Report for 1-8314304398 - 2020-03-26 831
Called but left no message... Blocked them

Report for 1-7047470363 - 2020-03-26 704
Same as Lila's post

Report for 1-2259268360 - 2020-03-26 225
Got the same thing. Never leave a message.

Report for 1-5013021319 - 2020-03-26 501
Called my cell and left voice mail about the IRS and a lawsuit. I have blocked this number.

Report for 1-4085129928 - 2020-03-26 408
This guy just called me and is a fake!!!!!! He is a FRAUD!!!!!! He says he is from the federal crime investigation. He is not. He called my wife's number but was able to get her number. He also said he was a federal investigator because he was looking for my son. My sons sister and I don't have him down I will also report this number to the FBI!!!!!

Report for 1-7572279427 - 2020-03-26 757
Robocall recording, says that they are the social security department and that they will suspend your benefits if you don't respond soon.

Report for 1-9033892416 - 2020-03-26 903
Claimed to be from Department of Social Security Administration about my SSN being used in a fraud. I hung up when I realized it was a scam.

Report for 1-5638733718 - 2020-03-26 563
Robo call about student loan balance to call back. When I googled the number it was for Horizon Financial...

Report for 1-6204281357 - 2020-03-25 620
I received a message from a Ms. Jones as well, calling from 415-799-6974. She left this number for me to call back, but I googled the number first and found this. They left another number to call back. 844-386-8578. I had called them back once before last week, and I was not able to get into any sort of conversation with someone they would answer. Well I called back again today and got a different individual each time and I found out the same. I asked for their last name because I couldn't understand the other person. She said her name was Ms. Jones. I ask her last name again and she didn't answer. I asked what the nature of the business that was calling me and she would not answer. I then ask again what the nature of this business that was calling me was and she did not answer. I told her I did not want to stay back any further and would contact an attorney. She then gave me a different last name I asked again. I would not give her any of my information, but she said they would continue to call back and that since I was harassing her when I called them, as I said I was going to contact someone with attorneys, that they would not stop calling me. It's a shame how some of us have to put up with these type of calls.

Report for 1-6097032525 - 2020-03-25 609
Call every 3-4 hours. No message

Report for 1-2034010265 - 2020-03-25 203
Called cell phone and left no message.

Report for 1-2027537691 - 2020-03-25 202
Says they are the irs. Call is a threat

Report for 1-4024459835 - 2020-03-25 402
A phone call from a person trying to scam me out of 800-614-4188 said that I needed to call them back or there would be legal action taken. I looked up the number and found this thread. Thank you. I was scared and thought I would lose my job over this, so I'm thankful that I found this site.

Report for 1-9565417274 - 2020-03-25 956
Just got a call from this number, I picked it up, no response.

Report for 1-7172761410 - 2020-03-25 717
Just missed a call from this number. Thanks to everyone who posted. Blocked it.

Report for 1-2146030000 - 2020-03-25 214
This number calls for a debt for a company I had never heard of before. There is no debt owed and they are being very rude

Report for 1-7206295371 - 2020-03-25 720
Called my cell, didn't answer, they left a message that I needed to call back. I don't give out my cell phone number to any solicitors or scammers, so this needs to be some kind of scam

Report for 1-7325666711 - 2020-03-25 732
They called me on 12/03/2018. I have a Panasonic phone can block up to 30 numbers and some have a function to make it do it's job even if it is not blocked.

Report for 1-2674994090 - 2020-03-25 267
My wife received a call from 844-202-1561 saying she had a warrant out for her arrest on pay day loan she allegedly took out in 2008!

Report for 1-8123248080 - 2020-03-25 812
Call on my cell (from a land line in Illinois) at 11:32 AM today, 11/8/18. Caller ID was "Unavailable," the same as the other spam calls this week. They left no message.Blocked.

Report for 1-3054399234 - 2020-03-25 305

Report for 1-5098381447 - 2020-03-25 509
Scam! My number is on the DO NOT CALL list. Never have been. Please do not fall for this scam. Don't give these crooks any of your money!

Report for 1-2142825151 - 2020-03-25 214
Another hang up. I have no idea who this is, I hate these calls!! I block the number and they call back from a different one.

Report for 1-3619944880 - 2020-03-25 361

Report for 1-4232412595 - 2020-03-25 423
Just got a message same as everyone else, illegal drugs and Social Security is gonna be suspended because of suspicious activity.

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