Report for 1-6612707002 - 2020-02-26 661
I'm on the do not call list. This number keeps calling me at my office. I refuse to answer, as I'm sure it's a sales call of some type. No message left.

Report for 1-9036635011 - 2020-02-26 903
I did not answer

Report for 1-3152328364 - 2020-02-26 315
same as everyone - recording with no voice telling me that I have been selected. Press 1. I pressed 1 and someone with a very thick accent started trying to tell me about an award and how they would bill me for free trip if I made purchase within 12 hours. I kept asking for something to be mailed (which he kept telling me) or at least a receipt. Just kept trying to ask for my Visa card number. Total scam.

Report for 1-9250922638 - 2020-02-26 925
You need a new name, number and app since no other phone I own has "Call Control". I have a bunch of call blockers that you can buy with "Call Control" listed on the app drawer. You can pick an area code and block all phone numbers in a specific area code, part of a whole range or just entire area codes, plus this is a phone only blocked number list of area codes you can block. It's a wonderful app and not too complicated-just know that for $2.99 a month it's very cheap enough to never have to pay for them anymore

Report for 1-9142423357 - 2020-02-26 914
Called and left a message about some type of a settlement. No thanks! Blocked!

Report for 1-3098311119 - 2020-02-26 309
Same....They left no

Report for 1-9492294400 - 2020-02-26 949
I just received a call, too. The message left was broken up, but it says if I or my lawyer do not return the call an arrest warrant will be issued and my local police will come arrest me. The beginning part of the message was distorted, but the rest was in my best English translation. Very bad audio quality. Total scam. I'm reporting it to the FTC also. I love to prank these people, and the more it gets reported, the less these guys get. Good laugh!

Report for 1-5864435689 - 2020-02-26 586
Receiving calls from this number and similar numbers on my cell. Never leave a message and when I call back message says it's a non working number.

Report for 1-3232384944 - 2020-02-26 323
Called and left no message

Report for 1-8649992750 - 2020-02-26 864
I answered and they said they was from the police department looking for donations. When I told him I was uncomfortable with their motives and would not do it over the phone he said he would send a pledge card in the mail. I told him I had no money to give to a charity over the phone in the mail. He then hung up

Report for 1-7036569949 - 2020-02-26 703
Called my cell phone twice - no message.

Report for 1-7703148849 - 2020-02-26 770
Call, no messages left. I'm sure this is a spammer

Report for 1-8132522330 - 2020-02-26 813

Report for 1-6169802825 - 2020-02-26 616
Recording asking if I can hear them ok. I say No and they say goodbye and hang up.

Report for 1-9549904183 - 2020-02-26 954
Yes, I just got one a minute ago. A scam to sell a website, the callers do not know that most people now have the ability to block the calls. The callers are a foreign speaking group of scammers. The majority of their call centers are located in North Carolina with the call centers paying the government taxes to have the phone lines in the states. These calls usually originate from India.

Report for 1-4400669770 - 2020-02-26 440
This is a total scam the person calling says their name is Chris Brown and that they are filing papers on behalf of some court in your county. They also say that you must be available for them to provide you with information on the filing. I've been getting calls for a few weeks from the same company and the same message but with other numbers now too. They have also used my ex - ex-husband's last name from my marriage 15 years ago as the person they are trying to contact and they have a number on file with him and asking if it's my correct last name. This is the third company using my info to get ahold of me and I still don't understand how they got my cell number. I don't owe any payday loans either.

Report for 1-9188956583 - 2020-02-26 918
I also got the text with an email attachment. I called back and they said they would not call further unless I confirmed my google sign in info. I think this needs to be reported to the ftc.

Report for 1-4107426552 - 2020-02-26 410
Scam and these ppl should be in jail, just block them.

Report for 1-7402544666 - 2020-02-26 740
I didn't recognize the number so I didn't pick up. No message was left.

Report for 1-3145808872 - 2020-02-26 314
They left a voice mail stating their name was Angela and they were trying to get a hold of my ex-wife of 7 years. I have not seen or spoke with her in over 10 years.

Report for 1-9032051776 - 2020-02-26 903
Keep getting a call from this number. Hang up when I answer.

Report for 1-3133563075 - 2020-02-26 313
I got this too, and it was a robo caller. The message said if i do not hang up the next person who speaks the English language will always win the lottery, and that a lot of people will fall in Love with me if just one woman says that to me. I pressed 1 to call back and it is a recorded message.

Report for 1-4400092022 - 2020-02-26 440
They called me at 10PM which is illegal in every state.

Report for 1-3033178434 - 2020-02-26 303
Called and left message about the 'streets'. Blocked!

Report for 1-3467665559 - 2020-02-26 346
Called multiple times. Did not pick up. No message left.

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