Report for 1-4108260537 - 2019-05-09 410
Called me again. "John from the Veterans Relief Fund"

Report for 1-4104383926 - 2019-05-06 410
It is a legitimate phone number. I had applied for a payday loan online and they called me to tell me that I had been approved. The only way you get a hold of them is if you apply. They have a list of pre-approved lenders like Peco, Third Third Point, and other big name loan companies. I got an email stating this and that is how I know that it's legitimate. It can be scary when you are calling the people you want to but if you are calling the right one, you'll be put through to their "customer service department."

Report for 1-4102528235 - 2019-05-05 410
I received a call and a message on my voice mail was left on Tuesday, July 19th from "Tessa" from (503)468-4999 in Portland, Mktg. That is a New York City area code . I have a lot of new friends from out of state , and thought I was talking to some girl who I met at work on some sort of hookup. What do you know. That is not even how that happens. If you are not on a hookup site, as far as I am concerned, this is an old fashioned, creepy and unsavory phone number you called. I will be removing those numbers from here.

Report for 1-4103563030 - 2019-04-26 410
I have had a few calls from 877-303-4163 and the last one left a vmail at 7 in the morning saying "this is a call from the IRS" and that I have an arrest warrant issued and then repeated a phone number. this is a scam folks.

Report for 1-4102528235 - 2019-04-18 410
My mistake on the above post - they said "Numerous complaints".... I meant "several complaints".

Report for 1-4107748157 - 2019-04-17 410
Indian [***] speaking in the back ground

Report for 1-4106688884 - 2019-04-13 410
This is a scam. The caller states they have paperwork from US Treasury with your name and address in their office. They say you got a $75,000 grant because you paid your taxes on time, have no criminal background, and don't have a criminal history in the last 30 days. They then state you will be getting $7800 in my gift cards in the mail when the "officers" show up to pick you up. Then they say the next time you get near a cell phone to dial a code they ask for and you are done and there is no fee to get the funds.

Report for 1-4104941258 - 2019-04-04 410
no message, hang-up

Report for 1-4108782846 - 2019-04-02 410
Yes they called me said all the same info as above.

Report for 1-4107748157 - 2019-04-02 410
Didnt pick it; they left voice mail, claiming to be IRS and that police have filed a case against me for tax fraud and that I must call them back immediately.

Report for 1-4108782846 - 2019-03-24 410
I have been scammed by this Matt Williams guy.

Report for 1-4107748586 - 2019-03-16 410
Received a call from 619-318-9797 saying that I was going to be served

Report for 1-4102528235 - 2019-03-15 410
This is the fourth or fifth call, different numbers each time. They left messages stating they are calling from the Office of Investigations for the IRS. They say a lawsuit is being filed against me (or someone I know of) in federal court, and I must call (the number given above) and speak with their legal dept before I'm arrested. This is a SCAM. I have filed all my taxes with the US Dept of Treasury. They are trying to extort money from me. The last few calls were from other numbers, same robo-message. I hope I'll be at the DMV or the courthouse (the other calls had different locations). Either way, I'm not calling them back.

Report for 1-4103819249 - 2019-03-13 410
I received a call from this phone number. A foreign gentleman said he was from the IRS and I owed them money. It's a SCAM!!!!

Report for 1-4106609485 - 2019-03-07 410
Scammers trying to steal my social security number

Report for 1-4105470414 - 2019-03-04 410
This is a scam don't bother calling back, they are trying to get more information from you

Report for 1-4102841133 - 2019-02-23 410
I received a text stating from 1800-888-7747 that I have a problem. So I called the number it has a busy tone and no answer

Report for 1-4104164473 - 2019-02-23 410
I got a call from this number, but since I

Report for 1-4102200427 - 2019-02-21 410
Caller was looking for someone who used to live in my house and was looking for him to take him off their list.

Report for 1-4109297787 - 2019-02-20 410
This company has been calling me repeatedly for days at different times of the day and night, and doesn't leave a msg

Report for 1-4102528235 - 2019-02-15 410
Just received the same call as others did. I don't answer calls from numbers I do not know if I don't recognize the number. Just wish they would stop calling.

Report for 1-4107748586 - 2019-02-08 410
This number shows twice in CID to an unknown party. Don't know anyone from that area

Report for 1-4102200427 - 2019-02-05 410
Voicemail from a Mary Ann Nelson saying she had to speak to (no name given) about a loan application I filed. Left this number to call back in order to give the info: 866 217-9588. Total Loan Scams!

Report for 1-4102369852 - 2019-02-04 410
Caller ID shows "Out Of area

Report for 1-4105832623 - 2019-02-03 410
This just happened to me. Stating that they will call my family, place of employment and I will go to jail.

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