Report for 1-5083342000 - 2020-03-02 508
Scam caller claiming to be the federal crime and investigation department

Report for 1-7012582235 - 2020-03-02 701
I get the same, they always call the wrong number, and it annoys the hell out of me, I'm on the do not call registry but still get these annoying calls!

Report for 1-6265131292 - 2020-03-02 626
They have been calling me aswell.I picked up the phone but said nothing.They did not answer me.I waited for a little to see if the call would be disconnected, but it did not happen.

Report for 1-8127196015 - 2020-03-02 812
I have also filed a police report, which I did with my local police department as well, however the police will not do anything about this. The FBI, and local police as well do not even attempt to do anything as this type of scam is the highest of the low. I've seen what others have posted and I agree. It's a total scam. They have already had the last four digits of your social security number and your address as well! I've even been threatened as well. There are no papers for anything! I've had this happen to me years ago on and off for about 6-12 months. I've just put the numbers of the police dpts that have reported this scam on here. They will do nothing because they can't do anything. If you report the scams, if you are on the FBI/local police sites like this just don't report to them it will do nothing to stop these guys if you report them with local police and FBI. They make millions from people who fall for the scams!

Report for 1-8183091616 - 2020-03-02 818
Keep getting calls even when you ask them to stop calling you or tell you to speak with your lawyer.

Report for 1-5202513651 - 2020-03-02 520
Have had the same experience as you, but I suspect it is one of those scam companies that sell your name and number to other scammers. Do not call list means nothing to these companies.

Report for 1-4078944693 - 2020-03-02 407
Call on cell from 253-325-1391 on 10/26/18. Caller ID said "Not Assigned." No message left. Reporting to Do Not Call complaints website.

Report for 1-4074390395 - 2020-03-02 407
Called at 8am and I picked up. They disconnected. Called back and

Report for 1-2028642303 - 2020-03-02 202
"Hello, you have to talk to me about you're the second time i have called you and said I am gonna get in your [***] and hang up on you. I'm in the process of calling your husband and girlfriend. They have something about the IRS....etc..."

Report for 1-8572312671 - 2020-03-02 857
Microsoft expired. Blah blah blah

Report for 1-2543029110 - 2020-03-02 254
I am also getting calls from this number. I also never answer a call if I do not know who is calling. It comes through as an "Out of Area" number.

Report for 1-2157171400 - 2020-03-02 215
No message

Report for 1-5859716838 - 2020-03-01 585
Got a call from this number; was unable to pick up the call. When I called back the man who answered gave me a different name from the one on the voice mail but it sounded like the same man, as if he was in a busy restaurant. It was the same voice and accent, but it was something to do with "free gift" or something. I declined as a no-brainer that it was a scam.

Report for 1-2013517760 - 2020-03-01 201
These people are ridiculous! They called and said that they are trying to serve me a summons and that someone in our household had "criminal activity with my legal name!?!?!?!? Well I didn't call these people back! I called them right back and they wouldn't give me an amount or an address

Report for 1-8136574872 - 2020-03-01 813
This person called my work phone looking for me and not speaking English well. I could hear him talking in the back ground like he was reading a book. He then called me by my actual last name and told me all my past problems. I do live here and have never been in trouble so this is a total scam! Can this be reported to the police?

Report for 1-5616555037 - 2020-02-28 561
Called and when I answered noone was there. It was at 9:00 a.m. on a Monday morning.

Report for 1-9257712956 - 2020-02-28 925
No answer when I picked up the phone

Report for 1-2530043005 - 2020-02-28 253
Got call on my cell phone from 562-212-3685 on 9/15/15 at 1:05pm. I didn't answer it and they left no message.

Report for 1-2607019455 - 2020-02-28 260
Didn't answer

Report for 1-6199919102 - 2020-02-28 619
Got a letter in mail and received a letter in the mail regarding your debt, including the same phone number and references, however when you call the number that shows up it was an office number not a cell phone. Also the letter does not state the name of the company that the letter is addressed to nor do they name your actual account. Also, the letter was not addressed to me the way a real government agency would issue a letter. Beware Beware Beware Beware Beware

Report for 1-4434689338 - 2020-02-28 443
Call came in - caller left no message

Report for 1-8313722188 - 2020-02-28 831
They hung up on me when I asked what

Report for 1-3033913990 - 2020-02-28 303
I also received this message, and unfortunately called! I pressed 1 to speak with a live agent, and all this tech support I just paid for. The lady answered and said she was with Microsoft Technical support and I just paid for! Haah.

Report for 1-8585605544 - 2020-02-28 858
Same as everyone else. The only difference I see between this & the others is that my subscription is expiring. I will not renew.

Report for 1-6313180513 - 2020-02-28 631
Scam/ phishing

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