Report for 1-8126555008 - 2019-03-27 812

Report for 1-8123101534 - 2019-03-25 812
Called me 4 times in the last three hours. No message.

Report for 1-8122746860 - 2019-03-21 812
Caller ID showed #323 - 922 - 8795 and Woman with foreign accent said: "Hello, this is the Dept of Legal Affairs and that we have received an order in your name for tax fraud.

Report for 1-8123239189 - 2019-03-20 812
Recorded call claiming there is an issue with our company's cloud services and I must call back. I did and she refused to help me. She said "we already have the information in our database so they are not going to help us". I told her "please put us on your DO NOT CALL list". I then said, "why do I have to do that when you have the information in there? You just called me." And she hung. She also would not give her name and I hung up.

Report for 1-8128707680 - 2019-03-20 812
No message from New Mexico

Report for 1-8124488848 - 2019-03-20 812
I keep getting called from these people they never say who they are or who they are looking for. Then when you ask who in their right mind would take a payday loan out for 500 bucks they hang up on you, but they keep calling every hour on the hour and more.I just tell them to leave me alone and they keep calling back.

Report for 1-8126333743 - 2019-03-19 812
They called to speak to me, saying they have a fax package, to make sure the name that I get is

Report for 1-8123101534 - 2019-03-15 812
Called and left no VM.

Report for 1-8124932100 - 2019-03-14 812
No one ever answers on my end

Report for 1-8126404946 - 2019-03-13 812
Called landline @ 2:43 pm. Caller I.D. showed: "Toll Free Call". I do not answer unrecognized #'s. Caller left no vm.

Report for 1-8123240825 - 2019-03-11 812
This number appears on my CID and hangs up with no voice mail when I try to return call

Report for 1-8123240505 - 2019-03-10 812
They called my mom's cell phone, left a message for me saying they have a complaint about us- and to call this number back - 888-225-6887.

Report for 1-8122751567 - 2019-03-10 812
Caller ID said Toll Free Caller and they said they were a home services provider. It was a robo call

Report for 1-8127670002 - 2019-03-08 812
I also got a call from this number. Left a voicemail stating they were a courier calling me from the sheriff's department and requesting I call them with a reference number they gave me. Left a different number to call back but it was the same. The guy had an Indian accent like Indian and when I didn't give him the reference number, he proceeded to tell me I have a warrant out for my arrest because of a payday loan. I asked him to not call me anymore and he got extremely rude, threatening, and said he won't stop calling me if I don't call him. Total scam and when I was getting really aggravated, he hung up!

Report for 1-8123209658 - 2019-03-06 812
Received 3 calls with no message.

Report for 1-8126333646 - 2019-03-05 812
They said I owed the irs $18,000 and that I owed a fine. When I asked questions it asked me to verify my info. I then asked if it was a government agency and was hung up on. It was a foreign accent. <

Report for 1-8123240825 - 2019-03-04 812
These people keep calling my work line I'm getting so pissed. I'm not going to say what I think and I don't care if I offend anyone but if someone needs to call me at my work number they should be able to say my name. I just wish they would stop calling me

Report for 1-8123239189 - 2019-03-02 812
Same as what everyone else says.

Report for 1-8123799227 - 2019-02-28 812
I've been getting calls from various (spoofed?) numbers, all hours of the day and night. I always block them, but they just call back using a different number.

Report for 1-8122944890 - 2019-02-28 812
This person called, I said hello and there was silence the caller hung up

Report for 1-8127670002 - 2019-02-23 812
I got this call today and it was a real estate company wanting to discuss real estate property i own . So i had to file the do not call registry complaint. It takes up to 30 days to work. Hope others are aware of this.

Report for 1-8123290100 - 2019-02-20 812
This is so aggravating! They keep doing this. The one I keep getting calls from is a man in Pennsylvania. What the hell is this?

Report for 1-8129203855 - 2019-02-17 812
This is about a month behind for me. This same thing has happened on my iPhone.

Report for 1-8122746860 - 2019-02-09 812
scam, called back, some dude with a weird accent answered, very loud noise in the background. I could hear some type of call center and told them i am on a do not call list, then hung up. total scammers, they were trying to sell some kind of marketing service, told them to add my number to do not call list , then hung up on them. called back, same guy answered....

Report for 1-8125576187 - 2019-02-05 812
Debt collectors. If they want to talk to my lawyer they can. Not me. Just do what your going to do and quit calling my office. I will never buy anything over the phone unless I owe and can prove it in writing. If I can afford to get a lawyer and call the debtor for help, why would I pay someone to do it for me? I think that makes me a dumb [***] and you will be sued and we all know that I got one.

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