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Code 605 is a phone code located in South Dakota.

The majority of phone numbers in the numbering plan belong to US and Canada and a small portion assigned to some caribbean countries

Cities located in phone number code 605 are as follows: Aberdeen, Pierre, Rapid City, Sioux Falls, Watertown

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Report for 1-6052227361 - 2020-09-03
The text was sent to my phone from this number: +1 (323) 558-0574 and says: "I would like to let you know I will be delivering a certified letter tomorrow between the hours of 3-5pm. Please make yourself available with two valid forms of ID. There is something also in the way of a certified notice of intent on your name and this is an attempt to collect a debt. If you have any questions or concerns on this matter you can contact the party that is supposed to have received this certified letter"They called last week saying someone filled out a online question and answered incorrectly and to contact them. The text asked if I want to pay the outstanding debt or not.

Report for 1-6052109092 - 2020-08-30
Text from 708-955-0546. Looks like a hoax.

Report for 1-6053472360 - 2020-07-29
It is the same message left as everyone else here... "This is the treasury department of the Internal Re-asury. The reason of the call is to inform you that the IRS will begin a law suit against you"

Report for 1-6053472360 - 2020-07-01
Paid one month and now they are calling me a 10.00 fee on a $500 loan. My loan was from another company that paid off in full. I did call the original company to make sure that it is not my problem and they told me no such loan was made from their company.

Report for 1-6052227361 - 2020-05-20
Just called with no message.

Report for 1-6052227361 - 2020-05-05
I keep getting a call every day from this number, no one on the other end. I called the number back and asked to be taken off the list. After being on hold for a while there was a recording and when I listened to it, it said you have reached the fund raising organization, and hung up. How do I get them to stop calling? I'm a little annoyed though, as they keep waking my baby

Report for 1-6052172667 - 2020-02-25
Some telemarketer scumbag calling to sell your "fixed VZW" service. When will our telcos finally do something about these scammers?

Report for 1-6050315033 - 2020-02-03
I got a called from this number this morning. I looked online to see if it was an 888 number. I never answered and they left no messages or voicemail. Probably a scammer/telemarketer.

Report for 1-6052172667 - 2020-02-02
I have received this same call numerous times since March 2, 2011. The caller, a recording, asks for verification of personal information. The caller says that the call is being recorded. Then the recording asks "Is the person at the extension 6?" The recording then pauses and states something like "I am sorry, there is no one available at this extension." If you do a web search on the phone number, you will notice that the company is in Virginia Beach, Virginia. They have a website: If you go to their site, you can choose to opt-out of calls from the same telephone number, or you will have to be removed from the list.

Report for 1-6052227361 - 2019-12-27
Left a message saying they were the IRS and I needed to call back immediately. SCAM!!! Called from another number as well today

Report for 1-6053472360 - 2019-12-23
Keep calling and no one says anything when I answer. They've called all day from 12:50pm and again just now.

Report for 1-6050315033 - 2019-12-17
Another scam from people pretending to

Report for 1-6053678491 - 2019-11-26
This number has been calling my phone for about 2 days ,,I don't answer but now I'm glad I did not after this number is being reported to the Gov

Report for 1-6052109092 - 2019-09-16
I received a call from this number yesterday and yesterday's being the day, I called back and it doesn't even ring. I know what happens when the person who is calling has a caller ID that says the number is not in service, if it were legal, the FCC would be investigating. Don't waste your time answering. If it really was a scam call, they will leave a message on voicemail, and not answer your call once you make contact or leave a message.

Report for 1-6050315033 - 2019-05-31
Robo Call claiming they are going to deduct money from my bank account unless I call them to cancel a subscription. Just another scammer trying to get money

Report for 1-6053472360 - 2019-05-09
I received a very long voice mail message from these people saying they are collecting for an alleged court case for cashamerica and that there are consequences if I didn't return their call.

Report for 1-6050315033 - 2019-04-15
I have this number on my call blocker but I still get voicemails from them. So frustrating!

Report for 1-6052172667 - 2019-03-14
The scammers are back! This is the latest number to call my landline. Some background noise when I answered. Lady said her name was "Sharon" calling on behalf of "National Warrantee Network" (sp?) something about warranty on my car. I interrupted, told her we've never owned a car and hung up.

Report for 1-6053472360 - 2019-01-31
The person that called and said he was from the irs said I had three crimes against me, in regards to my taxes, but was not able to disclose my name or address and told me to call back immediately with my attorney as the situation unfolds on me,

Report for 1-6050315033 - 2019-01-24
I had a missed call from the number listed above. However, they only called my cell phone. I don't know how they got my cell phone#, but I'm not interested in getting some unknown crap like I just did. I'll be calling my cell phone company and having a block placed on them, I'll also have the number investigated. My suggestion to anyone else getting these type of calls- just hang up. They've called me at least four more times since 8:00am this morning. If anyone has any other info, I'd really appreciate it.

Report for 1-6050315033 - 2018-12-19
Received a call from 800-945-2501. Said they were calling from Federal Crime and Investigation Department about an investigation and fraud using my name and SS I know I have nothing. I then called back a recorded message said you've reached the Federal Crime and Investigation Department. Then there was a woman saying someone will be right with you shortly. So I pressed for who they are and the company name she said they are WCCN. And then she wanted to know what was the number I was calling from when I said the number she called from which was 858-816-3967. Then she said I can have your number and I got really aggravated and I told her you can't do that on the internet and hung up. It is a scam and I have reported it to the FTC.

Report for 1-6052109092 - 2018-11-25
Just got a call from them. I was skeptical but I was told "I need to get your address for the sheriff" and they hung up. They were trying to get me to answer some question so they could serve me, and I said "what for". I knew they had my address from my credit report. A month later I had a notice from the sheriff on file and there was a tracking letter sent to my home address. The sheriff doesn't call to let you know they're coming, or you've been served. And the mail only comes from the post office where you have to state your mailings.

Report for 1-6052172667 - 2018-11-05
I have been getting calls from this number. I am on the do not call list. The do not call has no effect when you call them back!

Report for 1-6053678491 - 2018-11-04
Called at 9:25. Left a voicemail of silence. The first time, I answered, and hung up. The second time, I blocked the number.

Report for 1-6050315033 - 2018-10-19
Called my home line and left no message