Report for 1-9856449484 - 2020-05-27 985
Just got a call from this nimber, no message left...

Report for 1-9168111161 - 2020-05-27 916
No voicemail left. Blocked.

Report for 1-3233162387 - 2020-05-27 323
Just got a call from 410-213-3689. I live in VA. The phone showed "Maryland" and the number. I did not answer it, but there was a voicemail message. It was a woman talking about roofing services and saying they would be in my area to inspect roof.

Report for 1-7137777664 - 2020-05-27 713
The number called me 3 times within 5 minutes.. I picked and they hung up. I called the number back and it was a voice response system.. I kept hearing people in the background talking and laughing..

Report for 1-8189673449 - 2020-05-27 818
I've gotten dozens of calls today alone from the same number, and it's been several hours. They've called my work (which is ridiculous since we're in a lawfirm) and my home. I work from home, so I never have free minutes, so I usually press ignore and just let it ring. Today I decided to press #1 to tell them to stop calling me. An automated message answered for whatever its substance is. I pressed #1 and it said they were from some sort of medical group, and for me to press "1" to put in my number or

Report for 1-3602497481 - 2020-05-27 360
Same issue here. I keep getting calls from this number. When I pick up no answer.

Report for 1-2531312603 - 2020-05-27 253
They just called. I was pissed. I called back and the operator was rude. I told her to remove my number and she hung up on me.. I called back again and they disconnected my call after 20 minutes of trying. SCAM CALLER!!!!!!!!!!!

Report for 1-9015435019 - 2020-05-27 901
calls but no talk when i answer and leaves no messages

Report for 1-3044109988 - 2020-05-27 304
I received a call from this number stating I had a warrant for my arrest but they could set up a payment plan.

Report for 1-3612098688 - 2020-05-27 361
Called back number and the recording said this is an online survey.

Report for 1-5042296884 - 2020-05-27 504
They called but left no message. I see other comments that it some kind of scam trying to get your bank account information. Blocked

Report for 1-7202499397 - 2020-05-27 720
Said my Social Security was suspected of fraud, and I should call before my assets are frozen or something crazy.

Report for 1-5305270205 - 2020-05-27 530
I got the same call. Said the same thing about a $5000 loan. I called all of my credit cards, none of which were called. Don't take it and don't give them any of your personal information!

Report for 1-2674633506 - 2020-05-27 267
I got a call from "The IRS" this morning in the afternoon. I just hung up and googled the number. I'm going to call the police now.

Report for 1-8322395942 - 2020-05-27 832
Got the same call

Report for 1-3393330223 - 2020-05-27 339
Calls and hangs up no message

Report for 1-7723050623 - 2020-05-27 772
I have a question on the above post that I received in the mail on my way to the store. If a man and a woman both win $1,000 then they go to

Report for 1-6627772813 - 2020-05-27 662
I received a call from this telephone number. The ID name was FRAUD LIKELY. They hung up immediately.

Report for 1-2242524001 - 2020-05-27 224
called on my cell. I do not answer calls that say unavailable. When I called the number back it said my call did not go through.

Report for 1-4153669002 - 2020-05-27 415
Recorded message saying suspicious and fraudulent activities on social security number

Report for 1-2707710100 - 2020-05-27 270
Keep calling and not answering

Report for 1-8013470314 - 2020-05-27 801
No message left, blocked

Report for 1-4156844678 - 2020-05-27 415
Same here. Didn't answer I always check all calls. I'll add this number to the call block that is already registered.

Report for 1-7137728731 - 2020-05-27 713
I have received three robo-messages in a row from this number. It said "This is an urgent message regarding your Google listing. If you have received this phone call, it's an alert from Google" and then said press 2 to be removed from their list because they did not have my permission to call me. I don't have a Google listing.

Report for 1-3105042854 - 2020-05-27 310
Called, left no message

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