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Code 903 is a phone code located in Texas.

The majority of phone numbers in the numbering plan belong to US and Canada and a small portion assigned to some caribbean countries

Cities located in phone number code 903 are as follows: Corsicana, Denison, Greenville, Longview, Marshall, Paris, Sherman, Texarkana, Tyler

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Report for 1-9031226894 - 2020-01-18
This is a call center. They are fishing for information about your credit cards, and when you ask them why they keep trying to call you, the response is "Well the economy is bad so I want to increase my credit scores. How about the 4 digit credit card number I just had for 800 notes?" They are

Report for 1-9031183383 - 2020-01-16
Recorded message about how I should call an IRS agent, but the number they called from was from my area code. Glad I googled and found this post!

Report for 1-9037739607 - 2020-01-05
Received an automated message yesterday morning saying that I had committed fraudulent activity on my taxes and they were going to take assets and tax refunds. I called back and was told they were the IRS in Washington DC. I said that I did not believe the call & if I had a tax problem I would speak to my

Report for 1-9031190006 - 2019-12-29
Did not answer the call but they called 10 times in one day, and I still did not answer each time.

Report for 1-9037168764 - 2019-12-29
Same message .. I'm sure same caller if you don't have any complaint against you. Scammers I'd say.

Report for 1-9031190006 - 2019-12-24
Called twice today, did not leave a message

Report for 1-9031183383 - 2019-12-18
I just received a message from this number - same voice as with the other posts - it was someone with an indian accent speaking very slowly and said his name was Michael Smith. The IRS is filing a lawsuit against me and I must call him back at the same number...or someone is coming to arrest me. I think this is a spoof and I'm getting more of these than I know. I told the first caller to [***], he hung up. I got a call from a completely different number and a lady saying her name was Michelle Brown. These people are terrible liars.

Report for 1-9038873875 - 2019-12-17
This was a collection company for TEXCOAL. They called and asked for someone that must have shared the phone number.

Report for 1-9035449450 - 2019-12-15
Just called me from this number 855-286-1576....I am on the national do not call list. I am reporting it asap!

Report for 1-9031226894 - 2019-12-05
I am currently looking for a job that can really support me. I have plenty of money lined up and it will never let me down. I'd like to know if you don't mind adding a bit more to your typical salary so I can have the extra money to spend on travel and things i really want to do once I get home. I have many things planned out and i hope to start helping you all soon. Please send me some pics when you can I have a litter of puppies.Regards,Holly,United KingdomI was very hesitant to give him a working number. Glad I saw this post.

Report for 1-9037168764 - 2019-11-28
I told "Heather" that i am from the State Dept. And my call came from Washington . And the grant was $9001.00. And my government manager told me to go to Western Union and give them $265.00 Western Union fee. Because, he said, the fee is to release the funds I was giving him. And that is how they get your bank account info to deposit it to your account. LOL ! I told him: "If the Government wants to give me money I will

Report for 1-9037168764 - 2019-11-24
I have had 2 calls from this number in the past hour. When you call it back, there is a recorded message saying "thank you for calling horse hine" at which point i hung up. Very annoying.

Report for 1-9031124008 - 2019-11-18
My call was the same. Called about a claim made against me by another name then hung up.

Report for 1-9039838203 - 2019-11-17
They need to stop calling me I told them they are not getting any money from me. You will get paper in 4 to 5 days for that and then I am going to file fraud charges against you and your group.

Report for 1-9030381241 - 2019-10-31
These are scammers, do not give them any information, or reply to any of these scamming phone numbers, hang up do not respond to the ph call and let it go.

Report for 1-9031150014 - 2019-10-30
Just got a call about my student loan (which I have never had). I gave them some info and called them back. They claim that the federal government hired them from student loan services. But they called from number 877-309-7690

Report for 1-9035003579 - 2019-10-22
Call the number back. The automated system asks if you would like to be included on their Do Not Call List. You have to put in your phone # at that point. Hope this keeps them from calling even if you opt out

Report for 1-9036314763 - 2019-10-13
Caller said was Rachel and said to call back. Pushed 2 to be placed on the do not call list.

Report for 1-9032131107 - 2019-10-10
Call went to voice mail. No message left.

Report for 1-9039838203 - 2019-10-05
This number calls me numerous times a day, when I call it a recording says the number is incorrect or not a working number.

Report for 1-9038873875 - 2019-09-27
Called me to tell me that i just got a government grant of $9000 and all i had to do it make a deposit of $250 and when i ask the name of their company they hang up the phone

Report for 1-9031183383 - 2019-09-15
Robo-dialer, auto-warranty spam call

Report for 1-9032844138 - 2019-09-05
Keeps calling. Caller ID reads: "unknown caller". No message.

Report for 1-9039100574 - 2019-08-30
I just checked the local directory. It says "Chamber of Commerce" I do not know what it is but it is on the bottom right hand corner of the page. If you call that number you are connected to some website...and no one answers.

Report for 1-9031002090 - 2019-08-08
Got a call from them as well. No voice mail. I did not call back. Just googled the phone number here in the phone book.

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