Did not answer, no message left, CID said San Antonio TX. Based on previous reports, appears to be another medical alert scammer.

Report for 1-4806321573 - 2019-08-20
I got the same call as everyone else. I have blocked this number!

Report for 1-4803572779 - 2019-08-08
A robo-call for a free cruise for answering their survey. You can go on the "do not call list" and they still sell your number on their internal call list.

Report for 1-4803050718 - 2019-07-11
They called me and said they were with tax relief. It was a recording and when I pressed one to speak to someone "Tina" said that the IRS won't call.

Report for 1-4805300015 - 2019-07-08
Voicemail, left voicemail "This notice is for JORDAN WILSON, if you are not this JORDAN WILSON please hang up now and delete your voicemails, if you are JORDAN, please call 619-203-0491."

Report for 1-4806321573 - 2019-06-25
This number called my wife's cell phone asking for me. Did not answer and not leaving voice mail.

Report for 1-4803572779 - 2019-06-23
Called my cell left no message

Report for 1-4805300015 - 2019-06-16
They have called numerous times. No voicemail was left today.

Report for 1-4807306050 - 2019-06-12
Called my Cell# with a pre-recorded message saying I was eligible to receive 1,000 in financial aid for school. I hung up.