Report for 1-9514022934 - 2020-10-22 951
They call and ask for my last name. But I have not had this number for very long so I just hang up.

Report for 1-4075693251 - 2020-10-22 407
If it is a collector they are in violation of the fair debt law

Report for 1-9282276752 - 2020-10-22 928
Calls a few times a day sometimes leaves a message about credit card information to lower interest rate, I don't have credit cards & so my question is, can't these people stop the harassment? I have had enough.

Report for 1-8632379937 - 2020-10-22 863
Called my landline, no message left. Caller ID said it was WFC.

Report for 1-3170121005 - 2020-10-22 317
If you call back (I did this time and gave them an ear full on the phone and told them I WAS NOT interested in being on their list), you will get an automated message. It states that they will take you off their list, but in a couple of weeks later they will call back - AGAIN!!! They also state that they are not required to allow you to talk to anyone until you are ready to be removed from their call list. Then the automated message continues to state that they will not be calling you anymore. There is no way they are going to take you off their list unless you tell them that you want to be removed from their call list. I have told them to take me off their call list, but the calls continue. Why do they call if they know it will not be done? Why do they call if they know it will not go away if you answer the phone? Please advise what you know about these calls so I can pass along a warning to my friends who may want to answer the phone. I will get someone on the phone soon to tell them to take me off their call list. The company has not contacted me again. I'm not complaining, I'm just not interested in listening to their "dialogue".

Report for 1-7574195151 - 2020-10-22 757
Called saying they were in the process of serving papers to my sister, who isn't even associated with me, or I had "a personal business matter to discuss with her and to contact their office at 844-618-0532." No name of co. or company given in call.

Report for 1-9013211000 - 2020-10-22 901
I got a call from this so called charity organization. I immediately asked the organization for the phone number or website/fax of the organization. He gave me this: The Firefighters Fund 866-201-8016 A very old charity. They are looking for new people to give to a "charitable organization", so they can expect a significant percentage for "fundraising".

Report for 1-8152213944 - 2020-10-22 815
Scumbags from Houston want to give you credit card processing services. It's a SCAM. I called their bluff when they told me I was asking too many questions, hung up on them and blocked them from my number.

Report for 1-9857880878 - 2020-10-22 985
Call said they were AT&T and asked for the telephone number to verify. I said I don't have one. Caller said don't you have it? I said yes.Call said they were AT&T and asked for the telephone number to verify. I said I don't have one. Caller said don't you have it? I said yes.

Report for 1-2567648704 - 2020-10-22 256
This is a collection agency. If you are receiving numerous calls from them, contact your state attorney generals office and let them know they are calling your work and personal phone. Once they realize they have a wrong number they will remove it.

Report for 1-2128890905 - 2020-10-22 212
I received a call today and it's the second time of them saying to call the IRS back. When I questioned what could they do with this information I told them to remove my number from their call list and I refused to give my name to him. The man, on the other end, said he was gonna call me every day until my name was removed. I told him "I'll be calling him daily till it's removed"!!! And yet, nothing has been done!!!!!

Report for 1-6163400833 - 2020-10-22 616
Got the same call. I haven't tried returning the call, but now I have blocked it. So annoying!

Report for 1-3519245269 - 2020-10-22 351
I got this call a few days ago. I looked into it on this site and it made me go so mad. I called them back to see who I was calling so my boyfriend could explain to me what the call was regarding... It was a lady that answered the phone and she was completely rude. First from the beginning, i asked why someone was calling my house, she just repeated that the girl was looking for julia (my last name). I again asked who was calling and she kept saying that this was my number and said so and so is my name. My boyfriend asked where there is calling from and she again repeated my last name which was an incorrect name. I asked her how do I know her call was "legal?" She said it was not, it was "legal" if I answered a legal question. I said I would like her employer's name/company name so I can report her and then she hung up. I was trying to call the number back but I got a recording that the number is not a working number. So please don't call me again if you get this call. Oh and I did not give any of my personal information out but they did have the last 4 digits of my ss#.

Report for 1-3608256511 - 2020-10-22 360
This is a scam.. They have tried this to me as well.

Report for 1-3302857243 - 2020-10-22 330
This number calls every two hours, even after calling it back 3 or 4 times. They say they have been trying to reach me and they have a debt, well they're not even calling for a few weeks already. I asked the girl (who doesn't speak english well) to take me off this "list" and she says that they have been contacting me. I said "well, wait, I have no debt so you're just scamming me, they've been calling

Report for 1-8317651200 - 2020-10-22 831
Said my social security number would be

Report for 1-2098583500 - 2020-10-22 209
Same here. Answered and no one was there but it was a very loud call center in the background. Call showed from San Antonio.

Report for 1-3013869100 - 2020-10-17 301
I picked up, it sounded like a call center in the background. The guy said 'hello'. I asked who is this? He said thank you for waiting? I hung up. No indication what they wanted.

Report for 1-9096784882 - 2020-10-17 909
Got call from a foreign voice saying that I was being honored to receive grant money from government for $7000. All I had to do was call a different number. I was a smart girl called back, told them that I was not calling from my cell phone and they hung up on me. Tried to call back but it would hang up before my number was dialed and would not connect. Wish someone could do something about these scammers!

Report for 1-9134577235 - 2020-10-17 913
Scammers, they call saying they are the tax crime investigation dept and they want money up front and not what they are asking for. I just put them on my phone address book as a spammer and block the number but, they come up with a different new number. I guess we're all getting to do tax crime again.

Report for 1-6125591853 - 2020-10-17 612
Answered call, was a recording for "card services". When I pressed "1" to speak to a rep, they hung up after a few seconds.

Report for 1-6072572000 - 2020-10-17 607
They just called no message either!

Report for 1-8632194720 - 2020-10-17 863
Same as other callers, I called back and I threatened them with law enforcement and a sheriff. They had a recording play and I could not understand him, sounded like he was drunk. I told the man that we were recording the call and I would turn it over to the feds and we hung up.

Report for 1-2077490570 - 2020-10-17 207
I called this # back. It is State Farm Insurance Verification Service. It asked me to verify who I was and then asked for my SS#. I said, "I am not the person they asked for. Let me know my name and SS#." The call ended.

Report for 1-9037263406 - 2020-10-17 903
Called claiming to be Apple Computer, told them I had a Mac and asked what apple computer I had then they hung up, called back got the "you will no longer contact me from this number" spam call.

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