12132929053 Number

Cell or landline number 12132929053 can be found in area code 213. 213 numbers are generally can be found in California, but note there are exceptions, especially for cell numbers. 12132929053 has switch code 213292, which is used to provide more accurate general location for the phone number. Note that the geographic location is still approximate. More accurate details you can find in a report. Cell phone numbers in general are harder to trace because the exchange code only identifies operator network instead of a physical switch as in case for landline numbers.

12132929053 - Submitted Comments

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Report by Kara Poling - 2019-08-10
Just received the same message this morning

Report by S. Macklin - 2019-02-16
Called but left no message

Report by S.B. Dougherty - 2018-03-19
Keep receiving calls from this number as well telling me they will be serviceing me at my home and employment place. I don't owe anyone any money and my bills are all paid. This is my second time getting these type of calls. The first time I answered

Report by llistada - 2018-03-17
The "Law Office of Robert C Greene." Said they were calling and he was a lawyer. Said they don't call without first contacting him. He also said he was with my county government so I am wondering if he's "officially" calling. Left a message with one of my neighbors who don't live here. Left a similar message last year. Just another scam. He has called at least once last year so it could be a new year and he's still at it. Blocked it now.

Report by No spam found - 2018-03-12
This was the 4th call in 3 days from different area codes asking for the same person - "Devin - is this the owner?" each time it says "Your name and business" and then hangs up. It is my business cell # and I don't give it out for anything! I've had it for 20 years. And when I try to return the call it says to leave a message, but you don't talk to anyone. This is just freaking me out.

Report by Hangers Are Out!!! - 2017-09-18
called and left message stating I need to call because my card will now expire 299.00 to cancel my credit card and call an 855 number...I am blocking it

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