Report for 1-5132769200 - 2020-03-03 513
This is an email scammer trying to sell you health insurance. They need to make a better

Report for 1-5612861131 - 2020-03-03 561
In case you didn't know it's illegal in the U.S. to claim to be an attorney with a foreign accent. LOL!!!

Report for 1-3109038342 - 2020-03-02 310
They keep calling my cell number and never leave a message or talk. I did answer one time and just mute on the other end. It's extremely annoying.

Report for 1-4807112140 - 2020-03-02 480
I keep getting calls from this number. It is ridiculous!

Report for 1-2054320036 - 2020-03-02 205
My caller ID said this number was in California. I answered it and the guy wanted me to take a survey. I told him no, not interested and hung up. I think scam for sure

Report for 1-6013528369 - 2020-03-02 601
I'm on the do not call list. Calls have been coming once a day. No Message, no response when I say hello.

Report for 1-3036370981 - 2020-03-02 303
Received the same message with the same

Report for 1-4808322306 - 2020-03-02 480

Report for 1-2409250929 - 2020-03-02 240
Called my cell, left no message.

Report for 1-7144361111 - 2020-03-02 714
Called my cell. Left no message. Blocked.

Report for 1-9185309942 - 2020-03-02 918
I called them back and told them "I am on to ya' ... that you frauds are scamming the world" he did not ask

Report for 1-3476910797 - 2020-03-02 347
Just got a call from this person as well on my cell phone. Glad I googled the phone number before i picked up. Wish there was a way to stop these stupid people from calling cell phones. They should be arrested. Very annoying.

Report for 1-8159857954 - 2020-03-02 815
Got a message from 360-239-5486 stating they called to inform me of a final notice from the SSN. I called back the number (2 times) and both times the line was full and noone picked up. SCAM!

Report for 1-6782429833 - 2020-03-02 678
Got the same message. A bank charge will be on your statement.

Report for 1-2299992906 - 2020-03-02 229
i got one from robert jim with the ssa saying im arrested for drug trafficking

Report for 1-2812030062 - 2020-03-02 281
Call came from Arizona, it said the phone number. A guy with a middle eastern accent said he was from the department of social security. I called the number back and was told to have $250 at the end of the year so I can begin a new social security card. I just hung up

Report for 1-5188813995 - 2020-03-02 518
Called twice in a row... left no message

Report for 1-6572167469 - 2020-03-02 657
I missed the call on my cell phone but the caller left this voice mail: "Hi this is the warranty department on a recorded line. We are going to be in the office tomorrow and we will be in the back line checking your mileage. We know this is your last courtesy call give us a call back. Thank you.

Report for 1-3852263690 - 2020-03-02 385
My husband just got the same text message as everyone else. It would be nice if the companies that are giving my husband his name and cell number so he can receive text messages could be held accountable for this scam. I mean, how is this a free giveaway if everyone that knows this person is getting txt messages from this scammer?

Report for 1-5709562385 - 2020-03-02 570
Got a voice mail recording to call this number, claiming to be IRS with a law suit against my name. The caller said to call immediately. The recording said to call back before a warrant for my arrest was issued. This is obviously a scam because the IRS will not contact you by telephone for any of their business matters.

Report for 1-3037473754 - 2020-03-02 303
How rude. <

Report for 1-7724777362 - 2020-03-02 772
Called at 8:15 a.m. I wasn't answering and they left no message.

Report for 1-2027502399 - 2020-03-02 202
Got a call from 1-855-853-9778 (to my cell at least!) today.I let it go to voice mail --no call came in for a while. Got a call from 1-800-318-0817 this afternoon.I let it go to voice mail. They left a message about a "fraudulent" charge from one of our credit cards and instructed me to call them back at 800-318-0817. I looked up the 800 number to confirm that it was a scam number. Then I looked up the 1-800 number and saw this site.Thanks for the information! So now I'm doubting whether to answer my phone anymore, even if I do have a credit card with an 800 number in it. I'm pretty sure that this is a scam!

Report for 1-9517117557 - 2020-03-02 951
I don't think they are really the IRS. I think it's a fraud.

Report for 1-8123092513 - 2020-03-02 812
Caller asked for an adult by name.

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