Us code ohio 740

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Code 740 is a phone code located in Ohio.

The majority of phone numbers in the numbering plan belong to US and Canada and a small portion assigned to some caribbean countries

Cities located in phone number code 740 are as follows: Athens, Chillicothe, Delaware, Lancaster, Marion, Newark, Portsmouth, Zanesville

740 / comments

Report for 1-7408586264 - 2019-12-09
Same message as other people say they received

Report for 1-7403541460 - 2019-10-16
Call went to voicemail, but there was no message.

Report for 1-7408586264 - 2019-06-16
It's not a work number!

Report for 1-7408586264 - 2019-06-15
Call came in at almost 8:00 pm. I picked up and said hello twice and then the call ended.

Report for 1-7408586264 - 2019-03-30
I called this number back, got an answer machine for one of their agents. They said he's looking for a man's name that's not me, then told me I am the last person in the world that knew the man that they are looking for. They had other data that my cell phone company will block after a certain time if someone tries to use it. The scammer said on the recorded message that he will continue to call me until this is taken care of. I'm going to call it up and see who the fun starts... I don't

Report for 1-7403541460 - 2019-02-23
I get random calls from this number, and when I answer it hangs up. Finally some lady left a message saying hello then hangs up.

Report for 1-7401008022 - 2019-01-12
I have received numerous calls from this company over the weekend and today, but the one this morning that said to call 866-219-1824 has left me 2 voicemails! The one left so far was from a different person a week ago and the other was from a different person from last week! Both time I talked to a lady and even though I had my name correct, she said that there is a legal action against my name and social security number and left a case # and said if I had any questions or concerns to call the toll free number on their website! I know this is nonsense and am reporting it!! I know that no body can threaten or arrest you for any type of civil debt, but I am tired of these calls!

Report for 1-7401008022 - 2018-12-07
They called and stated I had a complaint filed against me and that they would be contacting my place of employment, place of residence. I have no clue on what they are talking about I live in Texas

Report for 1-7401008022 - 2018-12-02
CallerID read: ATTORNEY ABRAMS. My free robo blocker shut them down in less than 4 rings. Folks, if you have a new number this past week ... chances are that the scammers got it through one of the phone companies or telemarketers that we ALL use. Worse, it seems to be coming from ATT.

Report for 1-7403541460 - 2018-07-29
Called my work number. Said it was an officer. They needed info on my whereabouts and a lawsuit was filed agaist me and if i didnt contact them, i was gonna be arrested and then this guy who could barely speak english would tell me what to do. I just hung up on him.

Report for 1-7403541460 - 2018-04-19
This is a scam pretending to collect money for police, instead you are asked to purchase their "prize package" for $250.00.

Report for 1-7401008022 - 2018-02-14
Received the same phone call. John called left a voice message stating that I have multiple accusations against me. I would need my attorney to contact them. I am calling attorney generals office to report this and report the phone numbers they are calling from. They are calling my land line at work.

Report for 1-7408586264 - 2017-11-01
I was called the same and did not answer I am in Florida what the hell? I want to know how they got my number and I am on the no called list.

Report for 1-7403541460 - 2017-05-27
Just got a call from this number! They said I was randomly selected in the amount of $9,000.00 because I did not have a criminal history nor any sort of fraud or something in my past. It then asked me to call Jennifer Wilson at 202-417-7058 with Western Union. So like I said I called back and someone else answered...I just goggled the number and it lead me to this site.