Report for 1-7032601433 - 2019-06-02 703
The first time, my roommate answered and they hung up. The second time they called, they asked for the lady of the house. I just said that nobody by that name lived here so can't anyone help me. They stopped calling.

Report for 1-7033826693 - 2019-05-30 703
This is the 4th scam call I've gotten today & like the others , got my number via caller ID when I get home

Report for 1-7033030153 - 2019-05-19 703
I got the same call from that number this morning, as well.

Report for 1-7039241667 - 2019-05-17 703
Received a call today, July 14, 2019, at 5:28 PM. Caller ID showed "No Name" as the caller. Since I don't answer unknown numbers, I let it go to answering machine. (If this was an important caller, they would have left a message.) But whatever scam this company is peddling, I'm sure they have a lot more numbers than that. Blocked all numbers beginning with 716.

Report for 1-7037091100 - 2019-05-14 703
Call was an automated voice stating they were a recruiter and would call me back later. Blocked...

Report for 1-7039241667 - 2019-04-24 703
Same story as all the rest, blocked it.

Report for 1-7039673683 - 2019-04-24 703
This is the last attempt for a bad check I wrote from a bank account I closed 2 years ago. The bank called me several times to get my address so they can send a debt collector to my home. But the scary part is the debt has changed hands 6 times since then, and I have never got a hold of the supposed original bank!! I'm assuming it's a scam, and if you have ever used that bank I assume that bank has sold your information!!

Report for 1-7032201589 - 2019-04-21 703
I got a call from the same number and same message. A bunch of morons.

Report for 1-7036569949 - 2019-04-14 703
Calls twice a day...never leave a message

Report for 1-7034908741 - 2019-04-12 703
Same caller as others, no message no caller id. Blocked

Report for 1-7035529309 - 2019-03-12 703
This caller has called repeatedly for days, but leaves no message. I've saved this number to my caller ID under "scam" so if they call again I'll know to ignore it.

Report for 1-7031948842 - 2019-03-08 703
I have received two phone calls from this number just this morning. It is the same old, scam. I am going to call the Attorney General on this one because it appears to be a scam.

Report for 1-7036057714 - 2019-03-05 703
I have a message saved the voicemail was a recording said there was a lawsuit.

Report for 1-7039673683 - 2019-02-26 703
I got a call from 949-229-8970 they left me a message that they had sent me

Report for 1-7037297038 - 2019-02-22 703
no message. blocked.

Report for 1-7031948842 - 2019-01-30 703
They call and hang up when you answer. When you call back, the number is no longer available. Very frustrating! They have called about 10 times today.

Report for 1-7033980002 - 2019-01-28 703
I received the same message

Report for 1-7033980002 - 2019-01-22 703
Got a call from "unknown", message left saying they were attempting to reach an individual for some "important document" and to return the call right away or have their attorney or attorney contact them. I tried calling back and no answer. I'm a VA representative and know all about collections agencies trying to get people to pay debts they don't have since I have dealt with them in the past. It IS illegal to attempt to collect debts not legally owe on. They can't even collect when someone is actually found not to be able to pay. If they call again, I'll tell you what happens, and maybe you can do the same.

Report for 1-7034908741 - 2019-01-05 703
Got a call from Ms. Mitchell, very intimidating and rude. She claims to have sent me papers stating that I defaulted on a payday loan. She threatened to get a subpoena to come to my "house" and show me these papers. I never got any of these papers. I do not owe a payday loan company money. These people are trying to scam people out of their hard earned money. The number that called was 215-305-0005.

Report for 1-7037771131 - 2018-12-21 703
Didn't answer. Left a very long voice mail. Robot voice says "this is an important call about your tax return. You have a debt of $9000 from the IRS and want to clear your debt." Yeah... right. I don't have anything outstanding on my taxes either. I blocked it.

Report for 1-7036057714 - 2018-11-09 703

Report for 1-7034802281 - 2018-11-02 703
"Hi, I'm from the IRS and I'm calling for the IRS and if you want to verify this return...(inaudible)" I got the same message from another number 2 hrs later. When I called back, a foreign man answered the phone. I played my message, waited and then said, if you call me again in the future, the police in the neighborhood will be coming to your door and there will be a warrant issued for your arrest. He hung up and promptly called me back. I'm sending them a visit!

Report for 1-7031948842 - 2018-10-28 703
My wife got a call from them and she did not pick up and got a voicemail. The man on the call did not say why he was calling or anything. He just said that it was very important for us to call. I called back and he was someone else completely. I said that she was not at my house. When I asked why I had a new cell phone he said it was for my husband. When I told him that that's not true at all, he hung up on me.I looked the number up on which put us here at this site and it comes back with a very bad rating of SPAM, FRAUD, Scam or Fraud. I plan on calling on Friday and being very judicious about having the person that picks up call them back.

Report for 1-7039241667 - 2018-10-14 703
> I have received many calls from these people, and they are rude and threatening I finally caved in and gave them a fake debit card number and they just keep calling, and now they won't answer.

Report for 1-7032601433 - 2018-10-11 703
Call several times a day. No message.

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