Report for 1-8123342474 - 2019-01-26 812
Called my cellphone a couple days ago. I didn't answer, no VM left. Called again today. Same story.

Report for 1-8125715572 - 2019-01-25 812
Called and left no message.

Report for 1-8124490249 - 2019-01-23 812
they call everyday several times a day. they are trying to sell health insurance. I have asked to be taken off this call list.

Report for 1-8128707680 - 2019-01-20 812
I got the same message! I called back the number 1st thing but no answer just silence. I called twice more and I got no answer.

Report for 1-8123232883 - 2019-01-19 812
No message left , so most likely spoof/scam. Blocked!

Report for 1-8124932100 - 2019-01-19 812
I didn't answer and they left no message. My phone was off.

Report for 1-8127137391 - 2019-01-19 812
I'm going to jail from 72... what a joke...

Report for 1-8129275336 - 2019-01-15 812
Same thing--no message and hang up on my voicemail.

Report for 1-8123101534 - 2019-01-14 812
Just had the same thing happen to me from the "process server" saying he would be here tomorrow to serve me papers. When I called back and asked what the summons was from they put me on hold to "look it up". I was on hold for 15mins and when I called back they put me on hold again. They didn't state where they were located or what the summons was for.

Report for 1-8124088868 - 2019-01-14 812
Same as others - voicemail from Mrs. Walker that she had documentation she was going to deliver to my residence or place of employment and it required my signature. Wanted me to call back to make arrangements.

Report for 1-8127024010 - 2019-01-11 812
Unknown number to my cell Did not answer. No msg left. Probably Scammers.

Report for 1-8122751567 - 2019-01-10 812
Called but didn't leave a message

Report for 1-8127020448 - 2019-01-08 812
They keep leaving messages for someone else. When I call back they say I have the wrong number. This is a scam.

Report for 1-8125315764 - 2019-01-08 812
Called 3/11/18/loa message left saying nothing but silence.

Report for 1-8123240505 - 2019-01-08 812
got a call from these [***] says "you are a winner for 9,000" in the video below

Report for 1-8129614057 - 2019-01-07 812
Called me at 8:42pm. I did not answer, they did not leave a msg.

Report for 1-8123201942 - 2019-01-06 812
Called me twice and left no message. Likely a scammer

Report for 1-8129068694 - 2019-01-06 812
I keep receiving calls from this message left...

Report for 1-8122301447 - 2019-01-04 812
I just got a call. I answered it. no one was there. just silence. they are calling my home, cell phone, and now on my husband's cell. how did they get both of our cell numbers? they don't have a good rating with the do not call registry. why are these people allowed to keep calling even though the numbers have been registered. they are a waste of time. please someone make them stop!

Report for 1-8123726881 - 2019-01-04 812
Caller ID stated: 02/21/19, 3:46 PM, Hinkley, IL, 312-375-0864. Male caller said he was calling from Medicare and had been verifying my income and benefits. I asked him to get a real job!

Report for 1-8123239189 - 2019-01-04 812
Same message on answering machine from a woman saying that her name is "Sharon." I called the number and some automated female voice said it was "Risk Management and asked me for my reference code..." and then hung up. Have no idea who was calling me. Probably some sort of scam of some sort.

Report for 1-8124490249 - 2018-12-30 812
Called my cell, I didn't answer, they left no message. Thanks to prior posts, I blocked them.

Report for 1-8125715572 - 2018-12-29 812
They stated it was a civil matter and did not say who wanted to talk.

Report for 1-8123217963 - 2018-12-29 812
This number is used by a female overseas scam who uses your number as

Report for 1-8122301447 - 2018-12-29 812
This is an automated message from Ocean Club Resorts about a business opportunity, basically a sales pitch. I pressed 9 to be taken off the list. I have received calls several times over the past few days (on a cell phone) but I chose not to answer it. They just hang up on the voicemail when I don't answer. I know the phone company has a list of numbers that can be blocked, and so I have decided to add this

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