13029853432 Number

Cell or landline number 13029853432 can be found in area code 302. 302 numbers are generally can be found in Delaware, but note there are exceptions, especially for cell numbers. 13029853432 has switch code 302985, which is used to provide more accurate general location for the phone number. Note that the geographic location is still approximate. More accurate details you can find in a report. Cell phone numbers in general are harder to trace because the exchange code only identifies operator network instead of a physical switch as in case for landline numbers.

13029853432 - Submitted Comments

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Report by JBOutpost - 2019-12-26
Keeps calling my phone

Report by D0nnorfly - 2019-11-05
They called my place of employment and threatened that I would be apprehended, or arrested, as a criminal by the IRS for tax fraud. I was not going to provide any information concerning them to anyone but my family. I was given the phone number 813202686 (which is a non-working number).

Report by Explode - 2019-08-30
Same here, recorded message said it was urgent and should return call or I will be taken into custody within the next 24 hrs. Cops were

Report by JOHN MCGEHEE - 2019-07-01
A recorded message told me $299 would be taken from my account. No name of the company

Report by tired of what they have on me - 2018-05-04
i got this call too they called my job. said they would come tomorrow morning to serve me. my question is what do i do???

Report by D. Ryan - 2018-02-28
Received this call from this number today. Said a package would be delivered to be picked up by my son between (my) and (my) 2 means. Total B.S. and I'm not calling this number back.

Report by Deez Scott - 2017-10-09
I got the same exact call from the same exact person.

Report by Hernane Cat Gone. - 2017-07-12
Robot scam saying social security number was used for fraud and drugs in texas.

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