Report for 1-6097772849 - 2019-10-14 609
I've gotten these calls several times now - the caller ID says "Customer Service" from someone who can barely speak English. I just hang up on them.

Report for 1-6095876661 - 2019-10-12 609
Left voicemail saying from the IRS and that I was under investigation

Report for 1-6097347600 - 2019-10-11 609
I answered and said hello and then a man said hello then hung up

Report for 1-6093854528 - 2019-09-22 609
Received a voicemail from someone saying your Microsoft account has been suspended, that it is your final warning about the error, and that if you want to be protected please call (877) 812-3547, and they have an access code they will give you, but please take it seriously because it is a very important matter and nothing good will come of it and it could be very bad.This is a SCAM! Do not call or engage them in conversation.

Report for 1-6092741801 - 2019-09-17 609
Recieving calls from 312-625-7001 on my cell phone that is unlisted and on do not call list and not leaving a message. Just ignore it. I'll keep getting calls from unknown numbers and if it's important, they will leave a message. It's so annoying being harrassed!

Report for 1-6092255266 - 2019-09-05 609
Call but left no message.

Report for 1-6092255503 - 2019-08-16 609
I was called by this number and when I answered they asked if I was a homeowner... I said no I'm a stay at home mom. The guy didn't know and proceeded to ask me who I was.. I hung up. Blocked,

Report for 1-6099718551 - 2019-08-11 609
Just received a message from this number as well. I'm not the person they are looking for, but this company keeps on calling my work and cell phone which is crazy. The message states that I have committed some sort of fraud, and my "file" will be forwarded for filing. When I called back they said the call would be recorded for "quality purposes", so I asked who was calling me and they said they could not tell me until I verified my information. They did have an address of mine from 2 years ago (I forgot) but that was bogus. They proceeded to yell at me, hang up on me and then continued to threaten me saying I would be

Report for 1-6099341772 - 2019-08-05 609
I recieved a message from this number with the case number and wanted my SS number. When I told him I didn't know who he was and why he was calling he said I can ask anyone who can answer a question for you he hung up in my face. No one from the IRS has the power to freeze bank accounts

Report for 1-6095865552 - 2019-07-10 609
Called my cell phone, missed call, no message

Report for 1-6092741801 - 2019-06-25 609
I receive the calls from this number several times a day. I don't know who it is. When I try to call back to find out, my phone rings and then hangs up. It is very anoying. I'm on the do not call list, but that doesn't stop this. I think it may be a computer that is calling. It could be a recording of a person.

Report for 1-6097347600 - 2019-06-13 609
Called at 6:00 AM!

Report for 1-6093185699 - 2019-04-30 609
I also received the message with a "unknown caller" and my voicemail just states the phone number and just states that the phone call will be recorded.

Report for 1-6097772849 - 2019-04-18 609
This guy keeps calling saying they are from PCS, but never says what company they are from. I have a claim against me and they do want me to call back if they want to talk to me. But never leave a number or their company name just a threat of a claim against me. I have no idea what the claim is concerning.. I did not answer the call, but they keep leaving messages. It's got to be a scam.

Report for 1-6093185699 - 2019-04-10 609
The call from 1 888 205 3677 is a robocall to get the customer card number on the merchant - you will never get off the list. If you do talk to them, they say they will cancel the card. However, that only lasts 4 hours, you are then back at the beginning. Caller ID says "No Name".

Report for 1-6097772849 - 2019-03-26 609
Didn't recognize number, didn't answer. Caller left a message about sending a "Notice of Intent" and wanted my address--I didn't give it.

Report for 1-6092705256 - 2019-03-25 609
I have received calls from this number on my business line. The caller never leaves a message.

Report for 1-6092255266 - 2019-02-21 609
I just got one of these calls too, I called to the bank, they told them to call attorney. They called me back saying I owe over $1700. They stated that I would have to go to court and not to give out any bank or credit card information.

Report for 1-6095865552 - 2019-01-27 609
Caller ID says "Unknown Name". Left message on my answering machine. Threatened me if I don't return call, charges will be filed against me. (It's a recorded message on my answering machine.)

Report for 1-6096316899 - 2019-01-19 609
They said their company was called CFS (Customer Financial Services) and they were contacting me to market a credit card insurance card in case Obamacare becomes fully implemented. As soon as I asked how they got my name, number, and phone number they hung up. Don't answer there either, and don't give them any information. I can guarantee you that if they are really who they say they are, they will not leave you a message.

Report for 1-6092255503 - 2019-01-17 609
Called 9/25/18 @ 8:55am. No caller ID, just number. Did not answer.No vm.

Report for 1-6097347600 - 2019-01-11 609
Got this message "This is a message for (my name). The purpose of this call is just one time to see if you qualify for the discounted medical service plan to help you out with your chronic pain. This may be a one time trial to see if you can qualify. This program can help lower your monthly medical bill as well as your out standing when it comes to your medical bills. There is no obligation to enroll. Simply stay on the line and you can get a personalized medical alert system equipped with a wireless remote system, a heated vest pocket for your medical stuff or trash can for your vehicle. A free medical assessment will be provided at no cost. A free arthritic check can be made at any local Certified Health and Beauty Council and you may qualify for additional funding once the assessment is complete. We look forward to speaking with you soon." I called the number back to see if it was a scam. The guy who answered the phone sounded like he was on a cell phone. The message says the company name is MBS. The message cuts in and out. But, the end on the end seems to be saying "medical insurance." I went through to someone. The voice said, "You asked to be called by 3:00 PM this morning." I then asked, "What company is this." They then disconnected the call. When you call the number back the line rings many times but no one picks up. I hope that it is just an unwanted solicitation.

Report for 1-6095865552 - 2018-12-17 609
So, I just received the same call with a different reference number. I was about to call back until I checked this site.

Report for 1-6092255503 - 2018-12-16 609

Report for 1-6097347600 - 2018-12-01 609
Called cell phone - I am on the Do Not Call reg list

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