Report for 1-9414609163 - 2020-03-24 941
I got a call from this # this afternoon (2:48pm) and the Caller ID said "UNASSIGNED". I didn't answer so they left no message so it was "unassigned" to me.I called it back and the voice said, "Goodbye."

Report for 1-4134614342 - 2020-03-23 413
A call from this number was received.

Report for 1-5162227070 - 2020-03-23 516
Another call to a cellphone, not answered. No message left.

Report for 1-2542673860 - 2020-03-23 254
I also get calls from the WCF number and the number of the day. Just called the number back.

Report for 1-4849292738 - 2020-03-23 484
Received a text about a job. Sounded like an offer/appointment with a company named

Report for 1-7045538605 - 2020-03-23 704
This number called both my parents with a similar message as above and left this number to call back. I called twice back first time it was silent and the second time it was a recording saying this was Robert and I would call back. I looked up this number on Google and found all that you have gone through here and tried to warn everyone possible.

Report for 1-3083451727 - 2020-03-23 308
Called my business phone once yesterday (Friday), and they again called me today. I called back and they wanted to know the address I'd wanted a quote for my energy services..

Report for 1-3472636270 - 2020-03-23 347
Called at 7:28 pm EST 9/19/16. Left no message.

Report for 1-8030000000 - 2020-03-23 803
They said in a robot voice, I am a "person of interest" and there is a lawsuit against me in my county and that i should call back.

Report for 1-8125679386 - 2020-03-23 812
Same thing, calls, i dont answer numbers i dont know, they leave no message, im just going to put it at the back of my call log, i cant even delete it from my log.

Report for 1-9705221421 - 2020-03-23 970
I'm in the mood for yet another scammer.

Report for 1-3517299406 - 2020-03-23 351
Rang 4 times at 11:21am, caller hung up without leaving a message.

Report for 1-2190734141 - 2020-03-23 219
Just missed it, I'm in CA

Report for 1-4693170379 - 2020-03-23 469
Same story as everyone else. Sounds like "Sam" in the message. Said that they have papers to serve me and I better contact immediately to avoid legal action.

Report for 1-5612861131 - 2020-03-23 561
Received a call from this number on my cell phone - caller ID displayed number 410-352-3481. I'm pretty sure the area code 410 is Baltimore, Maryland, so I picked up because I was expecting a call, but then immediately hit my "reject calls" button on my cell.

Report for 1-9545783084 - 2020-03-23 954
Scamming lowlife

Report for 1-4143865539 - 2020-03-23 414
Same here, got a voicemail that was cut off, it was just the number to call.

Report for 1-5173034235 - 2020-03-23 517
I have received numerous calls with no message and nobody on the line when I return the call.

Report for 1-3046321252 - 2020-03-23 304
Just got it as well. "This is Mary Taylor with the underwriting Department. It is in reference to a student loan."

Report for 1-9168213923 - 2020-03-23 916
No, they didn't use the local police. They used someone spoofing an IRS number and said they needed to contact me at the phone number I provided. They didn't even know why they called. They are probably getting someone stupid to do the spoofing.

Report for 1-3035862976 - 2020-03-23 303
Received 5 phone calls from this number today. I'm going to the police station right now and report this. I'm sick of these scammers! They called me from two number 831-321-0061 and another 831-320-0317.

Report for 1-5010239135 - 2020-03-23 501
Received the call on my cell phone...Did not answer...left message....Fraud...need to call back or they will take away your assets...They will take the assets away from me if I do not respond to these messages...

Report for 1-7347646893 - 2020-03-23 734
I got the call and the lady that called, said there were 3 criminal counts of bank fraud in Broward Co (she didn't even know the county) and one in Miami, FL. I told the lady i needed more info on this so called payday loan, she said, it was from 2006. I don't remember making a loan or collecting from them and i can not find any info on this company. I asked to have an email from the company she had me and she just kept saying she would call me back in 5mins.

Report for 1-4087808888 - 2020-03-23 408
Called me and told me that a warranty was about to expire. I don't have any warranty. I have no repair business. Definitely a scam or a bill collector as this is the first message I have received from them so I am blocking this number.

Report for 1-8572312671 - 2020-03-23 857
I received a call from this number a man with an Indian accent stated that I had secured a government grant of $6000.00 but I would have to call his supervisor at the U.S government and give him my information, which he also had my SSN. I then hung up.

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