Report for 1-8123279130 - 2018-12-17 812
Amerigas offers a free insurance and pays for it.

Report for 1-8127183534 - 2018-12-17 812
Called again today. Left no message. Blocked them again.

Report for 1-8123799227 - 2018-12-15 812
I just received a voicemail similar to those posted above, but from a woman, "I do not know who you are and I do not want to speak to you" The number is 585-200-1257. The recording said something about "If this is not 'me', do not call this number". I blocked this number but I still see missed calls. I need to find a way to stop this crap from happening.

Report for 1-8124956492 - 2018-12-14 812
Just called my cell. didn't answer no message left

Report for 1-8129213015 - 2018-12-14 812
Same here I got the ssn scam call today.

Report for 1-8128707680 - 2018-12-09 812
No message left.

Report for 1-8122223049 - 2018-12-09 812
I have been getting calls from this number for a couple of months. Never leaves a voicemail and I would like to know how these people got my cell number. It's for a business I opened 3 years ago, but the people who answer never seem to have a clue, and it's just as annoying as the first guy. I'm reporting them to Do Not Call right now...

Report for 1-8129275336 - 2018-12-07 812
A man with a Indian accent called my work from this number stating he had urgent documents to me at work (never stated his company name). He stated I was named as a co-defendant with some guy (I forget his name) in a case and that i was getting sued. He also stated that I had to call this number to discuss this matter further

Report for 1-8124483633 - 2018-12-04 812
Call from an Indian guy who said his name was Steve Martin...and I knew it was a scam when he was asking me questions about myself that I knew to be fake...I just laugh and hung up. It was really weird.

Report for 1-8122751567 - 2018-12-01 812
Called and left no voicemail - will block it based on this info.

Report for 1-8124997768 - 2018-11-28 812
Left voicemail asking for me by name. Didn't ask for anyone specific in "that case the caller will have mistaken call for the caller ID

Report for 1-8127020833 - 2018-11-27 812
just called my cell...left no message.

Report for 1-8122223049 - 2018-11-24 812
I keep getting this recording on my cell phone asking for a person that I do not know and they will begin litigation action against. The recording ends with "... you have been notified." I am getting very tired of these scammer calls. I am about to report them to the appropriate authorities.

Report for 1-8123209658 - 2018-11-23 812
This number just called the office, they just hung up.

Report for 1-8123202383 - 2018-11-23 812
Yes I did just a few minutes ago too. What are we to do, google the number and post the comments? I don't want to do it and they are calling my family too. This is so scary!!!!

Report for 1-8127670002 - 2018-11-21 812
Got a call. No message

Report for 1-8129068694 - 2018-11-20 812
Said I was approved for a loan

Report for 1-8129954510 - 2018-11-06 812
Called but left no message.

Report for 1-8123228292 - 2018-11-04 812
Got the same call that the IRS is on there way to get me LOL! Glad they don't call you with recordings cause you are the one who could actually sue them!!!

Report for 1-8124934108 - 2018-11-02 812
I get the same message from "David". The name they used on me was not even my name. The voice was robotic and the grammar was bad. No message left but when i do pick up, they hang up.

Report for 1-8124981976 - 2018-10-31 812
Called on my mobile. Recording about a refund for Microsoft support. Not returning the call.

Report for 1-8125990451 - 2018-10-29 812
Some how they found out where i live and were looking for me.

Report for 1-8124647141 - 2018-10-28 812
Called but didn't leave any messages

Report for 1-8125315764 - 2018-10-28 812
They just left me a message too. "You have qualified for a free grant to further your education"....uh sure.

Report for 1-8129954510 - 2018-10-27 812
I received text from (303) 300-7643 requesting me to call asap.. not saying who it is, or why..

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