Report for 1-9085951717 - 2020-05-27 908
Received call on my cell today saying it was Jennifer I hung up.

Report for 1-7036569970 - 2020-05-26 703
Stop calling and not leaving messages.

Report for 1-7182901533 - 2020-05-26 718
I just had a missed call from this number on my cell phone and when i called it back it was a disconnected number. Gotta be a scam of some sort

Report for 1-5408399363 - 2020-05-26 540
i got the same message about my name and address as everyone else did last week. this is my first time. did you do anything after that? like go to the bank?

Report for 1-9196021837 - 2020-05-26 919
Another scumbag telemarketer. No message left.

Report for 1-3524734748 - 2020-05-26 352
The call was for my niece, who I dont even live with nor have we ever met her. I can't imagine how someone could even get to her unless it was some sort of scam, or wrong number, but what's scary is they had the last 4 of my niece's social, my home address and my employer. I have made a report with the credit bureaus. BEWARE EVERYONE NEEDS TO DO THE SAME THING!

Report for 1-5702805430 - 2020-05-26 570
Calls every single day. Never leaves a voicemail. I've called back several times, I'm supposed to be on the do not call list. Very frustrating.

Report for 1-3148189988 - 2020-05-26 314
Scam call. A computer voice says "We are calling to refund your money as the company has been ordered to close down, please call us on our toll free 866-978-8019"

Report for 1-8123254860 - 2020-05-26 812
Received a call from 410-503-2040 on 7/20/16 at 7:55PM. Caller ID showed the caller to be "out of area." I did not answer because I suspected it's a robocall. There was no message left.

Report for 1-9037501041 - 2020-05-26 903
Caller ID: "Out Of Area". Robo caller. Pre-recorded message regarding energy saving products and programs.

Report for 1-2562179076 - 2020-05-26 256
called twice in rapid succession and left no message either time...

Report for 1-2126602001 - 2020-05-26 212
This was a recorded voice telling me there has been a complaint filed in their office. So I called the number back and asked where I was calling and they hung up. I filed a complaint with the FTC by calling their direct number online at the link:

Report for 1-2242524001 - 2020-05-26 224
Another "charity," National Disabled Veterans, who keep raising money for a non-existent VA program, through a bogus website that shows them in Florida, and that takes advantage of the Veterans Act, to funnel their donations right back to the organization:

Report for 1-7406220202 - 2020-05-26 740
I am on the no call list how is this kept from happening?

Report for 1-8592122690 - 2020-05-26 859
Just got this as well... scammers! Be careful folks!

Report for 1-4794456996 - 2020-05-26 479
Called my DNC registered landline. It's a new number I'm reporting to the FCC. It's just the phone number in the listing.

Report for 1-2626053375 - 2020-05-26 262
Scam call saying the social Security Administration has filed a lawsuit against you and to call them back.

Report for 1-9163631339 - 2020-05-26 916
Received a call from this number, no message

Report for 1-8124413600 - 2020-05-26 812
Text me asking for personal info. Called them and told them where to stick their text messaging app. They blocked the call. Scammers are everywhere - this # is just one more. Hope these jerks arent able to access your cell pone!

Report for 1-9252860668 - 2020-05-26 925
I got a called from this Jack person telling me to call him back by the end of business otherwise the federal offense would begin against me. I have gotten these call from a few different persons and they have all gone by Jack

Report for 1-8123201942 - 2020-05-26 812
I have received 15 calls from this number. Today I got a call from 845-207-1345. I called back and it says this number

Report for 1-3109294284 - 2020-05-26 310
Called and left no voicemail.

Report for 1-2319021000 - 2020-05-26 231
This is a scam number. Said I took a loan out in 2006. I never took a loan out!! They called my home phone and I blocked all numbers that are not in my contacts, and added them so they won't be able to leave messages. The number used to call me was (714) 781-7914. The name is now Anonymous. <

Report for 1-9104834091 - 2020-05-26 910
I just received four calls from this number between 4pm and 5:00pm today. I called back from my work number and the operator asks me if I would like to be placed in a do not call list I said Yes and it redirects me to a message with my options to remove my number from their call list. My number was already on the Do Not Call Registry so they are violating their listing by doing so. My next step is to file a complaint with the FBI

Report for 1-8125454335 - 2020-05-26 812
Left message to call 855-228-8061 ext. 51428 (no extension) to resolve dispute.

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