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Code 732 is a phone code located in New Jersey.

The majority of phone numbers in the numbering plan belong to US and Canada and a small portion assigned to some caribbean countries

Cities located in phone number code 732 are as follows: Carteret, East Brunswick, Edison, Lakewood, West Long Branch, New Brunswick, East Brunswick, North Plainfield, South Old Bridge, Perth Amboy, Rahway, Sayreville, Somerset, Toms River

732 / comments

Report for 1-7326903849 - 2020-06-21
They just called again, a man was talking to someone in the background.

Report for 1-7323883424 - 2020-04-26
I don't know of any one else but this is what I found after googling the name and number.This is the second page I've seen under the phone numbers/names.The first one was from a 'John Wright' and the second one was from the 'Ryan White/Wyndham Professionals'.The number is an unlisted landline in Seattle, WA in the phone company's system.It is a landline based in Seattle, WA with a DSL (Digital DSL) port. Type: Telemarketer

Report for 1-7322426510 - 2020-04-23
The caller claimed to be the IRS. I told them to tell me again why they are calling me, she asked me my name again and I told her again. She continued that this is a federal issue and I must call back. When I said I needed more time to find a good deal with them, she said "the courts are closing in 25 minutes." I said "wow!" At that point she hung up.

Report for 1-7329356635 - 2020-03-31
This company calls at least once a day (with caller ID showing "Private Caller") and when I answer they never say anything. I called the number back from a different phone and it's a pay phone. I have no reason to keep receiving their calls. They seem to call at least once a day even though it's after hours.

Report for 1-7326106021 - 2020-03-27
These people call me at all hours of the day and night. I have called back and requested them to remove my number and they hang up on me.

Report for 1-7325666711 - 2020-03-25
They called me on 12/03/2018. I have a Panasonic phone can block up to 30 numbers and some have a function to make it do it's job even if it is not blocked.

Report for 1-7326106021 - 2020-02-12
A lady called and said her name is Kathy, from American Express, saying that I could save money by switching to her card. (I NEVER do business with American Express). I told her to take me off the call list, that my number had a Do Not Call List. She said that was not enough to block me from her call list, but if I call back, I won't be blocked. She said to get a life because I'd be paying the bill for them. She said that they had multiple branches throughout the US, and they "do business with" them. I told her I don't do business with her, and then said I'd get a life and go and take that crap up with some people. She yelled, "Don't you want to save and have money!" and then hung up.

Report for 1-7322426512 - 2020-01-30
called back and he answered. Said they were from a security company looking to place alarm s in my house. I told him I have 4,000 sq.ft. And I am not interested in what he has to say. I live in a different state and he did not know what state I was living in. I will not answer this number anymore!

Report for 1-7328660664 - 2020-01-27
Same message and no identification

Report for 1-7322426512 - 2020-01-11
I have been trying to reach people who know where I live and work with no luck. I believe this a bogus debt collector. They are sending fake emails saying that a claim has been filed, but nothing has been filed.

Report for 1-7325666711 - 2019-11-23
Caller said to call them about a summons.

Report for 1-7323883424 - 2019-11-22
Received call with a message to call this number. No message left.

Report for 1-7322426510 - 2019-11-21
They have called me twice today at 11:20 and 3:45...they left a voice message stating that my "computer" has been hacked from foreign countries..They also called on Christmas Eve from another number in my area code....

Report for 1-7328504139 - 2019-10-01
Some of these calls are just to set to memory. If you answer, you give the crooks the "heads up" that you have a live body at the other end of the line. I have had them set phone to hang up on me, then go right back to sleep, not even know my body left the line, but the sleep is all good. I am very careful now. They have been "leeching" and just "spoofing" numbers. Some of them are old or useless I.D. numbers. They want you to answer and act like you care about "Breast Cancer Awareness". If you don't answer, it is because they have not yet "gone down, and hacked

Report for 1-7325666711 - 2019-09-13
Just got a call from this number and when I tried calling it back I got a message that it was a no longer in service number...

Report for 1-7329356635 - 2019-09-05
I also got a call from (847) 588-4895, and did not have an appointment but called back and received a voice message "No one is available, Please leave a message.". I hope this doesn't prove to be a scam, but even if it does, the number does not leave a number to return the call.

Report for 1-7328504139 - 2019-08-27
Called in regards to a car and trailer I had for sale in 2010. Wanted to know if I still were interested in selling it. When I refused said to call back.

Report for 1-7329356635 - 2019-08-11

Report for 1-7326903849 - 2019-07-29
Unknown number. Ignored it. No voicemail

Report for 1-7328504139 - 2019-07-21
Calls on a daily basis. Hangs up. They are blocked and will NOT stop calling

Report for 1-7329356635 - 2019-05-19
I picked up the phone, but did not say anything. Just listen. "Hello?" "Hello?" "Hello?" "Help." "All we can do is fax you a copy of the document we mailed to you." I do not have any documents. "You don't even know who this is?" "I have blocked you."

Report for 1-7326903849 - 2019-04-03
same call today for 562.86

Report for 1-7323883424 - 2019-02-17
I just got one of these texts and called the number on the back of my card. The card service rep I was speaking with on my end said this was the number they used to contact me in case my name was missing. I was able to pull up all my info from them which included my name, SS number, bank name, and full name..... No info. so you can get the name of who the number is.

Report for 1-7322426512 - 2019-02-10
I did answer to see who this company was....the woman on the phone stated that I'm being sued by my bank for unpaid checks. She gave me the old script about being taken to court and all that bull. They have called me twice and I never had a checking account in 2012. She had the name of my bank and an old address. This was nothing more than a scare tactic. I refused to pay and I told that woman to pound sand.

Report for 1-7329356635 - 2019-01-13
No message - now blocked. Thanks to 800 notes, we can easily block these unwanted callers.