Report for 1-7168767505 - 2020-02-14 716
They called on my cell phone from a law office asking to discuss case file with them. Wanted me to give them my SSN and dob. Did not provide and said they were going to have me charged with 3 felony charges if I didn't verify all my information.

Report for 1-3143105102 - 2020-02-14 314
Called and hung up

Report for 1-6615401017 - 2020-02-14 661
My experience was exactly the same as the previous poster. Called on cell and didn't leave message. I blocked the number

Report for 1-8124088868 - 2020-02-14 812
This is one of those scam calls about a Google listing. They said "Please press 1 now to verify your Google listing. If your Google listing is not verified, your business may see an error message."I pressed 1. I waited for a person to come online and when a man said "hello," I said "Please do tell me the nature of this call." He rattled off that he was a representative and was calling from Google to verify my business listing. I replied, "What are you doing calling me?" After a pause of about one second he said "This is Google, there is an error."I kept saying "What are you talking about?" He said, "Google is verifying your information." I said, "You're google. Who are you representing?" And he said "Google, I represent companies. You'll see." At this point I said "You're nothing more than a collection agency. It's illegal for you to represent yourself as Google or else I will be obliged to pursue your lawsuit."I then asked

Report for 1-8317121584 - 2020-02-14 831
Called my DNC registered landline. Recorded female voice told me to call the number back to change the amount my balance owed. I Never said name of business, person's name, or company's name.

Report for 1-9031246426 - 2020-02-14 903
Same thing...called, no message left.

Report for 1-8432380731 - 2020-02-14 843
This guy called and tried to get me to pay him $4000 to get a grant for $6000.00 from the government. The only way you would be getting this grant is because you have not been in trouble with the law and you have paid all taxes on this money. When I talked to this foreign dude and told him this I told him he was a fraud and I was pressing fraud charges against him and he started yelling at me so I hung up.

Report for 1-4069981199 - 2020-02-14 406
I am now getting daily calls from 877-331-3070. They begin early in the morning and continue into the evening. What can I do to stop this harrassment?

Report for 1-4072327175 - 2020-02-14 407
Same here. I just got that text and I don't even have VZ wireless.

Report for 1-6087850940 - 2020-02-14 608
Called said calling from IRS he had thick accent and claimed to be officer Peter Brown - I could not understand a word he said.

Report for 1-2156349722 - 2020-02-14 215
called 5 times in one day. I called back and went to voice mail and left them a message

Report for 1-8173854499 - 2020-02-14 817
I was left a voicemail saying that there was important information that needed shared and I needed to call them or they would call my references. I called from a

Report for 1-9521359690 - 2020-02-14 952
I have been getting numerous calls from this number. They have been telling me to call about a case coming to a court hearing and they have my number. I have no idea who this is and I wish they would get a life. I know they are scammers and it is aggravating when they call more than 4 or 5 times a day.

Report for 1-3233818527 - 2020-02-13 323
called saying they were the irs. Said I should give $20,000. they said they wanted to help me avoid the lawsuit. I am in good standing with the federal government

Report for 1-6316921000 - 2020-02-13 631
Call received 8:15am, no message left.

Report for 1-6282225548 - 2020-02-13 628
Left a message. Same recording others have reported "I have your SSN and will be taken away"

Report for 1-4108782846 - 2020-02-12 410
Same message as others have been receiving, threatening me with court action if the caller does not receive a return call. I have never received this type of call before, but am concerned, if this is truly a collection agency, they need to verify who they are calling before threatening court action.

Report for 1-7326106021 - 2020-02-12 732
A lady called and said her name is Kathy, from American Express, saying that I could save money by switching to her card. (I NEVER do business with American Express). I told her to take me off the call list, that my number had a Do Not Call List. She said that was not enough to block me from her call list, but if I call back, I won't be blocked. She said to get a life because I'd be paying the bill for them. She said that they had multiple branches throughout the US, and they "do business with" them. I told her I don't do business with her, and then said I'd get a life and go and take that crap up with some people. She yelled, "Don't you want to save and have money!" and then hung up.

Report for 1-3512672222 - 2020-02-12 351
I have now blocked this number.

Report for 1-8129203855 - 2020-02-12 812
I got hit recently with an Uber X problem... and it's a legit one. I was working with a tech on an Uber and was trying to report the bug to Uber. However, I was told the tech cannot talk with me so I had to cancel my app and have to find a replacement. It was then found that I can use the app without a new app. I'm thankful for the tech and the service of Uber and that the problem didn't happen again. And I have reported it again to Uber. They have a service that lets you use your app without the issue, and now the tech is working on the problem. If you use your phone while driving it will block the issue but the issue will come back later.

Report for 1-9175954019 - 2020-02-12 917
Left a voicemail message for my mother stating

Report for 1-4803050715 - 2020-02-12 480
Just called me at work. Glad that i have phone blocking.

Report for 1-3513241811 - 2020-02-12 351
I got a couple back to back phone calls. I called back, no sound then the line was disconnected. Who are these scammers? I am in Texas.

Report for 1-2084941660 - 2020-02-12 208
they call me every night. its my cell phone. how do I get it off there list? they call at night.

Report for 1-5627350426 - 2020-02-12 562
Got the same call and they got my number from Craigslist. Saying that you have a payday loan with them. My bank verified it was a scam and it is not a legitmate payday loan company. These people are scammers calling.

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