Report for 1-8122710560 - 2017-10-07 812
Scam, left no message

Report for 1-8123232883 - 2017-10-07 812
Got a call a few seconds ago from an unavailable number....when I hit the ignore button, they called right back. When I answerd they hung up! They are calling twice a day and never leave a voicemail, so I don't know what they want.

Report for 1-8127165153 - 2017-10-06 812
I don't answer these types of calls on my cell phone and even if I wanted to waste their time I would not. I just blocked them on my landline.

Report for 1-8129203855 - 2017-10-05 812
Keeps calling about student loan. Never have had a student loan. This is a spam/junk caller.

Report for 1-8124687777 - 2017-10-03 812
I am going to get a letter. Do I owe something? <I think you misunderstand what I said, and you have just called the wrong party. I meant that I was going to write a letter -- NOT call.> I am going to get a letter. Do I owe something?I think you misunderstand what I said, and you have just called the wrong party. I meant that I was going to write a letter -- NOT call.> I am going to get a letter. Do I owe something?<-- That I do not owe money. I do not have past-due balances in collection -- so there is absolutely no reason I should owe any one. I know you can get information on anyone else in a collection agency.> That I really need to hear from him!

Report for 1-8127172396 - 2017-10-02 812
Claims to be calling from the Social Security Administration.

Report for 1-8124985597 - 2017-10-02 812
It's a scam if you haven't paid for anything. The only way I ever paid was a payment on a loan I paid in full in 2013 on time.

Report for 1-8127506696 - 2017-10-01 812
This guy told me that if I didn't call or have my legal representative call back it would be turned into a scam report to the FBI. I don't know if it's a scam or not because they said something about a lawsuit and that if I didn't call back or have my attorney call back it would be turned into a complaint filed.

Report for 1-8123020619 - 2017-09-30 812
My experience was the same as above. I called in using *67 to hide my caller id. They are looking for a person with my last name, not sure if they are still looking for the same person, but not sure. They did say it was a bill collector. They asked me if I knew who I was speaking to. I said "This sounds like it's not the right person." They thanked me for answering their questions. After I hung up on them I called the number, and they answered, "Credit Control." I then just picked up the phone and held it down so that I hung up. How do I prevent this number from calling again?

Report for 1-8123350401 - 2017-09-29 812
The number is from the US Government grants dept! Call this number to claim your money because you have not been getting many free money because they all are not paid, so do not give these people no information. Its a scam!

Report for 1-8129644768 - 2017-09-29 812
I got the same call as well

Report for 1-8123092513 - 2017-09-27 812
Caller ID: SPAM? TALLAHASSEE FLI answered and they hung up on me.

Report for 1-8124088868 - 2017-09-26 812
I received the same call from this number and I called back knowing that they had my number. They said they needed me to verify my SSN. I refused and then they asked me to provide my date of birth. I said I'm not confirming anything. This is a scam. I told them that I wouldn't verify anything with them and hung up.

Report for 1-8129614057 - 2017-09-25 812
Just got a call from that number, didn't answer, no message, blocked it.

Report for 1-8123248080 - 2017-09-23 812
This is a SCAM. If you receive a call from 833-504-6292 just let your phone ring and let it finish and they will stop calling.

Report for 1-8125138677 - 2017-09-22 812
They call asking for someone that doesn't work here, I

Report for 1-8129614057 - 2017-09-21 812
I got the same message and called at 8pm on a Saturday night and got a phone bank with people talking in the background.

Report for 1-8123202765 - 2017-09-19 812
They have called about 10 times in the last hour. I call back and nobody talks.

Report for 1-8122714932 - 2017-09-17 812
These people are crazy. They called me and had my bank account info and said that they wanted to help me with a 529. They said that I could get into college because I had good credit. I have never had a 529 in my life. This is a scam.

Report for 1-8123202383 - 2017-09-17 812
Called, left voicemail, said nothing

Report for 1-8122746860 - 2017-09-15 812
Same thing here. Las Vegas. Rang three times and was a hangup. When will the calls to my cell stop?!

Report for 1-8125033094 - 2017-09-14 812
This phone number has been calling me every day at 1:00AM and they do not leave any messages. If it is Chase, I would like to see them in trouble. I am not in their system when they call.

Report for 1-8123344959 - 2017-09-14 812
Didn't leave a message. I don't answer unknown callers. Blocked!

Report for 1-8124932100 - 2017-09-12 812
I would just like it to be noted that all the posts are from the same time frame, so the same people are calling, so how can that be a scam? I have blocked this number already.

Report for 1-8123240825 - 2017-09-11 812
I did not answer. They left no message.

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