Report for 1-8129614057 - 2017-09-21 812
I got the same message and called at 8pm on a Saturday night and got a phone bank with people talking in the background.

Report for 1-8123202765 - 2017-09-19 812
They have called about 10 times in the last hour. I call back and nobody talks.

Report for 1-8122714932 - 2017-09-17 812
These people are crazy. They called me and had my bank account info and said that they wanted to help me with a 529. They said that I could get into college because I had good credit. I have never had a 529 in my life. This is a scam.

Report for 1-8123202383 - 2017-09-17 812
Called, left voicemail, said nothing

Report for 1-8122746860 - 2017-09-15 812
Same thing here. Las Vegas. Rang three times and was a hangup. When will the calls to my cell stop?!

Report for 1-8125033094 - 2017-09-14 812
This phone number has been calling me every day at 1:00AM and they do not leave any messages. If it is Chase, I would like to see them in trouble. I am not in their system when they call.

Report for 1-8123875857 - 2017-09-14 812
I've been called three times today from these people-and they don't leave messages. I just answered the third call. They told me I should get my insurance quote online and then I wouldn't need their quote. I told them I didn't have insurance! They said they would try again later.

Report for 1-8123344959 - 2017-09-14 812
Didn't leave a message. I don't answer unknown callers. Blocked!

Report for 1-8124932100 - 2017-09-12 812
I would just like it to be noted that all the posts are from the same time frame, so the same people are calling, so how can that be a scam? I have blocked this number already.

Report for 1-8123240825 - 2017-09-11 812
I did not answer. They left no message.

Report for 1-8123217963 - 2017-09-09 812
No message and a miss call from this number. No name

Report for 1-8126555008 - 2017-09-04 812
Called my cell twice today. I'm on the Do Not Call list.

Report for 1-8125138677 - 2017-09-04 812
Just got a Facebook message from this number. Same thing, the message and voice were similar to what I got a couple of months back. My initial reaction was, "Oh no. This person is hacking into Facebook?"

Report for 1-8123264398 - 2017-09-02 812
This is a number assigned to a credit card processing company. They are calling people in particular to remind them that their card has recently been compromised and asks us to make sure we remember to take the next payment.

Report for 1-8123321150 - 2017-08-31 812
I just block them

Report for 1-8127126925 - 2017-08-30 812
Called three times today with no message left.

Report for 1-8122746860 - 2017-08-29 812
Called just showed the number, no message. Have gotten a lot of unknown numbers show up with no number. If you don't leave me a message I'm not going to call back!

Report for 1-8129614057 - 2017-08-29 812
Keep getting harassed. I get 5 phone calls every day at work from this number and other weird numbers. They never leave a message. Don't answer numbers you don't know from people you don't know. You'll probably be screwed for eternity with these moron, morons.

Report for 1-8124577273 - 2017-08-24 812
Said call regarding social security was the last attempt

Report for 1-8126642524 - 2017-08-23 812
Same thing, I answered, they hung up. So tired of these calls!!! It's a cell phone number, but the phone company must have sold it to the telemark

Report for 1-8128707680 - 2017-08-23 812
I got a call from this number on my work phone. No message. I looked up the number online and found this forum.

Report for 1-8123630472 - 2017-08-21 812
I was wondering if they had any reason for calling me. When I called them, I got an automated message asking me my name and then asking me to hold.

Report for 1-8123799227 - 2017-08-21 812
I got the same text but from 7142768010. SCAMMMMER! Texted me in English and Spanish saying $299 would be taken from my bank account for my Windows account as a subscription. Threatened to suspend it if I didn't call back. Called number and got a voicemail for Mike in tech support.

Report for 1-8124490249 - 2017-08-20 812
Robodialler claiming to be calling for the police alliance of NWI/ILI asking for donations. I hung up and called back to get a busy signal or a computer saying I could not be reached.

Report for 1-8123628735 - 2017-08-19 812
Called but left

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