Report for 1-2603992437 - 2020-08-04 260
this number calls 2-3 times daily. No one says anything when you say hello.

Report for 1-6085791094 - 2020-08-04 608
Same thing happened to me, I blocked this number. A bunch of criminal scammers.

Report for 1-2012096700 - 2020-08-04 201
same as above

Report for 1-4802708764 - 2020-08-04 480
The number calls me several times a day and hangs up every single time. The same thing just happens at home every single day. I never actually get an actual person to talk to. I would appreciate their name and business and they

Report for 1-5096242229 - 2020-08-04 509
They have called once or twice a day since August 11th & never leave a message.

Report for 1-3476752439 - 2020-08-03 347
caller id says customer srv. i let the machine pick up. no message was left.

Report for 1-4156851356 - 2020-08-03 415
Scammers. Fake vehicle warranty coverage. They called and asked for someone with my last name but wrong first name, but that is not my first nor last name. I asked which company my vehicle was through and they said a company called Auto Funding. They asked when would I like to schedule a payment in advance of a recall. I asked how much was the full price and they couldn't tell me. I asked for a number to call back and got blocked. Then I called the number back and they said someone would be at my house on that day to look at a recall notification. I did not get that person's name. I said the person that called me wasn't who I was looking for, so he hung up. Don't call back but don't give them any information including any of your information.

Report for 1-2123152010 - 2020-08-03 212
I received 3 messages, all from a guy named James Wilson, saying that they were from the IRS. The call was a recorded message, obviously not

Report for 1-9549212123 - 2020-08-03 954
Scammer saying if I didn't call back I will be taken to federal court.

Report for 1-5152416212 - 2020-08-03 515
Got a call last night from John Miller saying I committed fraud and he needs my attorney or myself to call this number. I called last Friday and the guy said to go out and get a paper and pen and call. I was in class so I didn't have time to get one. I called again this morning and there was nobody but a weird noise in the background. I left my phone off the hook until yesterday and it must of been on silent for 5 minutes and I had to call back. The voice on the phone said a supervisor would come to the phone in 2 hours to tell me about my debt. I'm not even a criminal!! I know who to trust and not to talk to. I'm contacting the Attorney General and going to school on this. I'm not stupid!

Report for 1-9042658157 - 2020-08-02 904
Called at 10:32am, then at 10:50am and 11:31am, I don't live in Aurora either so I know it's a telemarketing call.

Report for 1-8313293707 - 2020-07-31 831
Same. I didn't answer.

Report for 1-4061139000 - 2020-07-30 406
Scam to save you money on credit cards. When I pressed 1 to speak to someone to ask why I was being harrassed she hung up on me.

Report for 1-3474080455 - 2020-07-30 347
Got call from this number, left me voice mail with no message. My number has no relation to my address on credit applications. So how did they get my number?

Report for 1-2677316734 - 2020-07-30 267
Got a phone call from this number. Some guy wanting me to join a meeting, but never said who I was or what he calling on behalf of. I hung up.

Report for 1-6122390798 - 2020-07-30 612
Called and asked me my name saying its a "courtesy call" and then I replied that is not me and he said "then I will hang up and continue to block"

Report for 1-6183451834 - 2020-07-30 618
this person is calling me

Report for 1-9035338946 - 2020-07-30 903
My boyfriend and I have had this problem. She has called our phone multiple times saying she has been trying to get in contact with me. I've never met this person, so I won't say what to them. She has been trying to get in touch with me for over 9 years now. I've had the same phone for about four. I just wrote her a letter and told her not to call my phone anymore cause they dont like any more threats. I think it would be best if all of us who are being harassed by this person write letters and say we are going to call this number and threaten them with our lawyer. I'd go a little crazy on them if they do call my phone anymore. I'm also in the process of talking to my phone company to see if they can block this number/caller.

Report for 1-3133731499 - 2020-07-30 313
no message

Report for 1-9562779543 - 2020-07-30 956
The lady called and left a message to call because I had not paid my taxes in the last 6 months and that it was about a legal matter if I was going to be arrested.

Report for 1-9162214310 - 2020-07-30 916
Called the number back and the automated message stated call was being transferred to a representative. They did not identify themselves or the company.

Report for 1-3072016606 - 2020-07-30 307
This number called and left a messege on my phone threatening to sue me about owing a debt in their office for $5,000. They even mentioned local law enforcement and said if I could not pay it that he would send the papers to my job. When I called they wouldn't send me any info, refused to tell who said they were. These people are so full of [***] sc

Report for 1-7192134550 - 2020-07-30 719
They have called me a couple more times today. I have not picked up but if I do they just hang up.

Report for 1-6150040498 - 2020-07-30 615
Receive calls from (469) 225-9764 at least once daily for the last week. I never got calls on that number until today. There was silence on the voicemail. I listened to it several times to figure out.

Report for 1-5122567179 - 2020-07-30 512
Spam robo call

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