Report for 1-4130023600 - 2019-01-27 413
It's a scam, don't believe it. Read below The IRS is still at it for 2013.

Report for 1-4131605600 - 2019-01-26 413
Called my home phone. I answered with my first name. No answer. When I asked who was calling, they hung up.

Report for 1-4134347227 - 2019-01-20 413
This number is being looked into by the FBI. I am concerned as to whether this is harassment or if these spammers are trying to determine if all phones are on social media.

Report for 1-4136282393 - 2018-12-15 413
I just a call from a private number. The number was different and there was a voicemail. I listened and a woman left a message (about my "claim or they will put a lein on my home and car") saying if I don't call them back, they will "put a lein on your home and car". There was a claim in process, stating a name I never heard of? She didn't say what it was about... just saying she needed me or my attorney to return the call. She never said what agency she was calling from either. Very sketchy

Report for 1-4134424128 - 2018-12-08 413
Received a call from this number but there was no response when I answered

Report for 1-4132690690 - 2018-10-31 413
Just called my cell and I answered. She asked if he was the home owner. He said no not and she said ok and hung up.I called was a recording saying no one can take your call....

Report for 1-4136285086 - 2018-10-31 413
They called me a few weeks ago for a person I never knew. I told them that person was not me and they insisted that they knew where that person was. I told them if they could't tell me where that person was he should remove my number. They had the nerve to tell me "no I will not remove your number". I also spoke with several of Company's that I have a legal right to speak to regarding this matter. None of those people I spoke with gave a word of truth when I asked why they were calling. Not to mention they had my real name. I don't owe anyone.

Report for 1-4132416919 - 2018-10-28 413
This number just called and said they would be at my home the next day if i didnt respond to these phone calls. I will not call back either or will call them on other phone and ask them not to call me at my home again. i believe that these type of calls is done so to gather your information so that they may take money out of your account.

Report for 1-4134347227 - 2018-10-19 413
It's from Sallie Mae in California. I've got a loan with them. If it doesn't get paid they send you to collections. I paid it and now I don't even hear from them anymore.

Report for 1-4132416919 - 2018-10-15 413
Harshly-sounding woman saying they have been trying to reach us because our business has been pre-approved for a business loan. We have no credit cards or business, so it was a scam!

Report for 1-4134614342 - 2018-10-14 413
Same thing happened to me. I called back and the number is not even being used at this time...It's a scam.

Report for 1-4132416919 - 2018-09-29 413
No message left. Blocked number.

Report for 1-4134347227 - 2018-09-20 413
They called, left no message

Report for 1-4132637651 - 2018-09-10 413
Same here. I was told the same thing on my voicemail.

Report for 1-4133726673 - 2018-08-31 413
Same as others, called me at work. Scammers

Report for 1-4136282393 - 2018-08-27 413
Caller asked for me but used my brother's name from years ago. I told her I was not who she was calling about. She said she would call back. I called back, got a recording giving me the option to be removed from the list and I did. We'll see if they call back.

Report for 1-4132637651 - 2018-08-08 413
I received a call from them telling me that I would receive $7000.00 in grant money in the amount of 7000. I could use that money to pay bills or buy groceries. They told me that because I had good credit and no criminal record that I had not received any other offers and could use it to start my own business. When I told them that i didn't own a computer or home phone that I didn't do business on the Internet their names and phone number gave me a lot of confidence. I told them I would think about it, they said to call them back because they had changed their mind in the event that I didnt want the money. I am not going to call. Not to long ago a scammer called to say that he got a grant of $7000.00 for me because I had no record for the past 5 years. If so, I dont need it and im not going to waste this money on him.

Report for 1-4138844114 - 2018-07-26 413
I started getting these calls about 6 months ago and only got half of the message. One time I picked it up and got some type of collection company talking about how they needed to speak to the

Report for 1-4130009200 - 2018-07-13 413
Call all the time

Report for 1-4132637651 - 2018-07-10 413
They called, I was unable to

Report for 1-4134347227 - 2018-06-20 413
Received a call today from a woman with a "foreign" accent. I told her I wanted to know who was she so I could report that she was trying to steal identity. She said she was going to put me on the DNC list! At that point I hung up. It is a SCAM! They use a computer generated number with the first three numbers of your SS #. That's why you don't know anyone from that number, but I just hung up on her! She did not understand a thing I said... so I just hung up on her!

Report for 1-4132637651 - 2018-06-12 413
Called 3 times in quick fashion. It hung up when answering machine came on.

Report for 1-4132698168 - 2018-06-01 413
This number is continuously calling me, and calling my wife's cell phone over and over. When I answer the phone, they hang up. When I tried calling back, the message says the call cannot be completed as, who knows where they are really calling from?

Report for 1-4132690690 - 2018-05-24 413
no one on line when answered.

Report for 1-4130023600 - 2018-05-22 413
no message called it back and it said number was disconnected

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