Report for 1-2698582005 - 2020-04-30 269
You are really supposed to call the FTC and pay the debt. This is a total scam. A scammer in your state would have run up the debt. They will use threats of jail time. Also, you can never talk to the company you are talking to. Do not give them no money. I was threatened. Then they ended up hanging up on me

Report for 1-8063538693 - 2020-04-30 806
I also just received an urgent message on my screen saying I needed to contact apple support right away to fix the problem. When I got to the end of the message, this number was mentioned. Definitely a scam!

Report for 1-4053018245 - 2020-04-30 405
Crazy that the call was illegal, that the government was not doing anything about it.

Report for 1-2024079762 - 2020-04-29 202
Received call on my cell phone - asked for "Joe" and when I replied asked who was calling they hung up...

Report for 1-9031427947 - 2020-04-29 903
CID=SPAM? UNKOWN Called at 11:00am. Left message claiming to be IRS and I should call this number before they file a lawsuit. Blocked.

Report for 1-6175723311 - 2020-04-29 617
Call to say a lawsuit is being filed within 24 hours.

Report for 1-7348383410 - 2020-04-29 734
No VM, just called. Caller I.D. is "GSRNVCSQCT". It's the same old green companies scam. I'd suggest blocking the number if you can. Otherwise, you may wind up with unwanted call charges.

Report for 1-8307735344 - 2020-04-29 830
Called and left no voice message.

Report for 1-9099775509 - 2020-04-29 909
They called my cell phone and left a message stating that this was their second and final attempt to contact me in the event that I was interested. They stated that an important legal document has been made public that needs to be finalized... blah blah blah.. I am on the Do Not Call Registry....

Report for 1-3512472907 - 2020-04-29 351
Beware of this number. I've been getting calls from this company everyday, I've been asked to pay over $2,000 for a bill I have no knowledge of. They have called my parents, my ex husband, my ex-bills sister, and I've talked to them all, and they keep trying to say that I owe them money. I've refused to give them my bank information, declined to answer their questions, and I've asked them to stop calling me. I have no idea how they got my relatives phone numbers, and I want this to stop.

Report for 1-8312301231 - 2020-04-29 831
They keep calling me, and no messages are left. They are persistent buggers.

Report for 1-4691701107 - 2020-04-29 469
Called left no message

Report for 1-6363911959 - 2020-04-29 636
Scamming call. They wanted information from me and when I wouldn't give it, they asked me if I wanted to die

Report for 1-4324100202 - 2020-04-29 432
Received a call from this number. No message. Caller ID states Washington, DC

Report for 1-9159397737 - 2020-04-29 915
This scammer has been calling my home and cell phone for the past month. I am now going to call the police and report them. They keep saying they are giving me a refund but they will require access to my bank account. I blocked one number, but they are calling from a different number that when you call they want access to your account. The number they called me from is (213)457-1135

Report for 1-6022642566 - 2020-04-29 602
You do realize that not all of us are in an 8-month pay-off period? The

Report for 1-2026431953 - 2020-04-29 202
I got the same call just now. I wish they would quit calling. I have a zero student loan balance and a student loan.

Report for 1-2146804551 - 2020-04-29 214
I got the same voicemail. This is the same message that's been left me before.

Report for 1-2067344780 - 2020-04-29 206
Didn't recognize the number so I didn't answer. Left a robo messgae but all I heard was "" and then hung up

Report for 1-3472665407 - 2020-04-29 347
I've been getting a call from them everyday for over a week with no messages left. I picked up this evening and no one is on the other line. Any idea how to block this caller?

Report for 1-2082254468 - 2020-04-29 208
Calls everyday and leaves no message. If they were to actually talk to me, they might understand that I'm not answering.

Report for 1-5127513733 - 2020-04-29 512
They said a warrant was issued for my arrest regarding my non payment of taxes

Report for 1-6127039141 - 2020-04-29 612
Same here. They called about student loans, from Barbara Harris. She referred to different names in the voicemail

Report for 1-2483431012 - 2020-04-29 248
Called. Didn't answer, left no message.

Report for 1-5010437730 - 2020-04-29 501
They called twice saying if we don't cooperate there will be someone coming to our home and place of employment to arrest us

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