Report for 1-4074390395 - 2020-03-29 407
Call to my cell

Report for 1-5638733718 - 2020-03-29 563
So they called twice on my cell phone - I'm really scared they have my name and my cell number. I'll not be calling them. I did have payday loans in my past but they are out of statute and I got them paid back.

Report for 1-3158256250 - 2020-03-29 315
Called just after 9:00 a.m. and left no message.

Report for 1-7701723201 - 2020-03-29 770
Called several

Report for 1-2692188039 - 2020-03-29 269
Answered an "unknown" call. It was a prerecorded message about a free trip they want to give away. Blocked.

Report for 1-4123654772 - 2020-03-29 412
Called the number back from another phone and the "number has been disconnected". I hope so. They call me every day multiple times.

Report for 1-2127136991 - 2020-03-29 212
Got the same voicemail as everyone else!

Report for 1-9193760572 - 2020-03-29 919
Call on Sunday at 5:45PM. Left no message.

Report for 1-6316921000 - 2020-03-29 631
Received a call from this number on my cell phone.

Report for 1-6177237700 - 2020-03-29 617
Got call from this number, didn't answer. Called at 6:15 pm - didn't get to phone in time.

Report for 1-8147399631 - 2020-03-29 814
Called this morning - I answered the phone and nobody was there - so I knew it was a scammer - and blocked all future calls from that number.

Report for 1-7852286692 - 2020-03-29 785
They just told me that it was about my ex husbands credit, not on my credit report...what the heck kind of business is this?

Report for 1-2124908900 - 2020-03-29 212
Called left no voice mail. Blocked.

Report for 1-7862240352 - 2020-03-29 786
They left a message, "The Federal Government Student Loan Advisory Group." This is a total scam. Do not call me or answer this number.

Report for 1-2168101843 - 2020-03-29 216
I just got the same call. I actually thought it was a scam but I was just so worried. They said I was being monitored and that I was going to be arrested for two felony cases. I asked the man where I could meet up with my lawyer and he hung up on me. I actually thought I was being arrested! I thought maybe my husband was involved in something, but when you get an automated call it just said to call back. I wish I knew a number where I could report it. Thank you all for the information! I am glad I am not the only one getting this call!

Report for 1-6083050749 - 2020-03-29 608
Called with no message left.

Report for 1-4085129928 - 2020-03-29 408
This number calls me at my work phone. And they called me at home!

Report for 1-8152435049 - 2020-03-29 815
I just received the same call..said was a last notice from irs I am being fined, etc. blah blah blah..i am not calling back. If it's that important why are they contacting by phone?

Report for 1-2402007498 - 2020-03-29 240
i have received a message from a Rachel (i'm not calling) saying I have a credit on there is a civil suit in my name and if i do not respond within 48 hrs they will have to start process of filing it my name is listed as a defendant. I live in Canada and have no prior civil litigation, so why are they contacting me about it if it is legit? It is annoying. They tell you to call back at 888-406-7473 ext. 101

Report for 1-9046859068 - 2020-03-28 904
Got a call. Answered because I was expecting a call from a doctor's office in that area code. It was a recorded voice saying "Congratulations, all members of my household have won a chance to enter an online contest" that started with a lot of words about being a winner. I hung up.

Report for 1-2162085789 - 2020-03-28 216
Called on cell phone and left a voicemail, sounded like a scam.

Report for 1-2166091221 - 2020-03-28 216
I'm getting these calls and never answered it.

Report for 1-9403002790 - 2020-03-28 940
Called on a Friday afternoon around 6:00AM. Didn't leave a message. Blocked the number.

Report for 1-3614451620 - 2020-03-28 361
Said my Apple account was breached. I don't have any Apple devices.

Report for 1-8437478341 - 2020-03-28 843
Received a call from this number but they hung up when they got my answering machine.

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