Report for 1-8636222961 - 2019-11-21 863
The message that you received is a recording saying "Thank you...." as we hang up if someone responds. This happened twice to us.

Report for 1-3476724706 - 2019-11-21 347
Said to call the number if we're being sued by the IRS. SCAM

Report for 1-2534958450 - 2019-11-21 253
Have recd 2 calls today and 1 yesterday. No message left I won't answer unknown numbers and blocked the number.

Report for 1-6093854343 - 2019-11-21 609
It is a collection service for student loans. They will call you from 7am to 9pm and it always changes the time.

Report for 1-4072996161 - 2019-11-20 407
They called me a few minutes ago and there was a pause before a recording

Report for 1-8043596662 - 2019-11-20 804
Received a call, they left a message this number. Threatening to take action to have charges brought up against me for Social Security fraud. The caller had my date of birth and was very intimidating.

Report for 1-9788628875 - 2019-11-20 978
"Hi this is Rebecca from Global...I'm calling to inform you that you've been pre-approved for the $95,000 line of credit - we need your personal information to process your approval..."

Report for 1-5123420915 - 2019-11-20 512
No message.

Report for 1-9014619567 - 2019-11-20 901
Been getting multiple hang ups calling me from this number every day. I am also on the "Do Not Call List" which I have asked the Federal authorities for information to prove that I have a legitimate business relationship with a company that has never contacted me before. The Federal government will give me no additional information whatsoever, and they will not remove my number from any of their databases. It is not until you contact them through snail mail and request additional information that they ever actually do anything. If this keeps up I'm going to use some local police officers to drag this out and give a few of them a taste of their own medicine for once. I will also ask to speak with my attorney concerning further retaliation for these harrassing telephone calls. If this is a legitimate company they should be held accountable for their actions. In addition, since this is a non-published phone number, we should have all available information about this company that the telephone company will be unable to block. I would like to see if anyone has the information that actually leads to these people and we send them a letter to cease and desist this harrassment. These practices are against the law, and I'm not in any way afraid of being arrested for harrassment.

Report for 1-2819685362 - 2019-11-20 281
When you do a call back after this call, it just keeps ringing with no answer. I called it back and it just keeps ringing and no answer.

Report for 1-7022932635 - 2019-11-20 702
I received a similar kind of message today about being arrested by the local law for fraud and to take down the information and call them back as soon as possible. I called they told me that it was my "second notice" but first I had to pay a fee of $200 in order to get the grant money of $7000. Then they ask for my personal information and I told her that the government would never ask me this and I was not going to give them personal information. But she was persistent and kept telling me that this third call they have to pay the fee to get the money, then said that I will receive a check from the "dept of grant" within 15 to 20 minutes then hung up. Definite scam.

Report for 1-6012284672 - 2019-11-20 601
I keep getting calls saying they are going to sue me and that they arent. Is this any way to get them to leave me alone. They are calling my job and my personal cell....and its all in Spanish.

Report for 1-5033895326 - 2019-11-20 503
I'm going to take up a wall and make every spammer that calls me a scammer because I'm sick of the crap that happens when you answer your phone and the telemarketer starts up. You have one hour to pay and if you don't the cops are going to come and arrest you. This is a common ploy by criminals masquerading as charities to steal credit card or bank account information. Never give out personal information to someone claiming to be a charity. Better yet, hang up, do not call back, or use the *57 to trace the call so authorities know the location of the low life scammer.This is clearly a scam since any real charity would list their phone number on their caller ID.

Report for 1-9732411784 - 2019-11-20 973
Didn't leave message.

Report for 1-4079826606 - 2019-11-20 407
Said they wanted to fix my windows in my computer

Report for 1-8123158801 - 2019-11-20 812
I answered. There was a delay and then a man said to press 1 to accept offer. I hung up.

Report for 1-8142762496 - 2019-11-20 814
Caller ID is V02516430300845. Reverse lookup shows this number is a cell phone.

Report for 1-7189156405 - 2019-11-20 718
Received call from 206-416-0201. When I picked up there was a gap, and I could hear the other end on the other end. An Indian man answered and didn't speak english very well. I hung up.

Report for 1-6028829353 - 2019-11-20 602
They have called 3-4 times daily this last 3 days. I don't answer and they don't leave a message. It goes to the rejected list and they do not call again.

Report for 1-7046374111 - 2019-11-20 704
This is a total scam don't give them anything. Just hang up immediately.

Report for 1-6671352756 - 2019-11-20 667
Calls and hangs up when you answer

Report for 1-6202943000 - 2019-11-20 620
Called my DNC registered landline. No voicemail.

Report for 1-4805300015 - 2019-11-19 480
Called saying a complaint was going to be filed against me. Also gave a file number and said they were representing the county. I called the number back they never answered the phone, then the phone just cut off. No mention of a company name or what the complaint was about. Obviously a scam. Be careful!

Report for 1-3239882400 - 2019-11-19 323
Called me twice saying they were from the IRS. Tried to call back and the line is busy.

Report for 1-8127405414 - 2019-11-19 812
Got a call from this # 2 days in a row. First time it was a hang up, then I picked it up and there was no one on the other end.

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