Report for 1-3526924393 - 2019-04-06 352
got the same fax but this is the number they used to call me from to reach me.877-309-9790

Report for 1-3526692369 - 2019-04-01 352
Called at 11:46 and this is on Monday. Blocked this one!

Report for 1-3522510457 - 2019-03-31 352
Called this morning. I hung up because I don't answer calls without a name associated with them. Glad I did after reading these posts.

Report for 1-3523857227 - 2019-03-13 352
A recorded message in Mandarin for the last 5 days saying the same as the rest here. They give no company name, just the same as all of you have received. Definitely a scam. I'm just going to block it. And yes, it is very annoying to be getting these calls. It's a shame we have to put up with this junk every single day.

Report for 1-3526692369 - 2019-03-07 352
Same as others, one ring, hang up.

Report for 1-3524734748 - 2019-03-05 352
Called back this morning after reading the above posts. They wanted to know what phone number they had called. I told them I was not there, I called and I was not interested in anything they were calling about. They said they would now take of it (sorry for the long rant). I asked what the company was again, they said they were CRS. They wanted me to repeat it and I did. Weird....really weird.

Report for 1-3524734748 - 2019-02-24 352
They claimed to be cashadvances. A person would be on a recording calling with instructions where to send a certain amount of money.

Report for 1-3522245175 - 2019-02-12 352
No one there when answered

Report for 1-3524734748 - 2019-01-29 352
I got a voicemail saying that this was my last warning and that I had to contact them or their case staff today or the "next step" would be legal proceedings.

Report for 1-3522000833 - 2018-12-30 352
A text came in from with this number. I was charged $6.95 every month. What is this scam and how can we report them? It also asked me to send them a text message. I never did.

Report for 1-3526692369 - 2018-12-24 352
Called my cell phone. Left no message. Blocked call, but they are going to see the number when they call back.

Report for 1-3523765135 - 2018-12-03 352
This is a spam. Do not waste your time answering. They call multiple times a day and will hang

Report for 1-3523750772 - 2018-12-01 352
received a call, no message left

Report for 1-3524734748 - 2018-11-29 352
Another telemarketer! I never answer a call from out of state, as most are the robocalls. They just keep trying!

Report for 1-3523765135 - 2018-11-11 352
No one there when I answered

Report for 1-3523765135 - 2018-11-06 352
IRS does not file criminal charges for tax disputes..they send you a letter and they don't call !!! If you do get a summons, you call the IRS, they will have no record of any case.

Report for 1-3524734748 - 2018-10-21 352
i got a vm also saying exactly what they said to hfngr3. i dont even have any bad checks or pay day loans...

Report for 1-3524734748 - 2018-10-19 352
call no messages

Report for 1-3522544874 - 2018-10-12 352
They called me 4 times already today in a 3 hour period. I think that's odd because I bought the car there. I guess if people buy cars on the internet it's all done through the computer. Maybe they should check the laws in other states before they start calling peoples cell phone numbers. It's crazy.

Report for 1-3522544874 - 2018-10-04 352
Didn't answer, voicemail stated something about a legal matter but did not say who they are or whose name they are looking for.

Report for 1-3522245175 - 2018-09-12 352
Called at 3:15pm on Tuesday, April 26. Called at 7:13pm on Wednesday, April 27. Called at 8:49pm on Wednesday, April 27.

Report for 1-3523750772 - 2018-07-04 352
Left a voicemail on my cell phone saying this message is for ..... and then my name. Then the message ends. The voice sounded like it was from the 1940's.

Report for 1-3522544874 - 2018-07-03 352
I called the number and the lady told me this was the IRS. I told her she was a scam and a fraud but she hung up on me.

Report for 1-3526692369 - 2018-04-28 352
Just received this call. I did not answer, not calling back.

Report for 1-3522544874 - 2018-04-12 352
I have received a few calls on my cell that were blocked by my iPhone and they left a blank message from this 202-810-15 number.

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