Report for 1-4232652121 - 2019-11-16 423
Caller ID "Mortgage." No message left.

Report for 1-2184296135 - 2019-11-16 218
called them back after calling them back to ask their address when they got irritated i called the police the next day because the same call was received

Report for 1-4805585382 - 2019-11-16 480
I have recently had some very sick children as well as my mother who has been battling cancer and now has terminal disease, I am in a lot of pain and it is driving me crazy to see what this company is doing i have talked to them numerous times and they keep coming up with things that do not even apply. They must think we are dumb and believe them when they say that they are going to serve me but yet never do so it is getting very irritating i can no longer just lie to my child because my husband can not take to the house anymore , we are going to find them and make them pay for what they are doing, if we are all lucky and some get sued and alot of get a letter then that would be really special but we all know where to go and who to call. It is so annoying and if not for us we have no idea who this company is is going to work for.

Report for 1-2566318363 - 2019-11-16 256
This number calls me at least 4 times in a row but leaves no message - who could it be?

Report for 1-2608636639 - 2019-11-16 260
Scammer looking for bank account info. Claim to be with Microsoft. Claim to be with the Microsoft Security Center and they are calling from Microsoft.

Report for 1-3366672015 - 2019-11-16 336
Caller ID said "SURVEY". No message left.

Report for 1-2037992894 - 2019-11-16 203
Just received one of these calls... did not answer and it left NO voice mail.

Report for 1-6605842111 - 2019-11-16 660
They just keep's been about 3 annoying - never leave a message & when i call it back it is a recording that says "all circuts are currently busy", & then that "all circuits are currently busy" so i hung up on them and now just ignore the calls.

Report for 1-9522031400 - 2019-11-15 952
Caller id said "unknown name". Message said "this is Rachel from the funding department. I called you because we have $275K for you, call us right now at" blah blah, and to talk to the business owner (who didn't call me).

Report for 1-9162768406 - 2019-11-15 916
Same here

Report for 1-9095600891 - 2019-11-14 909
Automated recorded message. Sssssssss

Report for 1-3125965794 - 2019-11-14 312
I just received a phone call from this number telling me that I owe them money and that it was going to the police station if I did not make a payment of $700.00 today. I will be contacting my attorney general immediately!

Report for 1-8432684145 - 2019-11-14 843
Robo call. "This is not a solicitation call please listen to this message entirely there is currently a motion being filed to suspend all bank accounts and tax returns bearing your name and Social Security number to review all immediate right of action call us back our number is 309-908-1316 again. The nation state which is 392682. Do not disregard or ignore this message and do return the call. Hello my name is Jennifer Miller. I'm calling you from Internal Revenue Service and this message is solely intended for [YOUR NAME] rectify this matter and call the number to speak to the officer the number.....blah blah

Report for 1-6177455070 - 2019-11-14 617
I got the same phone call. Did anyone find out if this a scam?

Report for 1-6037554950 - 2019-11-14 603
You did the right thing. Now let us all know what they tell you in a call.

Report for 1-2089174440 - 2019-11-14 208
Same thing is a robo call and I have been called many times from multiple different numbers. The first thing they ask is, are you there? Hmmmm?

Report for 1-7701467667 - 2019-11-14 770
Recording stating to press

Report for 1-7703074596 - 2019-11-14 770
These people keep calling my number I don't answer and they left 1 message. said my daughter was involved with a state court.

Report for 1-9138710017 - 2019-11-14 913
Yes its a scam, same thing, but now they have started calling my parents house saying that they are looking for me, and that I need to have them sign for the document, or else they are coming to get me. My father in law said that I could at least call my local courthouse and get more info to pass on so my attorney can handle it , is scary!

Report for 1-8054808845 - 2019-11-14 805
Rec'd call. No message. Caller ID: LONG PLEASANT LA FL 813-212-9933 I am on a do not call list but still receive this call all the time.

Report for 1-3478750629 - 2019-11-14 347
Missed the call but they have called a few times.

Report for 1-2399387768 - 2019-11-13 239
Call and asked for my family, did not identify themselves - told them to take us off the calling list. Caller hung up on me.

Report for 1-3073924172 - 2019-11-13 307
scammers looking for your personal info. report them to

Report for 1-9854831872 - 2019-11-13 985
Just called on my cell phone no message - caller now blocked

Report for 1-8635294230 - 2019-11-13 863
Scammers. Claiming to be a pre-trial investigation service, claiming fraud charges being filed against you. They will ask personal questions in hopes of getting you to admit to something (like "yes". I think they are trying to get you to say "yes" so they can impersonate you. You will NEVER be taken to court. Just block them if you can.

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