Report for 1-8135151709 - 2020-06-25 813
I got the same message today (3/11/2019). It was on my voicemail. Same number, same message.

Report for 1-8124486318 - 2020-06-25 812
CID=LOS ANGELES CA. Phone rang for 2 second then stopped. Blocked.

Report for 1-3054079915 - 2020-06-25 305
Called left no message. Blocked now

Report for 1-3253096855 - 2020-06-25 325
They said they were the IRS and I would be arrested if i didn't pay them. I went to the IRS website and it clearly states the IRS don't call you and threaten you. This is a scam of the highest order.

Report for 1-2087793144 - 2020-06-24 208
Called and left a message saying that I had a warrant for my arrest to be put on hold if I did not return their call to discuss my case and they would be turning the case over to the county that my home is in. Sounds like a scam to me. Never been in any trouble with the law.

Report for 1-7192120235 - 2020-06-24 719
They are calling my cell and office phone number. Leaves message and hangs up.

Report for 1-2016154745 - 2020-06-24 201
No message left

Report for 1-2527242281 - 2020-06-24 252
Scam! "Officer Brown" left a voice mail saying that I had two allegations against me (he didn't say what for) and that both my local Police and a federal investigation was being run on me. When I called back to talk to the man, I stated I've never received anything from the company he stated and then told him I had filed a police report and if he didn't remove my number that he would contact my HR department at my place of employment. The man said "Fine".

Report for 1-4156405778 - 2020-06-24 415
Just call back and push 3 to be taken off the list. It will give you a busy tone. Hahaha

Report for 1-7704638113 - 2020-06-24 770
I didn't answer, they left a voicemail but everything sounded like some kind of automated message that was cut off at the beginning

Report for 1-5127435206 - 2020-06-24 512
Got a call saying was goin' to jail for taxes they have my social security #...scam

Report for 1-6089230607 - 2020-06-24 608
This is a "reward redemption" scam. They called with a recording in Spanish, which I didn't understand. The recording then said that since you answered yes to some sort of phone survey, you have been given a $100 gift card... you have to pay a small fee to use the card. SCAMMERS!

Report for 1-8592775887 - 2020-06-24 859
I just got another one and I answered it. Said hello several times and no response when I said "hello." I hung up.

Report for 1-7132530746 - 2020-06-24 713
Answered, no one responded.

Report for 1-9122271867 - 2020-06-24 912
caller asked for me and then hung up

Report for 1-9109125000 - 2020-06-24 910
I answered with the company name and the person on the other end said something like "Oh yes. Thank you for your time."

Report for 1-3212968270 - 2020-06-24 321
I receive calls from this number as well as others from several states from various numbers. They never leave a message and if picked up there is no-one there. When I try to call the number back I get a recording to press the # key to be put on the do not call list, which I do every once in a while.

Report for 1-5105848283 - 2020-06-24 510
They are now calling to say I have a civil lawsuit against me and its my final warning. This is the most ridiculous scam that I have ever been told, I told them to send it in the mail and he said no, and if I wasn't happy that I would know how to handle it. When I told him I would have my attorney contact them he called me a [***] and hung up. They have called my cell phone and at work.

Report for 1-7700778126 - 2020-06-24 770
I too just got the same call and they kept asking if there was a person in the house that I didn't know.. It was like a random call..

Report for 1-8166335117 - 2020-06-24 816
Called 11:50 AM Central Time. Blocked by N0M0 R0B0.

Report for 1-4134347227 - 2020-06-24 413
They call and leave voice mails about grant money

Report for 1-5035852022 - 2020-06-24 503
Some scammer just called me again today. I'm blocking them and they will have to wait until I get to 200 block numbers that I have set up for them.

Report for 1-9723305902 - 2020-06-24 972
Got a call from them this morning.

Report for 1-9527991770 - 2020-06-24 952
Robocall from a home security company. When I mentioned that I was on the do not call list and they were breaking the law, they hung up on me.

Report for 1-3512630098 - 2020-06-24 351
Same as other calls.

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