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Code 610 is a phone code located in Pennsylvania.

The majority of phone numbers in the numbering plan belong to US and Canada and a small portion assigned to some caribbean countries

Cities located in phone number code 610 are as follows: Allentown, Bethlehem, West Chester, Drexel Hill, Easton, Norristown, Pottstown, Radnor, Reading, Springfield

610 / comments

Report for 1-6109455300 - 2020-01-20
It was a survey in regards to breast cancer. I'm not interested in what they are selling. It's a scam.

Report for 1-6102792692 - 2020-01-08
Called cell and left no message.

Report for 1-6102686934 - 2020-01-01
Saying their with a debt collecting company but they also stated they were trying to collect something that I never heard of.

Report for 1-6104889217 - 2019-12-31
Called my cell at 10:57am. Didn't answer.

Report for 1-6102474980 - 2019-12-16
I got a call on my cell phone from someone claiming to be "Joe with BMG Music". He gave several attempts, he just repeated my phone number, then said he would update the record. It sounded weird, he talked

Report for 1-6108727129 - 2019-12-05
I keep getting these calls and a recorded message to call back some woman's phone number

Report for 1-6109455300 - 2019-11-25
Received call from 360-474-3901, no message.

Report for 1-6102792692 - 2019-11-06
I keep getting calls from this number but no message is being left. I am also on the do no call list and I have no idea what it is about.

Report for 1-6105070768 - 2019-10-15
They have called me 5 times in the last half hour

Report for 1-6102474980 - 2019-10-14
This # has been calling me everyday for the last few months. Never leaves a message, and I'm on the Do Not Call list. Now I'm going to just change my number.

Report for 1-6109455300 - 2019-10-06
Just got that call from a Julie Smith too....sick of these calls....and I have no loans either! I live in an assisted living place. WTH?!

Report for 1-6105070768 - 2019-09-22
called my phone 2 times and left no message and i didnt answer

Report for 1-6109455300 - 2019-08-27
They called my cell phone. I did not answer and they did not leave a message. I am on the do not call list for all the good that did.

Report for 1-6105070768 - 2019-08-22
Just received call but no voicemail.

Report for 1-6104889217 - 2019-08-19
I just got a call from them. They said I applied. I didn't. She started talking about what were the things that they were offering me when I wasn't available. I hung up.

Report for 1-6109455300 - 2019-08-11
I get a call from this number everyday at various times. The person on the other end has a deep voice, but I could understand something that was unintelligible because of the background noise. I want them to stop.

Report for 1-6108760347 - 2019-08-03
i also got the letter, they are going to charge me $99 for the trip with no cost to me.the number is 1-877-722-7226

Report for 1-6104199136 - 2019-07-24
We are also receiving phone calls from this number. Caller ID says it's a "survey" but that could be misleading as I didn't answer. Today the caller called 20 times. Caller ID reads "CUSTOMERSERVICE", so I guess that's what it is. Since I have Caller ID, the caller's name shows up as "Customerservice".

Report for 1-6108727129 - 2019-07-21
I received a phone call from this number and they said it was a legal notification and that the next step would be a local county court, but it was for someone else. I don't know because the person had the same last name as me and sounded like the lady calling. She also said she couldnt give me any other information.

Report for 1-6108727129 - 2019-07-10
Same here. Answered call. They hung up. Blocked caller.

Report for 1-6109455300 - 2019-07-07
This is a collection agency that has purchased your information from someone and calls you. Do NOT give this caller any information. I would suggest that you do not answer or give any of your personal information. If you are not sure where to get this information from, then call your local police department and file a report against this company. Also, I would suggest contacting the Texas Solicitor's Association and they have a website and contact information that is very helpful. I will include a link to the website where these scam artist could be contacted to tell them about the current scam that is being perpetrated against all Texans. Also, Texas has changed so if anyone could please tell me how to find these individuals.

Report for 1-6102686934 - 2019-05-04
called my cell. I didn't answer. I don't know this number.

Report for 1-6104889217 - 2019-04-16
"Apple support" robo call - left message saying there is a problem with my phone.I don't have an Apple account

Report for 1-6104199136 - 2019-04-05
Weird message saying they were "CFS" and I needed to contact them before "it" took any legal action against me. I didn't call back after seeing this page!

Report for 1-6102792692 - 2019-03-29
Received call from this # stating from the IRS with a law suit and to call back. This comes in on caller ID listed as "Fraud Risk"