Report for 1-8042201962 - 2020-01-18 804
Fake Social Security Scam - Received unsolicited call. Criminals looking for gullible victims. Old scam to get personal information and Credit Card info.

Report for 1-3038093966 - 2020-01-18 303
Called my cell number asking for my husband, who has a different middle name. Said we were in some type of legal trouble, and that they were trying to get in touch with him. Said he would use his preferred attorney of course.

Report for 1-2032726789 - 2020-01-18 203
no name, just call

Report for 1-4132698168 - 2020-01-18 413
I answered they said they were giving me free cancer screening and my doctor will call me if I want the info. I said ok and hung up the call.

Report for 1-7025201338 - 2020-01-18 702
Have to confess, they were rather convincing (especially with regards to getting you to listen to his "previous attempts" and "the information" he was going to tell me about. They even had the nerve to give me an extended "case file" and "case number." I was still skeptical until he told me that if you call this number, you get his call blocker, the ability to block calls from this number and other phone numbers he will call from. (I was told if I call any of this number 3 more times, I could be added to a "do not call" registry.)

Report for 1-7084080570 - 2020-01-18 708
Called me and didn't leave a VM. This is what I just read on this forum: "This number calls me every other day. I never pick up, but have noticed the

Report for 1-2107744247 - 2020-01-18 210
They did the same thing to me. I got a call from this number today and after I told them 3 times that I was not the person they were looking for I also said they had the wrong number. The next morning I received another call from the same number but a new man's voice on the other end. I told him the same thing the first time and he got rude and stated " I got nothing to lose is all you'll have to pay." I asked to speak to a supervisor and was refused. I have never got a supervisor on the phone before the guy I spoke with. I did call back the number and it has been disconnected. Very rude.

Report for 1-9031226894 - 2020-01-18 903
This is a call center. They are fishing for information about your credit cards, and when you ask them why they keep trying to call you, the response is "Well the economy is bad so I want to increase my credit scores. How about the 4 digit credit card number I just had for 800 notes?" They are

Report for 1-7162157837 - 2020-01-18 716
Robo call. Scam

Report for 1-6316692555 - 2020-01-18 631
Called yesterday and today. Caller ID showed "Unknown." I answered the first time and it sounded like the caller was on the phone with a child. I then hung up. Since yesterday I have received several less urgent calls. No message was left. Today, I answered, was "Kathy _____ from the Police Action Fund." There was a pause and when I responded "I'm sorry", they said, not quite as clearly, "What is?" I said, "I'm sorry, I didn't hear the name." And they hung up. I think they might have hoped I would answer with that name and commit to supporting them by a donation. Oh.

Report for 1-8044092228 - 2020-01-18 804
This is a robocall saying they are calling about my vehicle's warranty expiring. I bought from the dealership.

Report for 1-4692140391 - 2020-01-18 469
I didn't answer but caller ID said it was from Seattle, WA

Report for 1-4106737171 - 2020-01-18 410
I did not answer and no message was left.

Report for 1-7062911406 - 2020-01-18 706
Said something about IRS. I said "who is this?" And she repeated it then said "sorry, wrong number"

Report for 1-9374709153 - 2020-01-16 937
These people left a voice message stating that they are going to call my employers with an arrest warrant, the first warning was the warrant and my supervisor needs to call them... then today the same message about my employer.

Report for 1-7146773159 - 2020-01-16 714
I got a call from this number at 9:47 am, 9:55, 11:01, 11:49, & 12:37 pm on 2/22/16. I do not answer if I don't recognize number. Left no message. Blocked number through my cell/landline provider.

Report for 1-4137825579 - 2020-01-16 413
Caller ID = (888) 212-6264The message left stated "this is a time to act now for...then nothing said on my voicemail.

Report for 1-9290081118 - 2020-01-16 929
I got a call from them too. It is from a company called CFS, Credit, Settlement, Finace.

Report for 1-2068011060 - 2020-01-16 206
Got a call from this number and was asking me questions about a vehicle I no longer own . I've already gotten these calls from other numbers as well .

Report for 1-2092992743 - 2020-01-16 209
I got a call from this number a few minutes ago and they left this very same message as other folks. "Yes, this is Stacy and I'm calling in regards to your federal student loan. Um. I need to discuss your repayment options for future reference if you could just be sure to give me a call back my number is 866-217-7017 and um I go to give reference number if you would just be sure to call back your reference number is _______. Thank you" (Not even my name)Scary how many other folks they call. I'm going to block this number, but I'm not positive that does anything.

Report for 1-6022669689 - 2020-01-16 602
Just received a call from 773-869-1614, stating that it was not a spam call. Not to disregard this message. Just dial 7 or have the case number ready. Also said if I did not call back all he could do is wish me luck as this situation unfolds upon me. First off, I'm on the DNC list so why do they not comply? Don't know what to do?

Report for 1-2708870100 - 2020-01-16 270
Same as above, just ignored as well

Report for 1-7086632456 - 2020-01-16 708
Received two calls on the cell phone from this number on 10/20/14. Answered the second call and left it sit until answering machine picked up. No message left.

Report for 1-8123228292 - 2020-01-16 812
They told me exactly the same thing.

Report for 1-9031183383 - 2020-01-16 903
Recorded message about how I should call an IRS agent, but the number they called from was from my area code. Glad I googled and found this post!

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