Report for 1-4103819249 - 2020-05-23 410
This company has called and left many recorded messages to collect a debt. I am not the person they are counting on for any kind of debt, nor am I familiar with

Report for 1-8126120374 - 2020-05-23 812
Called my business, said they were from the police dept soliciting donations.

Report for 1-5032449061 - 2020-05-23 503
This is a scam call. Just like others they want you to call them back about "a very important matter" before "it proceeds to the next stage." It's an automatic voice saying the call is "suspected" from "The Department of Legal Affairs". It sounds like the scammer is trying to

Report for 1-4232369467 - 2020-05-23 423
I have gotten 4 calls so far today. Caller ID says, "unknown" .....

Report for 1-5205460485 - 2020-05-23 520
Got my call as well... did not answer... blocked the number

Report for 1-8435121702 - 2020-05-23 843
Called back and the man said the company was A.K.A the law firm A.K.A the Law Firm. Threatening to sue. Asked for the address (he hung up on me). Asked for the phone number (he said no) He asked if I know what that number was (he said no). I hung up and called back (he yelled my name) and again wanted the number (he hung up on me). This went on 3 times. When I called back again (he said "I just wanted the address" then hung up on me) I got a rude woman (she would not provide me with any information) and when I asked what A.K.A. was, she threatened me with lawsuits. My husband is getting a call right now about "a case filed against you and your social being attached". BEWARE PEOPLE ! It's a SCAM!! My husband has had trouble with the "FALA Act" a few times and is still not sure if what this man is saying is true. BEWARE PEOPLE!!!

Report for 1-9199627092 - 2020-05-23 919
This is a company from New York calling to offer free roofing evaluations for hail damage repair. The hail from 5 years ago never seems to come out to do this assessment so I had to see if this company could help me do it.

Report for 1-9176536792 - 2020-05-22 917
Unknown number and caller ID said FRAUD. Blocked

Report for 1-2721133346 - 2020-05-21 272
The number called me on 8-18-19 at 11:23 A. M. The lady had a strong accent and said something to the effect of "You are eligible for a medical insurance plan" which I did not respond to. There was a big white "bloom" noise and a cut off. I just hung up.

Report for 1-2024173968 - 2020-05-21 202
I got the same call and called back and there was no answer and they wouldnt tell me the business name of the company.

Report for 1-3472416163 - 2020-05-21 347
I got that same message and I haven't gotten a call on my cell, only my employer. Any luck finding that out? I just got a voicemail from this so called Lisa Jackson too. What does it mean that these people are calling you now and then knowing your employer is aware?

Report for 1-9036638023 - 2020-05-21 903
They did not answer when I answered then they disconnected the call

Report for 1-4135430700 - 2020-05-21 413
They are in fact a company name that will be found on the warranty page because when you go to the website it will have a number to click which is not a legitimate part of their business if you try to do this it'll charge you a fee for the fake warranty it is a scam when you use the browser you can just google their number to see what they are at their real business which is legit but you'll still be scammed

Report for 1-8187062477 - 2020-05-21 818
called my cell phone ,did not leave message BLOCKED!

Report for 1-3055153360 - 2020-05-21 305
This company is a very stupid business of people. I contacted the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau (first contact was from 941-283-4060, which I called back using *67 (anonymous) and ask for the name and address of the company; Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) in Atlanta, Georgia has no record of them (they don't know they do business like this!). My request to speak to a manager is ignored-I will not even put in my number the the *67 trick! The man who answered my call acted the fool! I was completely rattled when he picked up the phone when I asked to be taken off the calling list, as he acted like he never heard my voice! The CFPB will never be happy that their employees are allowing these criminals to make a living doing their jobs. Just my 2 cents!!

Report for 1-4351202071 - 2020-05-21 435
This number called my cell. I declined it. I called back. I got a recording to press the #1 to be removed, so I did. I pressed #2 and it hung up. No more calls

Report for 1-9549419345 - 2020-05-21 954
Did not answer-no message left. Now blocked

Report for 1-5034684547 - 2020-05-21 503
They left a msg saying they received information about fraudulent activity on my Social Security and to call them back before they start legal proceedings. Yeah, so the same people from India, Pakistan, and other COUNTRIES calling to tell me that my social security is being used fraudulently. LOL. Scammers.

Report for 1-9046707146 - 2020-05-21 904
I keep getting a call from them saying that I should call her right away because I have a case pending and I need to call the legal department. I would call and it be a different company everytime I get the call because it's always the same woman. She's trying to scam people and get money.

Report for 1-9304000000 - 2020-05-21 930
Same robo-call. I have no tax bill in my name etc. I did not answer. I just blocked it.

Report for 1-7577153241 - 2020-05-21 757
Got a call at 12:20pm Central this morning (5/2). Didn't answer and no message was left. Caller ID identified the caller as Bank of America. I've put them in my contacts with an icon of a "thumbs down" so when they call again I will actually interact with them ... that was pretty good practice.

Report for 1-4121703007 - 2020-05-21 412
Just got a call too.. same number saying all the same stuff. I've received a call from same number but says its a different person every i

Report for 1-3474412464 - 2020-05-21 347
This number called me and left an empty voice mail message.

Report for 1-9802332733 - 2020-05-21 980
They called my cell and my home. Left no message.

Report for 1-9734029718 - 2020-05-21 973
It is a scam. They never left a message.

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