Report for 1-8123232883 - 2020-06-16 812
I got an email from an Andy Williams from the Department of Legal Affairs of US Treasury. I called the # on the email and the guy who answered said his

Report for 1-2024173968 - 2020-06-16 202
It is a scam. I just got off the phone with them myself. The only Chase number that is associated with the call is a toll free number. This is a scam, do not pick up the phone.

Report for 1-4798545951 - 2020-06-16 479
Got my first call from this number - it was a recorded message saying it was regarding a personal matter and it was a third party. I called back and the number is disconnected or not in service. When I called once again and the number indicated it was disconnected it sure made me curious since they have called this morning and left the same message twice.

Report for 1-7701040733 - 2020-06-16 770

Report for 1-5172038010 - 2020-06-16 517
I received the same email with the exact the same numbers

Report for 1-5734736454 - 2020-06-16 573
Just hang up on them.

Report for 1-9122202333 - 2020-06-15 912
I keep getting phone calls on my cell from this number. They say you won a gift card for walmart. And you have to be a visa card. The lady said I qualify. I told her I wasnt interested and hang up.

Report for 1-3253096855 - 2020-06-15 325
i receive a call and the answering service picked up and no one said anything and they eventually hanged up.

Report for 1-6128711036 - 2020-06-15 612
Called and they said nothing

Report for 1-8172728818 - 2020-06-13 817
Spam call. No legitimate business would call this early.

Report for 1-2074516426 - 2020-06-13 207
This number called yesterday at 6:36pm & today at 5:15pm- but they did not leave a message either time!

Report for 1-2129326500 - 2020-06-13 212
this number has called me everyday between 12 pm and 4 pm for the last week and nothing. I answered it once and there was no one there and there was nothing on the line.

Report for 1-3517955871 - 2020-06-13 351
Rec'd text today. Wanted cash advance.

Report for 1-6787606978 - 2020-06-13 678
I got a phone call too, I dont even live in

Report for 1-6143055200 - 2020-06-13 614
Just received call and blocked it.

Report for 1-9292079633 - 2020-06-13 929
Selling back braces or medical devices. SCAAAAAMM.

Report for 1-2702791256 - 2020-06-13 270
Got a call and didn't pick up, left a voicemail from Cintas saying it was important to call back regarding a recent call regarding my account. They asked for my first name, last name, zip code, birthday, address, phone #, and DOB, for verification purposes. Didn't state my account was fine, just said they needed info from me for verification purposes. I don't have a Citi account. This is a scam and I don't wish to answer any calls from anyone I don't know.

Report for 1-8652282824 - 2020-06-13 865
Called, left a message. This is a scam, I'm sure.

Report for 1-6064394523 - 2020-06-13 606
Unknown name caller left no voice mail. Blocked number

Report for 1-7188407980 - 2020-06-13 718
These low lives call at least 15 times a day...I never answer I always let it go to my voice mail.I wish I had a whistle that I could blow in their ear every time they call when they have called 7 times today

Report for 1-6782617438 - 2020-06-13 678
I received a call yesterday for a motion being filed to suspend all my financial institution accounts. I was told if I did not respond to the phone number and the man who took the call would go forward with the motion and I wouldn't have that debt that I'm sure people think something nefarious is going on. I was told to call 973-734-3287. Sounds very fishy to me. I don't trust them.

Report for 1-5622123413 - 2020-06-13 562
Did they keep calling back to back to back to back?

Report for 1-9085418000 - 2020-06-13 908
Received call about suspicious activity on my social security number and that if I did not respond my ssn would be suspended..

Report for 1-4252751823 - 2020-06-12 425
this is a scam don't ever call them back. the number is spoofed to say it is your local number, instead it's in overseas. it's a scam. ask for your info to verify your account. they'll even threaten to shut it down but then start calling from a different number. report the number

Report for 1-7700778126 - 2020-06-12 770
Called cell phone. I didn't answer and they did not leave msg.

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