Report for 1-9567124133 - 2019-11-24 956
Rec'd a VM stating they were "CRA" and were calling "this has been a very frustrating time for you and your family before the charges are pressed, call this number to discuss the case". We are ignoring this as a scam. Blocked.

Report for 1-2034091723 - 2019-11-24 203
Scammers call me at least twice a week. They said that i have to pay 5200 dlls for a grant of 8000.00. And my name get put on an list and i have to go out and buy a card for 250.00 . When i ask what do i need the card to to get the money, they told me that i have to pay 250.00 upfront to activate the card.

Report for 1-3234053716 - 2019-11-24 323
I received the same call... the gentleman who called identified himself as being with a law firm. He stated that I needed to call him as soon as possible because the legal paperwork was about to be issued and that I better call him back or else I was going to be arrested and had to immediately sign the paperwork. The caller also stated to speak to an Attorney. When I asked for a phone number to call him at due to the number being private and that I would not give them the call back number, he hung up and when I tried calling back later that evening, there was no answer.

Report for 1-2705609757 - 2019-11-24 270
Just got a text message with the header "Your AVA Status is " & text-to-speech automated voice saying, "Please call 888-621-1857"

Report for 1-2068233943 - 2019-11-23 206
I received a call from this number too. I was told to call the number above to get my name removed from a list. The number they called in on was a business number that was disconnected so my daughter had not even set up the fax yet. So, we called a friend who also happens to be a personal friend of my husband's who has his own business in the Denver, CO area to confirm the number is not associated with any current owner of our business.The number I called actually belonged to a business for which, if there is ever a need for a business number, it is probably going to be on your caller ID.

Report for 1-8308334886 - 2019-11-23 830
Called my phone. Left voicemail but said it was a credit union robocall.

Report for 1-6177896541 - 2019-11-23 617
Threatening call regarding back taxes I don't have

Report for 1-3107388844 - 2019-11-23 310
They just called me saying they were calling on behalf of AT&T Direct TV. They had called numerous times before and I have repeatedly told them they are no longer AT&T Direct TV and to stop calling me. What steps do i take???

Report for 1-6145669933 - 2019-11-23 614
Said they were from the social security administration and to call back. I think it is a scam. There has been no mail from this SS Admin Dept.

Report for 1-2173593788 - 2019-11-23 217
same here

Report for 1-8174021411 - 2019-11-23 817
Caller ID = TOLL FREE CALL no message left on machine

Report for 1-9784627151 - 2019-11-22 978
I did not answer. No message left.

Report for 1-4079330671 - 2019-11-22 407
Some kind of robocaller soliciting donations for "breast cancer".

Report for 1-5010251314 - 2019-11-22 501
Received a call from this number and the ID only displayed "out of area" no message left.

Report for 1-2137698526 - 2019-11-22 213
Called a few minutes ago. Didn't answer.

Report for 1-2532350362 - 2019-11-22 253
Received a call that said it was urgent and for a name I did not recognize. I was told to call 800-239-6394 to resolve the matter.

Report for 1-2514731900 - 2019-11-22 251
Received call from this number. No message was left.

Report for 1-8157132913 - 2019-11-22 815
Spam call

Report for 1-4242189017 - 2019-11-22 424
I got a call from this number on my cell, they did not leave a message,I tried to call it back and got on hold music. I waited awhile, no answer. Its from Texas.

Report for 1-6151721181 - 2019-11-22 615
Same here, asked to speak to person in charge of car maintenance.

Report for 1-2144314809 - 2019-11-22 214
This # has called me 4 times in the last week. When I pick up, they hang up. How do you get it stopped? I think I'll call them back and just sit through the phone ringing forever until there computer disconnects them. It's annoying!

Report for 1-8161060083 - 2019-11-21 816
No message. Scammers. Blocked.

Report for 1-2202358522 - 2019-11-21 220
Called my cellphone without identifying themselves or leaving a voicemail.

Report for 1-7083041112 - 2019-11-21 708
I answered the phone and no one was on the other end. This is just getting really irritating.

Report for 1-2023968646 - 2019-11-21 202
Same as others. Rang twice, then hung up.

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