Report for 1-8123295770 - 2020-01-22 812
Same here - have called a few times today, and it's always a recording. I've never answered, and they never leave a message.

Report for 1-8129614057 - 2020-01-21 812
They called 2x. Left a similar message today

Report for 1-8127126925 - 2020-01-18 812
Called my cell phone, no one there when I answered. I called back and it asks you to type in your phone number and enter 1 if you want your number put on a do not call list.

Report for 1-8124301050 - 2020-01-17 812
Called but didn't answer. Glad I didn't if you know where they're at

Report for 1-8123228292 - 2020-01-16 812
They told me exactly the same thing.

Report for 1-8127457706 - 2020-01-16 812
They called, left no message. I tried to call the number, and got message that the person does not accept calls. This has happened a number of times with this number.

Report for 1-8126405787 - 2020-01-16 812
It is now the 2nd day in a row. I did not answer this time as I have blocked those type of numbers.

Report for 1-8125421224 - 2020-01-12 812
Yes, I have had the same thing happen. Same response when I called the FBI in my area and I called the FTC at the number I was called from. They also want me to call the FCC for my home landline and cell. So I called the FBI and then I called my states state attorney general and the FCC. They said to disregard and block the call, I blocked the number

Report for 1-8123202765 - 2020-01-12 812
Called and left no message, caller I D said "University".

Report for 1-8125138677 - 2020-01-10 812
Keep getting calls from this number. They

Report for 1-8123264398 - 2020-01-08 812
I just received this same message as everyone else. I know it's a scam

Report for 1-8127145923 - 2019-12-31 812
No message, so I won't call back

Report for 1-8126555008 - 2019-12-27 812
They have called me multiple times at work. Whenever I answer, there is nothing but silence. The next time I called them back and asked for Karen, the man I spoke with got super defensive with me. I have no student loans and no problem paying their current. SCAMMERS!!!!!!!!!! Please don't fall for this bull and give out your social security number

Report for 1-8123217963 - 2019-12-27 812
Call was received during business hours, let it go to answering machine. There was silence on the other end for 7 seconds then they disconnected.

Report for 1-8123809393 - 2019-12-27 812
They asked for someone else, I informed them that they had the wrong number and that I had told them before that they had the wrong number. I asked the woman to repeat something and she kept saying she needed a name and/or number. I informed her again they called a wrong number, she insisted that it was my name and to give her a number to call, I said, No, I need something in writing for you to prove that I owed this debt. I've told them before, I don't owe this money and I'll make arrangements to pay them when I get the money. You've got to know when to quit talking and start talking.

Report for 1-8125315764 - 2019-12-26 812
I called back and got put into a voice mail box. I sent a msg to their website. They need to stop the calls ASAP!

Report for 1-8129213015 - 2019-12-24 812
Same here, hung up when I answered

Report for 1-8124490249 - 2019-12-22 812
you can call them back to harass them.

Report for 1-8126333743 - 2019-12-15 812
Calls constantly, does not leave a message, caller id shows WCF....

Report for 1-8124981976 - 2019-12-14 812
They called again as "GMA" called at 10:05 on 9/27. No messages

Report for 1-8124932100 - 2019-12-09 812
No idea who this was. They didn't leave a message. I am sure it is some sort of credit collection agency. My number is also listed on the Do Not Call List. How do they get my number?

Report for 1-8123020619 - 2019-12-08 812
Just another of the many calls I'm on the DNCR and have to call the IRS.

Report for 1-8123248080 - 2019-12-08 812
called and left no message

Report for 1-8123209658 - 2019-12-02 812
I've been getting random calls from random numbers, and I have absolutely no student loans. This is the first time, though, regarding this.

Report for 1-8126800983 - 2019-12-02 812
Got a call from them today (10/11/2017) at around 7:30pm. I didn't get to the phone in time to answer it. The caller didn't leave a voicemail. I always look up unknown numbers like any call where I don't know the name associated with it, or the number left by the caller (if it's that helpful). Then I block the number. I'm glad I finally saw this site & know this number is spam. Now I just have to block this number too!

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