Report for 1-8312778576 - 2020-09-21 831
Called my work phone and did not leave a msg. Tried calling them back and no answer..

Report for 1-6102545609 - 2020-09-21 610
I have been dealing with these [***] sicko's for a couple of years now. I have filed a police report. They still call me. Sometimes twice a day. I have filed numerous complaints with the FTC. I always call back. Once I just hung up when he answered, but he just keeps calling back.

Report for 1-6195199044 - 2020-09-21 619
I keep getting calls from 618-777-0316 and no one says nothing. I tried picking up and they hang up. Who is this person calling. It is really annoying.

Report for 1-2564140258 - 2020-09-21 256
Caller left message that the company had been ordered to shut down. I called the number back and the person answering said it was Microsoft calling. I told him I was calling because they just called me and told me to go F**K myself. That is a very serious crime. Hopefully the FBI will get a hot case and put who ever is doing this behind bars.

Report for 1-5073047776 - 2020-09-21 507
I just got a call from this same place and I'm still trying to figure out how they get my phone number. Is it all one big scam?

Report for 1-2184294022 - 2020-09-21 218
Scammer robo call, IRS is after me, scam, scam, scam, scam, scam ,,

Report for 1-2396663902 - 2020-09-21 239
Got the same call. It came in as a restricted number. I don't answer calls I don't know. I think I'll report them to the National Do Not Call List. They can go to hell.

Report for 1-3162651694 - 2020-09-21 316
Did not recognize caller ID, so did not pick up. No message left, so we have to assume I was not fortunate enough to talk to a bot or person. Probably spam

Report for 1-5205689098 - 2020-09-21 520
This is a scammer trying to scare you into giving up credit card info. Blocked.

Report for 1-2146605708 - 2020-09-21 214
This number calls me 3 or 4 times every day sometimes several times in a row. They never leave a message, so I cannot determine who this is. I don't answer it though!!!

Report for 1-9042658157 - 2020-09-21 904
They are trying to collect money you owe to a bank that you closed out in July 2007! Caller was a jerk on the phone. If you talk to him tell him to quit calling your number...

Report for 1-5043829224 - 2020-09-18 504
Received 3 calls from this #. When called back, I was sent to a VM. A man actually answered stating "You are receiving this call from: 1-818-813-664-7501" I called from a land, I then called back to get "Robert in Customer Service" I was placed on hold and ended the call.

Report for 1-7139554699 - 2020-09-18 713
SAME THING I got the message " This is the department of legal affairs of the US Treasury, and this is your last and final notice ... ". Called them back, and they were not able to pull up any information from me.

Report for 1-2815809196 - 2020-09-18 281
Claimed to be a collection agency when they called me

Report for 1-4043791141 - 2020-09-18 404
This is a scam. Same thing about local cops being involved if I do not call back.

Report for 1-5084902148 - 2020-09-18 508
I have gotten 5 call from this number today alone. I picked up once and nobody was there. I can only assume it's a telemarketer.

Report for 1-2024178376 - 2020-09-18 202
Got called by this number with no message left.

Report for 1-6518004380 - 2020-09-18 651
This is the 2nd call I have gotten from this number but from two different people I asked who was calling and they said it wasn't a business. I told them to stop calling or I would take legal action. I asked them to send me proof and they just said they needed to get some paperwork from them. I told them I would call the better business bureau and give them the phone number so they can report this. They said to look for an internet case number. Lol. These people should be taken down some how because it is not right that harassing people in this manner is allowed.

Report for 1-6148760244 - 2020-09-18 614
It appears to be a Comcast number but there is nobody on the line when I answer.

Report for 1-7149946960 - 2020-09-18 714
Calls daily. When I answer a recorded male voice says "Goodbye".

Report for 1-3602031729 - 2020-09-18 360
No message left

Report for 1-3022021219 - 2020-09-18 302
Received a call from "Karen Anderson", caller ID "Unknown," stating that a case has been filed against me by the Internal Revenue Service, and that I had to call back.

Report for 1-8173924575 - 2020-09-18 817
This lady called my cell phone on my cell. Saying there was a complaint regarding a payday loan back in 2012. Which i checked with my bank records and there is no record of any payday loan for that amount. Scummy Scammers.

Report for 1-8322256733 - 2020-09-18 832
This number is now calling me as "unknown." I got a voice mail, but I couldn't understand the message.

Report for 1-7132075555 - 2020-09-18 713
Got a call on my cell asking for someone and I ask what it's regarding.. He said he would have to verify if this was the right person. I said I was not giving any more of my personal info over a recorded call and he said "what about the person"? I said no, why not just tell me the name of the company, and he quickly hung up. I called the number and a very pleasant lady said they are a mediation company. She took my name, address and phone number and said the only way they could help me was to let the person know the call was being recorded. She put me through to a man who told me that there were two people "related" to me by married and then in another call he says his name is Mark (I'm pretty sure it's not a real name) and I told him to tell me why you are calling and all he said was please transfer me over... I hung up on him without giving my info.

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