Report for 1-2146995999 - 2020-08-19 214
Calls several times a d

Report for 1-3604500074 - 2020-08-19 360
Yes...I have received a letter from the IRS and this is a scam. The letter does not have an extension number that I know of. Scamming and scamming are not words I would use for it. I contacted the sheriff's department in the area and they are not aware of the letter. Scammers never quit. If they want you they will keep coming.

Report for 1-2035808084 - 2020-08-19 203
Same number just left me a vm. When I checked my message, it was from my bank and they said that they were not calling, but wanted me to call 844-260-8988 regarding my card. I called back, someone with heavy Indian accent answered. When I asked him what the problem was, he asked my last 4 digits of my soc sec #. I said "no, not your soc sec #. What did you want me to give you?" And he said "okay, callback by 9PM tomorrow." I told him: No, I'm calling because in no way did you ever give the person who called you my soc sec #. He said "You will not see your account until you close the bank." I told him that i would be reporting his number to the fraud center.

Report for 1-2282200229 - 2020-08-19 228
called, no message, scam, my phone says scam risk

Report for 1-9035521414 - 2020-08-19 903
I finally picked up a call from this number this morning just to see what they were up to....after saying hello a couple of times he finally said he was from the National Police Fund looking for money for fallen police Officers. The guy could barely speak English and said he was from the New Mexico Police Dept. I immediately hung up. The whole thing stinks!!!

Report for 1-8054501819 - 2020-08-19 805
Received call on cell phone - they have called before, but I do not answer as this is a scam caller. CID showed WCF - called a few months ago & blocked them, and again today. Have to wonder what the point is is they are calling so many people and what are they looking for?

Report for 1-7324466129 - 2020-08-19 732
This is a scam. They are calling my mother and they left a voice mail. My mother has no debt and the message says that it is time sensitive that she called them. I called them back and the guy hung up on me when I told him that she was in the hospital and if there was anything they could do for him. When I called back again the guy said that we don't take calls from him. Funny [***]. Also called from 954-984-

Report for 1-6106480730 - 2020-08-19 610
Calls, doesn't leave message

Report for 1-9546920419 - 2020-08-19 954
called 2x didn't answer.

Report for 1-6369250197 - 2020-08-19 636
I have never owned a website, and never wanted to, so I ignore these calls

Report for 1-8123875857 - 2020-08-19 812
This number calls me several times daily. I block them

Report for 1-8123875857 - 2020-08-19 812
Just got the same call to day

Report for 1-5107850196 - 2020-08-17 510

Report for 1-3103957272 - 2020-08-17 310

Report for 1-9292291459 - 2020-08-16 929
Calls and does not speak. This is a scammer. CID says WCF.

Report for 1-6315257129 - 2020-08-15 631

Report for 1-6369250197 - 2020-08-15 636
Just received a call from someone with a thick accent claiming they are a computer repair center. They had my name and asked me what computer I have. I told them I am a Mac. They asked me to confirm it that I have more than 2.00 an ID, a file on the computer and to type in a command. At that point I told them I did not have or do any computer repair services. They then asked for the name. After giving some guess a name that I could not understand I told them I was not going to comply with them and I did not have a Mac. They hung up.

Report for 1-6319728099 - 2020-08-13 631
They keep calling and when calling block they call from a anonymous number

Report for 1-2104602651 - 2020-08-12 210
We had 9 missed calls from this number on 9/29. No message left. The phone rings again, and I see this number and say Hello - but no one one ever says anything. These calls have been coming for about 2 weeks.....I have no idea who to call

Report for 1-7175019236 - 2020-08-12 717
"Bill Smith" said they were with the State Department of Justice and that a case was about to be filed against me for a bank loan with Advance America for an alleged amount of $4,995.75 and they would like for me to call their office with time sensitive documentation in order to get the case closed without my knowledge. He did identify himself as "Bill Smith" but with a different voice and said he was calling from the United Nations in New York, USA!!

Report for 1-7155976277 - 2020-08-12 715
The number is calling for one day a week but hang up

Report for 1-7149946960 - 2020-08-11 714
These idiots call my cell and home phone and I have blocked the numbers but I'm getting tired if these idiots.

Report for 1-2340039810 - 2020-08-11 234
The DNC list is for telemarketers & only affects legitimate ones. Criminals can just call as many times as they want & nobody will do anything about it.

Report for 1-2149475450 - 2020-08-09 214
I just received calls from an unknown number and 877-225-5473 stating that they are a debt collection service who is working on a court case against me and to call another number and to ask for Christopher White. I don't have any debts.

Report for 1-5614016735 - 2020-08-09 561
Calling me saying I have a case against me. My name is on the do not call list. Please stop calling

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