Report for 1-2137698526 - 2019-03-23 213
Didn't answer, no message

Report for 1-2132630374 - 2019-03-04 213
Called on 9/16/18 @ 4:48 p.m. CID=Unavailable. No message.

Report for 1-2134782670 - 2019-02-24 213
They have called me 7 times today, i answer and they hang up. Its getting annoying..

Report for 1-2132929053 - 2019-02-16 213
Called but left no message

Report for 1-2132630374 - 2019-01-03 213
Received a call from this number. Answered but hung up on them.

Report for 1-2133061499 - 2018-12-27 213
I just received another call, I declined the call, and blocked the number.

Report for 1-2132845712 - 2018-12-22 213
i got a phone call it was very important that i return the call before any action taken against me I called the number back got recorded message saying good bye this has to stop !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Report for 1-2133758351 - 2018-12-21 213
The same message from a Mark Williams with a Indian accent. What a joke they can't catch these guys and put the nut and takhar out. Also have an Indian brother who works for the local police.

Report for 1-2133758351 - 2018-12-15 213
No voicemail

Report for 1-2138078075 - 2018-11-18 213
Left a garbled and difficult to make out voice message saying I have a case against me. Asked to call them at that number and to discuss or "it will be referred to the county clerk's office". Then said there wasn't a case against me. I would have thought that the court would mail documents to you first.

Report for 1-2134000666 - 2018-11-13 213
I don't even know from where they called me.

Report for 1-2134000666 - 2018-10-18 213
They called today at 10:25 am and did not leave a message. This is a spam number and I blocked it.

Report for 1-2138078075 - 2018-10-17 213
I got the same call saying the same thing and it scared me at first. Thanks to this website I was confident that this is a scam call. Thank you.

Report for 1-2133758351 - 2018-10-15 213
I recieved a call from these people. I don't know what to do.

Report for 1-2138845174 - 2018-08-31 213
I got a voicemail from this number saying call the "dept. manager" in order to obtain a refund in the next 18 months.

Report for 1-2132630374 - 2018-08-23 213

Report for 1-2134000666 - 2018-07-21 213
I have told them numerous times and the calls still keep coming

Report for 1-2138845174 - 2018-07-09 213
I am tired of repeated hangups from this number and a lot of different numbers. I cannot stop these callers.

Report for 1-2137698526 - 2018-07-05 213
Same as other callers

Report for 1-2131041031 - 2018-06-13 213
I got a call on 7/29/08 from a blocked number. A Mr. "Dave Smith" left a voice message saying call 8443033220 x71628 saying he's from "Fraud Division", had papers to serve me and "for any questions you can call their internal cases office at 8443074545". But no information what this so called claim was about.

Report for 1-2133758351 - 2018-05-26 213
Called, I said hello twice and heard the disconnect. Spoofed number.

Report for 1-2137849333 - 2018-05-23 213
SCAM! It's the same one people have reported, calling about a claim, but not giving any specifics about that claim

Report for 1-2132845712 - 2018-05-15 213
i got the same call they say that someone is using my ss and i need to call back they called me 5 times in a row

Report for 1-2133061499 - 2018-05-08 213
The number called multiple times. I finally answered and the person said to not hang up and they will call every day for the rest of their sester time. He refused to speak to me. I eventually hung up on him and blocked the number

Report for 1-2137849333 - 2018-04-06 213
Received a call from this number on my cell phone (which is on Do Not Call list), didn't answer and no message was left.

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