Report for 1-2157091119 - 2020-06-26 215
They call me everyday. I have tried to ask them not to. They just hang up on me.

Report for 1-4082448476 - 2020-06-26 408
I received a call from this number on 6/4/07 @ 12:26 PM CT I didn't answer. Caller left a message of static and said the name of the company was "National Warranty Services" and left the number 1-877-413-9489 to be contacted. Sounds like the same people from the above posts. I have received several numbers from this same company.

Report for 1-7164063292 - 2020-06-26 716
Same thing.

Report for 1-7149662123 - 2020-06-26 714
Same deal. Told me they renewing my warranty and asked if I wanted to hear the options and I answered yes. Wanted me to verify my car make, model and year. Told him he called me and I would verify who he was and what he was referencing. Says nothing will cost me any additional fees and he hungs up. Blocked the number. Scam

Report for 1-9018314283 - 2020-06-25 901
Call about credit card, lowered interest, etc...

Report for 1-6095865552 - 2020-06-25 609
The same message just happened to us. Saying I needed to call with a reference number, etc. Definite scam but really sick of these robocalls/communications attempts!!!

Report for 1-3102720600 - 2020-06-25 310
No I would not even go to the police station.. This should be reported to the Federal Authorities

Report for 1-4012359748 - 2020-06-25 401
Called, left no message. Don't know any of the numbers you mentioned - they called me twice today.

Report for 1-8452572853 - 2020-06-25 845
Just saw this number on my caller id. Didnt answer so didnt leave a message. Glad I didnt answer it. I just want to know how they got my phone number and have them call me 5-6 times a day. I dont wanna answer the call and they dont leave a message!

Report for 1-7120000800 - 2020-06-25 712
I received a voicemail yesterday with exactly the same message. I did not call back

Report for 1-4252272883 - 2020-06-25 425
I got the same text msg. If anyone could be found they would have to work so fast in prison.

Report for 1-2483637923 - 2020-06-25 248
I am not being threatened by a debt collector. I do not owe any money to anyone. I do not have a criminal conviction on my record. It seems to me this a situation where I would like to report the situation. My debt was incurred by a friend I had several years ago but I have had it taken care of since then. The caller has been threatening to report me to my employer, my credit union, my bank etc, etc. But, that is when the debt has been taken care of since then. The caller also called my work and mentioned that I was not to do business on my work cell. My boss even called this past Sunday and talked to a male who told him I was uncooperative. My boss also told the caller that I would not give the man any information. I also checked credit reports and my credit score is 885. I did send an email to a credit union today and gave them all the information about the individual and the companies in their report. I do believe this is a scam. If you receive a call from this number do your research before you respond. Also, if you give them any information let us know, we will give you another source who will provide more information.

Report for 1-2122953827 - 2020-06-25 212
I just got a call from this number . I answered and nobody said anything. Then they hung up ! I called this number back and it said it was a fundraising center . Its a new number , no clue who it is !

Report for 1-3607191265 - 2020-06-25 360
Called twice and hung up. Didn't say anything.

Report for 1-5207221516 - 2020-06-25 520
These idiots just called and stated that this was the second and final attempt and the cops were coming to my home or place of work to arrest me for not paying taxes. I could tell something was not right because I checked all the numbers that were posted about this scam from all over the world. So I called back to give them a piece of my mind and an actual lawer that could state and prove what I owed and what the amount was. Gave me some bull that I owe over $50000 and that in 2 hours they were sending the cops and a warrant out for my arrest and I would have to pay 9k. I said well I want this dispute resolved by phone right now and they said they had a problem with the paperwork they have of me due to time zones. Scame to call then.

Report for 1-2125380293 - 2020-06-25 212
If you're on the DNC list it means that these crooks calling are not legit, and are not selling anything. The only thing you

Report for 1-3213193788 - 2020-06-25 321
Keep on getting a call from this number at least twice a day and they never identify themselves even the most basic of questions regarding my family members. I am beyond mad!!! They don't even give the name of the business they claim to be calling from. If you read our comment below, that the they were looking for someone that doesn't live in our household, then I believe that you are full of [***]. Any legit business that is legitimate would state their business name, their business location and what their business does. I am calling my attorney first thing this morning!!! They have some nerve and a lot of time on their hands.

Report for 1-2157352636 - 2020-06-25 215
Call received, didn't answer, no message.

Report for 1-8178353214 - 2020-06-25 817
They say you are eligible to send $7000.00 for delivery fees. Don't want any deposit and sure they want money order only.

Report for 1-3474342547 - 2020-06-25 347
I just got a call from this number the same as you!

Report for 1-2143368775 - 2020-06-25 214
6 times and no message, when I answer, no one says anything. I get tired of not saying anything.

Report for 1-9726911789 - 2020-06-25 972
Received a call on land line, they did not say anything, called back and get busy signal. Called back from my cell phone, recorded message said if you want your number removed press 1. I pressed 1, message said if you want your number removed press 2, I pressed 2 and was placed on hold with music. I hung up. Be careful. This could be a scam.

Report for 1-7037771131 - 2020-06-25 703
Caller from this number just called with a female automated voice saying "This is (her name) in the accounting department, and I am calling on an urgent matter. Please hold for the next operator..."

Report for 1-2515835276 - 2020-06-25 251
Got a call from this number I answered then caller hung up

Report for 1-9122202333 - 2020-06-25 912
Received call @ 1:25 PM (EST) on 3/9/19. Caller ID showed "Out of area 1-303-586-0371". We Let answering machine pickup & Caller didn't leave any message on our answering machine. Since they never "leave a message" on the machine, we suspect it is a SCAM call! Have 'em blocked!

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