Report for 1-9038921003 - 2020-06-24 903
They keep calling me and I asked who it was. They gave me the number of 1-

Report for 1-8659241858 - 2020-06-24 865
It did work for me, I had the same problem with a different number that said the same thing.I had tried calling several times, it said the number is not a working number.

Report for 1-4238993366 - 2020-06-24 423
My experience is the same as everyone else. This happened exactly last week. My local radio station alerted me to the caller. I have recorded the recorded message since this morning.

Report for 1-4083074688 - 2020-06-23 408
No message left but got a call from this number today. Did not pick up, but looked it up here and did not find this website. Thanks all for the info on who it is. Blocked/ignore calls are not appreciated

Report for 1-4796164880 - 2020-06-22 479
left no message.

Report for 1-3236421434 - 2020-06-22 323
Just called. Caller did not say anything. Hung up and blocked the number

Report for 1-3129442997 - 2020-06-22 312
Left message: call this number 1(888)737-8576 to take part in a car warranty survey. I called the number back and the recording said it was a "sick" woman's hospital and I hung up when I kept getting "busy" tone.

Report for 1-2510022012 - 2020-06-22 251
Called this morning (11/22/14) at 5:53 a.m. My answering machine picked up and it just disconnected. The caller ID said "Carol M."

Report for 1-4159311086 - 2020-06-22 415
Called and left no message

Report for 1-4084987419 - 2020-06-22 408
Same message left on my phone this morning. They do not say where they are calling from, nor does it specifically name any organization. They just say they will be taking my case to authorities if I or my attorney do not call that number back. They call from 603.225.0458 or the number with a 1 before it.

Report for 1-2108074765 - 2020-06-22 210
Caller left no message

Report for 1-6025737835 - 2020-06-22 602
Please have these people quit the harassment. I'm reporting them to the better business bureau and will be taking them to court. Their phone number is always busy when you call back their business. I've reported them to every federal agency including the local police. And I'm sure they've used a bunch of different numbers, just change the last 4 numbers. They will leave me alone the minute they hear the word no and they are actually annoying me, not doing any work, harassing people who don't want to talk to them. Someone put this number on my contact list as scam, and I'm not the first. There's got to be something we can do to stop this.

Report for 1-3107305956 - 2020-06-22 310
Said "hello" 3X than hung up.

Report for 1-9547696000 - 2020-06-22 954
This caller left voicemail. Message is a computer generated voice that said, "Hi this is Jennifer. You've won a cruise to the Bahamas. Can you hear me?"I tried calling this number to leave a voicemail, the machine said call failed... it was a recording of a computer voice.

Report for 1-3609675441 - 2020-06-22 360
This is a collection agency. They call at least 3 or 4 times a day. Last time I picked up, some foreign-sounding guy wanted to know who I was. When I told him, he said "If you want to know, that is very important to me." He was getting ticked because I told him I had no idea who he was and asked for his name. He hung up. If they call you, tell them to shove it if you know who they are and don't give out your personal info...I doubt they will. I just called to try to block them again. The phone rang and I picked it up and let it go into a fast busy. I am sure they will try again but I just want it to stop.If anyone has information on how to do that...I would appreciate it.

Report for 1-2143697227 - 2020-06-22 214
The call came in on a cell phone and I blocked the number

Report for 1-7347722053 - 2020-06-22 734
No vm, blocked

Report for 1-2193000089 - 2020-06-22 219
The caller left a voice mail message saying I won and important $100.00 gift card reward with all the usual facts. I called the number back and I got a recording that it was some kind of non working number.

Report for 1-4402495190 - 2020-06-22 440
I just received a call from them telling me the same thing I called this number to stop the legal action and they said I owed them $1250.They gave me the info on the original debtor and all sorts of personal info.I will be call the Attorney General myself .The company who has this number says its a payday loan company. I know I do not have any payday loans.I was scared and then I got the call .I never got a payday loan before and if I had it I would not have done it.

Report for 1-3143135466 - 2020-06-22 314
Just called, I didn't answer

Report for 1-5311242030 - 2020-06-22 531
Called my cell twice on 7/20/18. Did not leave message

Report for 1-9163862863 - 2020-06-22 916
Called my cellphone. I picked up and then immediately hung up without saying a word. Have had calls from these idiots that hang up after one or two rings.

Report for 1-4022919500 - 2020-06-22 402
Got this call today while at work, it's so easy to call back and it says its a miss call. But the # called back and no one was there

Report for 1-2068233181 - 2020-06-22 206
Scam. Tried to scam out of money. Had all of my account information and was threatening the wrong person.

Report for 1-2022391287 - 2020-06-22 202
Just got a call from this number, as mentioned already

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