Report for 1-5162530691 - 2018-04-06 516
This company is a scam. Calls my husband and I repeatedly, when I answer, they hang up, no one ever says anything. I am planning on finding out exactly what company called themselfs so I can file a complaint and have them penalized.

Report for 1-5165301660 - 2018-03-23 516
Called cell phone and left a message asking for someone and they were the police department.

Report for 1-5162084809 - 2018-03-21 516
Called them and said, "You are a scammer. You are not from SS Administration. I will find you and I will rip you apart." Scratcher

Report for 1-5162530691 - 2018-02-10 516
Have received 3 calls within 1 day with no messages.I've just set caller I.D. to WCF.This is my landline.

Report for 1-5162084809 - 2018-01-30 516
Didn't know the number so I didn't answer. Left voicemail saying, "Yes, that is...I need to speak with you about renewing (the dealership's warranty). Please call me at 1-877-225-8777."

Report for 1-5162978437 - 2018-01-20 516
I got the same message. I wonder what is about Trump that makes us want to vote for him.

Report for 1-5164199067 - 2018-01-12 516
I said hello, they hung up

Report for 1-5163553318 - 2018-01-09 516
Caller ID says "San Antonio, TX" No message.. I'll block the number

Report for 1-5162084809 - 2018-01-04 516
This is a "lower interest rate" call. I pressed 1 to speak with someone and she stated she is with Visa/Mastercard and can get low rates. I asked her why I am not receiving calls from their company when I am. She stated they have a "global" division and that they do not call people "on the national do not call list." I told her I would be reporting it because I am on the Do Not Call list and that's when I hung up.

Report for 1-5165301660 - 2017-12-09 516
Just got the same call. Was wondering if I would receive call from the same people if I pressed any numbers.. No I will not press any numbers for me I don't trust it..

Report for 1-5163380121 - 2017-12-06 516
Got a call saying I owed them money to a loan online that I never got. Stating that an Arbitrator would be hearing about the claim. Stating if I did not contact him that they would go after my work and personal property. I will contact the state Atty Gen office. The number he used was 516-919-7474.

Report for 1-5164557296 - 2017-11-27 516
Got a call and left no message. Blocked them.

Report for 1-5166300718 - 2017-11-25 516
Called my parents house and said i owed money to payday loan in 2010. I know nothing of it was my accountant said so it has to be a scam.

Report for 1-5164199966 - 2017-11-07 516
Caller ID stated:"San Mateo CA. No message was left. Shows only that it is in California.

Report for 1-5162530014 - 2017-10-14 516
I am on the Do Not Call List!!!

Report for 1-5162084809 - 2017-10-07 516
Calling my mom asking for me. I told them if they can give me any information on who they are I will tell mom to send them to hell lol scammers

Report for 1-5163267552 - 2017-09-25 516
A guy called looking for the owners. I told him they were available and if he would like to leave a message. He said no

Report for 1-5162530014 - 2017-09-24 516
Got a call from this number claiming they are calling from the criminal investigation dept of IRS criminal investigation division. They said there is a warrant for arrest and to call the number back before they take enforcement actions against my taxes. I called my attorney right away

Report for 1-5163886512 - 2017-09-04 516
Rang several times, no message.

Report for 1-5164199966 - 2017-08-30 516
Just got a call from this number while I was in my bedroom. I'm in my parents' bedroom, so my son's phone was on next to me. So my phone just went off, they hung up after 10 seconds. He never called a number on the screener's list or anything like that.

Report for 1-5162978437 - 2017-08-23 516
This number calls, and when I answer, they hang up. When I try to call back, it says the call is invalid.

Report for 1-5164199966 - 2017-08-04 516
got it but not on my cell, on my home phone just now, I'm on the do not call list. how did these ppl get my cell number?

Report for 1-5162978437 - 2017-07-28 516
They called my cell and when I answered it went dead, I called back and it was a message that someone from our area wants to talk to us and left a number to call them back

Report for 1-5164557296 - 2017-07-16 516
Got a call yesterday evening (9/14/09), and today (9/15/09) from (858) 401-0985. No message

Report for 1-5164199966 - 2017-07-10 516
Got this same text at 6pm on my phone. Gotta call back a number of times and just get voicemail. Text says "Husband and wife are trying to sell a home. I know it's just a joke. It's an obvious scam. I hope no one falls for this.

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