Report for 1-9095575181 - 2019-10-26 909
Yes I just got the same exact text. I didn't call but i did look it up and this is what i found:Called back but

Report for 1-9097149959 - 2019-10-23 909
Got a call from this number asking about my insurance. When i said ill go online to find out I got disconnected. I called back the same guy who called from a different number i asked what was the name of your company and they hung up on me.

Report for 1-9097149959 - 2019-10-20 909
Caller Id said "Out of area". I did not answer; no message left.

Report for 1-9097149959 - 2019-09-30 909
Just called me just now.

Report for 1-9099497333 - 2019-09-25 909
This is from the IRS.

Report for 1-9098220511 - 2019-09-15 909
Called number back and it was a recording say it was urgent ... no name .. just "please stay on the line for next available..." It also was left on my voicemail. Don't know anyone in area code 305 with that name and don't intend to call back.

Report for 1-9097149959 - 2019-09-12 909
Received 2 calls today from this number, back to back- same issue as everyone else. Don't know what the deal is, but I'm not surprised as I haven't had any issues for weeks, I think it's just a scam.

Report for 1-9096275532 - 2019-09-08 909
Got the call today, answered and no one was there. Called back and it's a spammer.

Report for 1-9091012151 - 2019-09-06 909
No message I called back.

Report for 1-9091012151 - 2019-09-05 909
Called, left no message.

Report for 1-9097149959 - 2019-09-01 909
What's interesting, is they've changed their number and the new number they're using in the message is the same as mine. But the new number is 888-231-8061 and it is a local call back number.

Report for 1-9098620794 - 2019-08-30 909
Message states "your SSN has been suspended due to some fraudulent activities in your state".

Report for 1-9095600891 - 2019-08-11 909
Same number called me but left no message. Blocked now. I have a feeling if they leave a message, it's just a telemarketer.

Report for 1-9096336646 - 2019-08-10 909
Just got the same message. A woman named Melissa Brooks called. She asked if I was the person they were looking for - I said no. she repeated it but I didn't respond back to that question. There was a long pause before she hung up.

Report for 1-9096239609 - 2019-07-29 909
We've had three calls today, all around dinner time. We never pick up.

Report for 1-9095823113 - 2019-07-26 909
Left message "This is the IRS...blah blah blah " it's the final call...Final notice...Last notice ...blah blah....They have been trying to reach me...blah blah blah. I'll get my lawyer....

Report for 1-9098620794 - 2019-07-26 909
Left a vm

Report for 1-9099821525 - 2019-06-29 909
Called at 9:48 am and no voicemail. I have received calls from this number, but I don't know who it is because of the area code and prefix prefix, it's odd I'm thinking.

Report for 1-9098620794 - 2019-06-26 909
When is the government going to put these a**holes out of business?This guy with a heavy foreign accent called from this number: 214-692-7011and asked for a woman I did not recognize-I said "Yes, this is she" and he hung up. The guy was also yelling at my husband to get me to say yes when I called back to say not to make any calls to our numbers. That's harassment in my opinion.

Report for 1-9095600891 - 2019-06-24 909
Called me yesterday and today at work, I answered the phone and no one was talking on the other end. Then someone came on the line asked for somebody named "Elle" I told them they had the wrong number. They then said, "Oh, I forgot, I'm looking for Elle, I'm calling in behalf of some credit corporation. Well I'll give you Elle a call then I'll move on to the next person and we'll take care of that."

Report for 1-9096386130 - 2019-06-20 909
I have received numerous calls from this number in the last two months. The message says the IRS is filing a lawsuit and to call this number. If you do call you will be transferred to a foreign male who will tell you it is about tax fraud. I have blocked the number on my phone. When I call them back to see who's calling, the phone rings and does not click, just goes to the same dial tone as when the number is blocked. I'm calling the police as these calls are fraud.

Report for 1-9096239609 - 2019-06-16 909
This is a scam caller. Block it.

Report for 1-9095575181 - 2019-06-08 909
Same exact thing happened to me just now!

Report for 1-9096611907 - 2019-06-06 909
Tried to sell something and I answered. A female voice said she was sorry and that all agents are busy and hung up.

Report for 1-9096386130 - 2019-06-06 909
Called on cell (no caller id) Did not leave message. I have received several calls from numbers like this and all with Caller ID that is "no caller name" or "private caller" so either i don't answer or they leave a message, but don't identify themselves.

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