Report for 1-5413829438 - 2020-06-12 541
Received a call from this number but did not speak.

Report for 1-4177204112 - 2020-06-12 417
I don't like these calls. I want it to stop! This is annoying.

Report for 1-2522942406 - 2020-06-12 252
Tried to scam for a $500 grocery card worth 10500 at Western Union, told them I couldn't believe Western Union was sending an email...when I refused to give my CC and refused to give my debit card number, I was given an email address that was supposed to be the account info. when I called to cancel the card, they claimed Western Union lost access to my account.

Report for 1-9096336646 - 2020-06-12 909
I received a call from this number this evening. There was no message being left. My phone indicated that the call was likely a telemarketer.

Report for 1-6097772849 - 2020-06-12 609
I too received a call this morning at 10:14 am! Left a message saying "this is your last call". I also have been getting scam email from this so called company "First Cash" stating I have a loan outstanding! When I looked up the company, nothing comes up. My phone says the call came from New York with phone number 1-800-215-4343! Very disturbing scam!

Report for 1-2142337249 - 2020-06-12 214
"Medicare Care" scam, left a recorded voicemail. Definitely an

Report for 1-2698582005 - 2020-06-12 269
calls me everyday (except the days i am working) and just hangs up

Report for 1-4157120503 - 2020-06-12 415
This is what's so funny! I've received two calls from them the last couple of days. Both times the person identified herself as "Amy Harris" and left a message that

Report for 1-7179659540 - 2020-06-12 717
This is a scam!!!! They have called my husband several times even though we told them we have a different name. They are saying they need to verify our address in order to serve us court papers. They threaten with having you arrested and then they put you on hold and then hang up. They don't tell you what it is about until the phone call is done at the end. When they called this morning we asked that they stop calling and the man on the phone said "no, no I get you". The last time they called it was from a private number and the number was blocked. If someone calls demanding that you pay more than your debt it can't be from them for that company. Don't bother trying to call them back as I have done. They have called with many different scams from being a law firm, collecting a debt from 11 years old that is beyond the statue of limitations to collect it from now and when asked for the address to mail you papers they hang up!! These people need to be tracked down and prosecuted as such!!!

Report for 1-3017795283 - 2020-06-12 301
Call the number, make up a story. Then just start laughing. I asked him if he worked for the IRS and he said "Yeah, I worked for the IRS". I asked if they just called with that? He said NO. I said, maybe they just phoned on here and he said "yeah they just phoned here and just told us to call this number. lol" and said good luck to us.I am sure they'll call back. I don't have time for this. I am in the process of trying to block this number. They call and leave two messages on home phone and also a call on my cell phone.

Report for 1-5202996153 - 2020-06-12 520
Same here. Got the very same message as above. They even gave a court case number with the phone number (that's where it's from). I'm not stupid. They called my cell. Not my office. Not even the correct contact. I know better and would not fall for this BS. Just another scam. DO NOT give them any information.

Report for 1-2818071009 - 2020-06-11 281
Called at 8:20am today. Picked up, just silence on the other end. Caller ID said 'NATIONWIDE REWARDS' so I'm assuming this is an auto-dialer telemarketing/scam call.

Report for 1-8123726881 - 2020-06-11 812
Automated call saying I was fraudulently using my SS number and going to

Report for 1-8584992704 - 2020-06-11 858
This number calls a few times a day. Left message on voicemail saying I was a point for a computer service

Report for 1-8477200000 - 2020-06-11 847
called cell. left no message...blocked

Report for 1-6148681380 - 2020-06-11 614
The same as the others, a call from a restricted number, asking about my where abouts and stating that this was the final call from the IRS before charges are pressed.

Report for 1-4804016001 - 2020-06-11 480
These scammers have called me twice, I blocked them now. The number I got was 503-468-9937 from Portland, OR I blocked that number as well and then blocked their number. My phone is set not to leave messages. I'm still getting the calls!!!

Report for 1-2402731590 - 2020-06-11 240
Scam - They say they are the Social Security Admin. Do not answer or respond. Hang up.

Report for 1-3173506100 - 2020-06-11 317
Called me at work. No message. When I called back a message said it was "The Fundraising Center", and they have a "short survey" to answer.

Report for 1-5018258984 - 2020-06-11 501
Calls but leaves no message.

Report for 1-3472236163 - 2020-06-11 347
They have been calling me everyday twice a day for a couple weeks. They hang up when I answer. I did call back once and the woman said they were trying to collect on a bill from 2009 and that they had tried to reach me 3 times and that they wanted to collect the money....I have no business dealings with National Grid. She said she would take my phone number off of their list because I told her I had told them 3 times to STOP CALLING

Report for 1-7701207484 - 2020-06-10 770
This guy called my work asking to speak to me and said that I needed to call him back right away before he send a summons. I don't think so. He called 3 times as I was working. 4 times I was on another call. So I call them back and the guy kept putting me on hold and then I kept asking for his name and he keeps putting me on hold. What is so funny is, he's trying to call someone and say that you forgot to call back. Who was this idiot!

Report for 1-9193889900 - 2020-06-10 919
Also, Mary Lewis gave me the same reference number as well.

Report for 1-8312786141 - 2020-06-10 831
I got a call from this number and have no idea who it is and why they are calling me as I have no outstanding debts

Report for 1-7183953234 - 2020-06-10 718

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