Report for 1-6232095225 - 2020-10-31 623
Called but did not leave a message

Report for 1-4088279606 - 2020-10-31 408
I got a call from this number, but my phone didn't ring. No voice messge, no anything at all on my caller id. After seeing all the previous reports I'm not surprised. A lot of these kinds of calls are from people looking for a bait to try to get you to pay them extortion money, or to get more information on you or your number. Just be careful who you talk to, you can lose a lot of money if you give them all kinds of information about your location or do anything online.

Report for 1-5165301660 - 2020-10-31 516
Received a voice mail from this number saying they were going out tomorrow 6-24-19 to serve papers. If they did not receive a signature they are going to submit my case to the county of which I haven't lived in for years, gave me a case # that wasn't linked to anything.

Report for 1-8165886526 - 2020-10-31 816
A male with a very heavy accent asked for me by my first name but spoke English poorly. Said he was calling about my Google+ and wanted me to verify my email address and my phone number. When I asked how he got my phone number, he said he didn't know, just needed it to be asked me a few questions. I said I had to do my homework first and he hung up.

Report for 1-9565544859 - 2020-10-31 956
They call me all the time! I don't answer it. They never leave a message!! I'm really tired of being harrassed by them. I don't even know how they got my number!

Report for 1-2483866888 - 2020-10-31 248
CID said Covington, KY no message left.

Report for 1-6787844578 - 2020-10-31 678
This call is for a one time gov't loan deposit of 500.00 if you do yes to anything about this loan press 1 to get these funds deposited into your bank

Report for 1-7146075777 - 2020-10-31 714
this number has been calling me for days. no message

Report for 1-8586530260 - 2020-10-31 858
Just called me as well and said they're calling from the Social Security Administration, stating my SSN and other important information that needs to be updated or something. I said, why are you calling me? Why not just do your job or contact me. And I would be happy to update any issues with SSN. And then hung up. I'll be blocking this number right now.

Report for 1-2053454402 - 2020-10-31 205

Report for 1-6501076682 - 2020-10-31 650
Got a call on cell and house phone from this number stating that there was a law suit filed against me but left no case number or name as to why it was for. Said they would be delivering a warrant to my county and that I needed to be available and to have a valid ID

Report for 1-9543030709 - 2020-10-31 954
This was the first phone call I received from this number. They did not leave a message.

Report for 1-6193091943 - 2020-10-31 619
Caller would not answer and when I ask who they were they would not identify who they were. Kept calling and calling.

Report for 1-9151261235 - 2020-10-31 915
I received a call from this number, did not answer it. They left a voice mail, all it said was "if you would like to be removed from this call press 2" then it disconnected. I do not have an account with Visa/MC. I have no idea what they are talking about.

Report for 1-4014891716 - 2020-10-29 401
This number was on my call display but did not wait for the tone to stop. The only thing I received was the callers "Hi this is John from the "Customer Service Department" and I wanted to give you a personalized voicemail that you have one one last call to get yourself over to the website to redeem..."

Report for 1-2038854821 - 2020-10-29 203
same here

Report for 1-3059674799 - 2020-10-29 305
These jerks just called me from 408-358-3087. I was confused because when the "real" me calls this number, the guy says "hello" rather than the polite greeting one expects from a telemarketer. At first I was worried, then I realized that it was a scam of some sort.

Report for 1-8314123882 - 2020-10-29 831
Got message regarding student loan (unpaid) for a "John". This is a scam, and I wish some people would catch them and execute them!

Report for 1-6122702709 - 2020-10-29 612
The "Free Money" scam. You never get paid unless you sign up for it.

Report for 1-3233319269 - 2020-10-29 323
I received the same text as those above- it comes from a phone number that's different every time, so obviously a scam

Report for 1-4804412090 - 2020-10-29 480
Caller ID: CHICAGO IL. Called today at 9:12am. No message.

Report for 1-6024261515 - 2020-10-29 602
Called my cell phone. Left a message that my Microsoft "license" is about to expire and to call the 866-215-0563 to renew. Obvious scam. I haven't called back.

Report for 1-8312660903 - 2020-10-29 831
Called but did not leave vm. My phone blocked it.

Report for 1-2811378546 - 2020-10-29 281
We got a phone call from this number as well. Caller ID said from New Jersey. No message.

Report for 1-8123019565 - 2020-10-29 812
Called twice about 20 minutes apart. Left me a voice mail about I won a package and to call back. I haven't called them back because I have not entered a contest and

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