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Code 832 is a phone code located in Texas.

The majority of phone numbers in the numbering plan belong to US and Canada and a small portion assigned to some caribbean countries

Cities located in phone number code 832 are as follows: Alvin, Atascocita, Baytown, Channelview, Cloverleaf, Deer Park, Friendswood, South Houston, La Porte, League City, Mission Bend, Missouri City, Pasadena, Pearland, Rosenberg, Spring, Sugar Land, The Woodlands

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Report for 1-8322209906 - 2019-12-29
Scam number called my cell & left robotic message saying it was from SOCIAL SECURITY. Called back on a landline to my cellphone. Scammers. They are also calling and it was just the end when I was transferred. SCAM!!!!

Report for 1-8325150433 - 2019-12-03
If they don't stop calling you will report them.You can always say it back "What?! I told you NOT to call so why are you calling me!? Do you think I have something to do with your car insurance and insurance companies??!"

Report for 1-8322205732 - 2019-10-29
Called my cell phone. No message left on voicemail.

Report for 1-8322209906 - 2019-10-22
I received a call from this number this morning from a man saying he was from Pinnacle Financial but he did not ask for me by name and there were a lot of other voices in the background like a call center. He tried to verify my social security number (which I don't do) but I told him I wanted paperwork sent with my letter. He said he would give me an email. When I asked where this was from, he said he couldn't answer that but that I could have my attorney call and he would give me another number. I never called this number.

Report for 1-8322063906 - 2019-09-03
They are calling my work number too.

Report for 1-8323631625 - 2019-09-02
I got this call last night and today from the same number. This was about the 5th one I have gotten in the last month. I don't even have cell service at my office. They have been told numerous times to remove me from their calling list. It seems all you need to do to get rid of the calls is tell them to say goodbye or good bye and hang up. Hope that helps.

Report for 1-8325150433 - 2019-08-30
Left no message

Report for 1-8322205732 - 2019-08-20
They've called me about 10 times over the past 3 days. Same thing...They hang up when you answer...It's so annoying.

Report for 1-8322063906 - 2019-07-18
I just get a recording in my headset then the call cuts off.

Report for 1-8322063906 - 2019-06-10
These people have repeatedly called me with the same message... they keep calling my cell phone which is an unlisted #.

Report for 1-8323041286 - 2019-06-05
No message left.

Report for 1-8323631625 - 2019-04-30
Same here. They have called twice; once today at 9:12am, then once yesterday at 6:00pm, also without leaving a message.

Report for 1-8324886612 - 2019-04-14
Claimed to be IRS

Report for 1-8322063906 - 2019-03-12
I'm glad you came across this forum. Just got call from this number saying I was a finalist for $10,000. "Gary Miller" has been extremely persistent on calling me every day, sometimes twice a day for months and leaving messages, even though he clearly has my number wrong. When he says to contact someone at a 202 area code number, and also tells me that this grant is "not taxable" it sounds like a scam to me. I've tried blocking this number. Thanks for the posts to save me a lot of time and aggravation! <

Report for 1-8325150433 - 2019-02-23
Cancel the debit card.

Report for 1-8323041286 - 2019-02-22
Called me twice, but left no message.

Report for 1-8325150433 - 2019-02-10
A man with an Indian accent (not sure of the ethnicity) called saying my Microsoft Windows had a bunch of errors and virus. He said I needed to correct my PC because he is sure there are no errors. I replied "No"...not to worry. Then he said I need the "help" from his technician. I then told him I was not interested...I am a software engineer and my computer was just a hobby and should not need this help. I wish someone could stop these people. What kind of help does Microsoft give these people? I think they need a special kind of help. They do not need to be messing with my computer so they can steal it!

Report for 1-8325150433 - 2019-01-14
Got the same call on my voice mail. They said they are from Microsoft and to call back. My wife is Microsoft so I am going to call and let her know just by repeating the number they are sending to her.

Report for 1-8322063906 - 2018-10-11
This woman also has called from the following numbers: 866-869-0868 866-303-5004

Report for 1-8322655814 - 2018-09-25
I have got this call everyday for the last week. No message. I'm just wondering what do I need to do?

Report for 1-8322655814 - 2018-09-24
Scam call about security systems

Report for 1-8322063906 - 2018-09-04
Called me several times this week. Leaves no voicemail. Blocked number. If it's that important, leave a message!

Report for 1-8325150433 - 2018-06-01
This number just called my cell. I didn't pick up; they didn't leave a voice message

Report for 1-8324886612 - 2018-05-04
Yes for the past year I have been getting the same call. I have called the local PD and they have said they have no idea how to find out who these people are or what company they are.

Report for 1-8322063906 - 2018-04-21
Call came in on home number. Phone rang 3 times and they hung up.