Report for 1-8473222141 - 2020-10-09 847
Got phone call today but did not answer, caller ID said it was from a San Antonio area code. I was already thinking about a scam so didn't answer. After reading what has been posted, i will definitely block this number.

Report for 1-9162530228 - 2020-10-09 916
They call my office about once or twice a day. They do not leave a message on the answering machine. They are now blocked on my phone. They are also calling several times over the past week. If this has indeed become a national scam it is the first one I have received in months.

Report for 1-3862285208 - 2020-10-09 386
Called my cell phone. I did not answer. I do not know anyone in St Louis MO or even the state of MO. I did not recognize the number, and no message was left

Report for 1-7734242768 - 2020-10-09 773
I've received multiple calls from this number. Leaves a message about the same thing everyone else is getting...

Report for 1-4790012011 - 2020-10-09 479
Call every day, leaves no message.

Report for 1-3467309070 - 2020-10-09 346
Same as everyone above. Calling from Ashtabula in Ashtabula OH. No message left, of course. I get several calls from these jerks each day. Why doesn't the phone company block this type of number?

Report for 1-7166845094 - 2020-10-09 716
Caller ID showed number, name "SOMERSUPPORT" and location "Longview VA". Ignored and blocked.

Report for 1-7193066879 - 2020-10-09 719
They called me once, then five times in the same day with no message.

Report for 1-6104858077 - 2020-10-08 610
Called my office phone. I called them back and no answer.

Report for 1-9162995517 - 2020-10-07 916
Called several times and hung up when I answered.

Report for 1-5705004702 - 2020-10-07 570
Got a call from this number on my cell too, as well as the number 517-215-2370 for my daughter. All my debt is paid off, my credit score is good so what the heck, right?

Report for 1-5132377966 - 2020-10-07 513
Scammers trying to scam me out of money I never received.

Report for 1-3476752439 - 2020-10-07 347
Calls every day. When you answer they hang up before you can find out who they are.

Report for 1-5126570295 - 2020-10-07 512
Same here, 2 messages from Mary Johnson in the past few days. Scam is too come on. Called my student loan company and they confirmed that there was no recent change on my loan applications, which means this is a SCAM and not legit.

Report for 1-3135655901 - 2020-10-07 313
Scam, call came in at 5:19PM EST. Left a voice mail telling me that this was regarding an urgent financial matter and I had better call them back before further action is taken.

Report for 1-2107780800 - 2020-10-07 210
Received calls from these individuals several times each week at all hours of the day and night. The caller identifies themself as a "Rene Taylor" or a "Sarah Wilson", but it is always the same voice. She calls each day at least once and says she has received a fax/document in her office which requires my immediate attention. She then says that I need to call the "filing party" or the "documents department" to resolve the urgent matter. I don't have any papers in my office, so I have no idea who she is or what she is calling about. I have no idea what this is in reference to, as I have no idea whom I am speaking to. I have had no further contact with these individuals since I spoke with some lady who asked for another's full name since she could not get her from calling my office. When she did get my office voice mail she called my office directly and left a message, but she knew my office voice mail. She asked that I call her back today to reschedule a fax delivery and gave me a case number with the same thing as the voice mail she left me a few months ago but from a different phone number. I have not been involved in any legal actions or any other kind of correspondence with anyone in my household since 2012, so I don't have a clue what the call was for or why a "Sarah Wilson" calls. The message indicated I was required to have my attorney call the "filing party". I've had my attorney contact them, but did not receive any more phone calls after we hung up, then just receive a voicemail today from them. Sounds like some type of fraud or scam. I've tried calling them but they never answer. The number she called me from shows up as a private number.

Report for 1-4438755086 - 2020-10-06 443
Another "free" healthcare plan that these insurance companies are ripping us off but it is still available because of the "repeal and replace" law passed in the budget. We can't afford it any more, thanks for messing with me I think we need healthcare. Call came from a different number but same area code and prefix!

Report for 1-5622599841 - 2020-10-06 562
Got three phone calls today stating they are with the IRS and there is an arrest warrant, and I need to call immediately.

Report for 1-2063171778 - 2020-10-06 206
Social security scammers...

Report for 1-9174206189 - 2020-10-06 917
They called my cell, didn't leave message. They called me at work, and it kept switching to voicemail, so I checked it out here while I was on a meeting with an attorney.

Report for 1-7635469304 - 2020-10-06 763
Credit card interest rate reduction scam. They say your address has been chosen to receive an all-you-can-eat free vacation in Key West. They tell you your application is being turned down because your payment doesn't meet minimum requirements. When you call the number back it immediately connects you to a recording of a recording of a recording of something-or-other

Report for 1-8156250780 - 2020-10-06 815
So that's enough I think that is a load of crap? You tell me if this was legitimate. If you know the person or know of the person filing this claim against you. Please tell why I know the person? I'm going to have to ask my husband and he's on vacation for a few days. I'm going to find out what company this is. I'm not comfortable giving out any personal information over the phone to people I do not know.

Report for 1-6239315410 - 2020-10-05 623
got a call from this number to my cell phone. Didn't answer and they did not leave a message.

Report for 1-4841005000 - 2020-10-05 484
I got a call on 7/24/12 at 1:57pm from 559-307-0217. The area code is in NC. I answered it and it disconnected as if it was not there.

Report for 1-8122974321 - 2020-10-05 812
I keep receiving calls from different numbers including this one. When I try to call back, I get the "this number is disconnected" message. If this is a telemarketer, I wish someone would put them out of business. I work hard for my money and if these are call centers, the people making the calls not paying a living wage would be fired!

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