Report for 1-9095823113 - 2018-05-09 909
Said they are from IRS and filing a law suit against me.

Report for 1-9094023353 - 2018-05-08 909
Caller ID says "TOLL FREE CALL". Robocall for 'medical alert device' scam. Callback connects to a recording where you are supposed to 'push 1' to get through to a rep. Then 'push 2' if you want to be added to their do-not-call list. This is the same 'do-not-call' nonsense that has been going around for some time; if they were really interested in leaving a message, they certainly would have left ONE!

Report for 1-9096336646 - 2018-04-23 909
Keeps calling and left message in spanish. If they can't speak English, then I suppose I am lucky to be called with this type of scam.

Report for 1-9095900178 - 2018-04-22 909
Breast cancer scammers

Report for 1-9091012151 - 2018-03-23 909
They left a message on my phone stating there was a matter that needed to be resolved and gave no explanation as to why exactly. Called the number back and it was a non-working number. The message stated that they were contacting an uncle who was in the military.

Report for 1-9097149959 - 2018-03-13 909
I got the same exact message

Report for 1-9098113032 - 2018-03-05 909
"Hi this is Amy from (unintelligible)... I hung up!" Yeah, that was me this time.

Report for 1-9097490757 - 2018-02-26 909
Got a call saying "this call is just for 1 to know anything!" Pressed one, got some man that spoke not much english, wanted to fix my windows, even asked me my screen name. I told him if he could fix my computer in the next 5 minutes then I'd put him in touch with my grandmother. Then I hung up. I told him the number was blocked, told him he was a Scammer, hung up, and blocked him again.

Report for 1-9090798446 - 2018-02-25 909
Same thing here. Annoying. This is the 4th or 5th scum-sucking robocall I picked up at work in the last 2 months and most of 'em are from 'unknown' callers.

Report for 1-9095575181 - 2018-02-24 909
I have been receiving a call from this number with a voicemail stating that I need to call them back within 24-48 hours regarding an important file they have in their office. If this is a scam, I do not owe anyone anything.

Report for 1-9095600891 - 2018-02-23 909
Another "V" is what it said on my caller id. Didn't leave a message and I'm not going to waste my time calling them back! I can block the call but they'll still be able to spoof the number they call from.

Report for 1-9096611907 - 2018-02-19 909
Got a call from these [***] last night. I called the number back and the voicemail says, "You have reached WCA subscriber services, and this number has now been temporarily disabled." (not very well done).

Report for 1-9096336646 - 2018-02-16 909
Robocaller/ Scammer

Report for 1-9095900178 - 2018-02-13 909
"Call me about some credit card and payment needs to be made to them for some kind of claim or the county court system or something. Said they had all my information. I don't know how these low lifes are getting our information.

Report for 1-9099889584 - 2018-02-11 909
Same thing. Called back again: "Thanks for calling" I hung up.

Report for 1-9093333292 - 2018-02-08 909
Scam call. I got the same text. So annoying

Report for 1-9092889681 - 2018-02-08 909
They keep calling my wife's cell phone, asking if they can speak with me, but they know my wife's name and always, I tell them that I'm Ms. ??? But they still call.

Report for 1-9098113032 - 2018-02-03 909
Called my landline a few minutes ago. As above for the "AFF Service" and said it was a "personal business matter" but to call back that number. Funny, they call from all sorts of different numbers, so it's impossible to block them all. Obvious BS.

Report for 1-9096386130 - 2018-01-28 909
they hung up today. have gotten calls from them before. will keep blocking them.

Report for 1-9096386130 - 2018-01-07 909
Called at 3:55pm today. It hung up after 3 rings. No message.

Report for 1-9098113032 - 2017-12-27 909
They have called me 3 times today. they never leave a message and they keep hanging up. I want to file a complaint now that I know all these scammers are trying to rip people off. Its too much already!

Report for 1-9090798446 - 2017-12-17 909
Received same text message. Just deleted

Report for 1-9098620794 - 2017-12-14 909
I have been getting phone calls from a male with a heavy South Indian accent for the past a few months. I have asked for them to stop calling me and asked them to remove my number from their file. I have even called back to complain and only gets a busy signal. I have even called the number and pressed one to speak with a non-english speaking agent and they refuse to remove my number and continue to call. I feel like I am being harassed because I don't know who they are or what they want. Every time they call they ask for someone else. The last time they called I just yelled at them to remove my number, after that they keep calling but won't leave a message and hang up when I answer.I feel like I am being harassed because I don't know who these idiots are. How do you get them to stop?

Report for 1-9096386130 - 2017-12-13 909
they keep calling my cell phone

Report for 1-9099497333 - 2017-12-01 909
Caller ID: WESTMINSTER RI - I know no one in West Medston, RI.Left no message.

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