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Code 484 is a phone code located in Pennsylvania.

The majority of phone numbers in the numbering plan belong to US and Canada and a small portion assigned to some caribbean countries

Cities located in phone number code 484 are as follows: Allentown, Bethlehem, West Chester, Drexel Hill, Easton, Norristown, Pottstown, Radnor, Reading, Springfield

484 / comments

Report for 1-4849189952 - 2020-01-11
Called my cell. They left no message. BLOCKED!

Report for 1-4844227091 - 2019-11-01
This is the second of two phone calls today regarding the same from a woman and one from a man. I let the voicemail pick up but they did not leave a message..

Report for 1-4842759837 - 2019-10-23
Unwanted call from (310) 888-3131

Report for 1-4844227091 - 2019-07-26
These people keep calling, I'm so tired of this. No voice mail. I can't make out the name, but it would be the same as another site's had stated that it is from a law firm.

Report for 1-4849189952 - 2019-07-24
Caller id was ATS (Avenue Services). I just hung up. It was 6 pm. I'm on call no call list. I know no one in Illinois. When you google the number you get hundreds of people with many complaints. If you want to stop them, you need people that are willing to stand up and speak in full sentences. That's where I want to help. I'm not here to argue with you. I want to get rid of those people.

Report for 1-4843965298 - 2019-07-14
No need to worry, the "IRS" isn't going to call you and offer you a "handout" for owing them money. Read my post here:

Report for 1-4843005130 - 2019-07-06
This is a scam. There was no Caller ID, just the phone number. A female voice said, "Are you looking for business funding". When I asked "What is the name of your business, and why did you ask?", the message went silent, and then the voice abruptly hung up. Caller ID only shows the phone number. I have blocked this number.

Report for 1-4843005130 - 2019-06-07
I do not know who is calling from this number . when I answered it was dead air. I had to wait 20 to 30 seconds before they hung up

Report for 1-4842759837 - 2019-06-04
Yes, I also received a call from this number and was told they were from my county's civil procedures division (which I don't have one) and someone I may have used my social security number (not). I told 'John Brown' that I received a call from this number telling me my social was tied to a fraudulent case. I tried to call back and it said the number was not valid. Please be aware, it is a scam!!! Please be careful and do not give any important information to these individuals.

Report for 1-4844227091 - 2019-05-26
Got the same message - scam

Report for 1-4842543818 - 2019-04-29
Same scam here from "Cindy with Rewards Redemption "I did not call back but received an unknown number of voice messages and the same message as others have are eligible for a prize to have a $100 Walmart gift voucher...."It's a huge scam and the usual IRS scam.. I'm blocking the number and reporting it to the authorities

Report for 1-4843965298 - 2019-04-21
I get calls from this number a few times a week, but I never pick up, but the number is always busy. Does anyone know who these people are?

Report for 1-4849189952 - 2019-04-11
Said you would be taken into custody if you did not call back

Report for 1-4843965298 - 2019-03-23
No message left. I called back and got a recording to remove my number. They had my name and wanted a donor to support WV troopers' wives and families, who have died in the line of duty.

Report for 1-4843965298 - 2019-03-05
Called my phone and hung up when I said hello

Report for 1-4844227091 - 2019-02-10
Received call this morning. Caller said he was with the US Government that I was chosen to receive 9000.00. Was told to call David Wright of the Federal Govt which was 877-213-4357.

Report for 1-4842759837 - 2019-01-23
This # constantly calls my phone. I answer and no one says anythin! How is it illegal for them to call. Who can I report this to?

Report for 1-4842543818 - 2019-01-13
Same thing as the others, no message just call, no one's on the other end

Report for 1-4843005130 - 2019-01-09
I am tired of these people calling, they do not know who they calling for,they don't know why they calling or anything they need to stop calling. At least when I get home from work , I put on a cheap recording they can talk when they like, but I never get their phone number and I can find out even more about them with the help of the phone company. Maybe just maybe they are going to go bankrupt. I am paying the phone company to tell these people what is going on .

Report for 1-4842759837 - 2018-11-29
These people call every half-hour or so from different states leaving a message to call them to lower our credit card interest rate. Obviously, we do not have a credit card. I have reported them already to the FTC and also to our local police. I think the state of Illinois needs to know this is some type of scam too, if it is for real.

Report for 1-4844227091 - 2018-11-22
Received 5 calls within a few hours this morning. I never pickup since I know it's spamming. I did have my phone number change a couple weeks ago and have had a lot calls with that (and have asked that they not call back).

Report for 1-4844227091 - 2018-11-09
Call my cell phone. A recording states I can't be placed on the do not call list for this particular phone number if I am online!

Report for 1-4842759837 - 2018-09-07
Student Loan debt scam. First, I have a very low student loan bill. I am only 20 years old, so my students loan was paid off in '92. Second, I do not have student loans. Call came from 512-989-9167, but said call back at 866-922-8114. Didn't say company name. Just said her name and phone number.

Report for 1-4842543818 - 2018-09-01
I have had about 5 calls from them today. I did pick up twice, but nobody was there. They don't bother to leave a message if you don't answer.

Report for 1-4843965298 - 2018-08-17
Answered to silence.