Report for 1-2053783840 - 2018-10-30 205
I received a call from this number asking for personal information.

Report for 1-2058325420 - 2018-10-18 205
Got a call from this number stating they were calling me about a $10,000 loan I took out from Cash America loan. Told me that I could not be held back by what they had lined up. They are located in NY. They then started asking for the personal information and I disconnected them. I then called Cash America and was told that Cash America does not contact people like that to collect anything that goes against their loan.

Report for 1-2057768807 - 2018-10-06 205
Calls 2 to 3 times a messages..

Report for 1-2053783840 - 2018-09-28 205
I called the number and it was a recorded woman's voice telling me there were no agents available at that time. If that was the case, it sounds like it would be an international number.

Report for 1-2053395821 - 2018-09-19 205
Called cell - did not pick up left no message

Report for 1-2053783840 - 2018-09-07 205
Same as above - just a hang and no message left.Blocked.

Report for 1-2053781557 - 2018-09-07 205
Called saying from irs. Said a warrent for my arrest has been issued for back taxes on 3 different taxes. Gave me an address of my local sheriff office. I called sherriff office and was told this is a scam.

Report for 1-2053048404 - 2018-09-04 205
Called at 9 am left no message. Blocked.

Report for 1-2058325420 - 2018-08-21 205
Caller ID says Local and call went to VM, did not leave a message, now blocked

Report for 1-2053017342 - 2018-08-19 205
Got a call from this number for a home security system. I am on the do not call list. I've reported them to Better Business Bureau. How can you get through to someone with a broken english with broken accent that you can't understand?

Report for 1-2053783840 - 2018-08-12 205
The number calls me several times a week. I never answer it cuz it's only rang once. I am so tired of getting these calls now, I got a pay day loan over 5 yrs ago and since then they call multiple times a day. I just blocked the number cuz it's starting to freak me out. Thanks

Report for 1-2053048404 - 2018-07-28 205
Called asking for my mother - who has a very advanced and expensive spinal injury - who passed away on October 28, 2013. Told them they had the wrong number, then they asked if they knew that my mom "was in that hospital." I told them no, and the called me a liar. I told them good bye and hung up. They called back from 832-931-1760 - did not catch the number because they hung up in my ear.

Report for 1-2052836819 - 2018-07-13 205
Called my cell number and hung up when it was answered.

Report for 1-2056204044 - 2018-07-02 205
Just received phone call. Called back and message was left. The man spoke so poorly I couldn't get a word in. Total SCAM for sure....

Report for 1-2054320036 - 2018-07-01 205
I also received a letter today from "MTS" informing me that I have a pending claim against me. The amount is $500.00. So I called the number they listed on the letter and talked to them, I just started to ask a bunch of questions, they put me on long hold but never did and I hung up. When I called back the number they have on file for me (905-413-0753) I asked for a copy of the copy of the "firm" document and the guy gave me a bunch of BS to take my phone bill and the envelope that I can forward to my case worker, which is my lawyer. I told the guy I needed a copy of this document because I'm not paying money to someone who I've never heard of and he was so rude, that I didn't want to deal with it. I said I'll email it but they need a copy and they said I need to pay the legal fees. I said no and you need a copy, you're calling me. I finally got tired of the arguments and hung up but then just received another letter with another amount $875.00 and I call and ask for the legal department of my credit card company and they told me that they've sent me to collections (no way can I pay that amount before they send the letter). I asked the guy where he's calling from, he stated "Chicago.. Chicago. But I looked that up, it's a Canada number. So I call that number and ask for the Legal department of my credit cards company, they immediately told me that the number's not on file, they said I need to pay the money, if I'm sending it back to the bank the money will be taken out my account, my bank would call me immediately. So I ask for the address to send this paperwork to, they gave me a PO Box so I immediately searched it. The address they gave me doesn't exist, there's a P.O Box that is one address away from there, and the address given has a different address on file!

Report for 1-2057768807 - 2018-06-03 205
Got a call from 714-210-7018. Did not answer, and no voice message left.

Report for 1-2052938518 - 2018-06-01 205
Caller ID read "survey" and they left no message.

Report for 1-2056204044 - 2018-05-04 205
Scam for sure. Block this number

Report for 1-2053017342 - 2018-04-26 205
Called the office while I wasn't there but did not leave a message. Must be spam.

Report for 1-2053017342 - 2018-04-12 205
Called my Cell, I called back. It would not give me info about the company

Report for 1-2055986436 - 2018-04-09 205
They keep calling and they're very annoying to answer the calls. I don't answer numbers I don't recognize, and if they don't leave a message it's not that important!

Report for 1-2053017342 - 2018-04-01 205
Says they are Google and will put me at a higher risk....SCAM

Report for 1-2052836819 - 2018-03-31 205
Same as the rest they're calling me to verify my address and SS# for security reasons. I hung up

Report for 1-2053781557 - 2018-02-10 205
Received a call from this number and they left a message stating to go to & to type something on their computer for customer support & give them the code that was issued to them.

Report for 1-2058325420 - 2018-01-31 205
This number called at 8:47 pm. I live in NJ and I know that is the time the phone is ringing (that's why I answer). A recorded call started and said that this was a call from a doctor referral service for a free referral. Then it said if you want to opt out, press 2. I did and it just hung up on me.

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